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Swelling After Bilateral Brachioplasty

Hello, I have swelling in my elbow joint which has started 6 days post brachioplasty, only in my left arm. Is this normal? Thanks READ MORE

How Long Will Arms Stay Swollen After Bracioplasty?

Its been 4 months. the arms look great but they are still swollen and tender to the touch. i can feel when they are swelling and getting tight.... READ MORE

Under Arm/arm Pit Swelling After Removal of Fatty Breast Tissue? (Photos)

On 12/13/12 (about 3 wks ago), my doctor cut away a section of hanging/flabby skin under my arm (near pit) that was about 3"x4". He also removed fatty... READ MORE

Arm lift, 7 weeks post op. Is this still swelling? (Photo)

I am 7 weeks post op from an arm lift. My recovery has been great, and I think my scar looks great. I am concerned though because I feel like my arms... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Swelling After Arm Lift?

I am 3 weeks out from an arm lift. I have been healing well - minor issues like a small hole in the right armpit and a yeast infection on both arms... READ MORE

Swelling and Unable to Extend Arm 5 Weeks Post-op Arm Lift / Thigh Lift / Tummy Tuck - is This Normal?

I am recovering from an arm lift, tummy tuck, & thigh lift near 5 weeks post-op. I am unable to fully extend my right arm up (short scar)without... READ MORE

Under Arm/arm Pit Swelling After Removal of Fatty Breast Tissue? (photo)

On 12/13/12 (about 3 wks ago), my doctor cut away a section of hanging/flabby skin that was about 3"x4". He also removed fatty breast tissue. Still... READ MORE

Worried about excessive swelling and pain/itching after bilateral brachioplasty. Should I be concerned? (photo)

I am 8 days out and live alone. I am worried that I am not doing a good job putting on my bandages myself and I may be using my dominant arm (right)... READ MORE

Compression garment - do I need a tighter one? How do I choose the correct size?

I had an arm lift 4 weeks ago and still have swelling. I have been using an ace bandage wrap but from all I have been reading...I think I may need... READ MORE

Should I be unhappy with my arm lift? (Photo)

I had a brachioplasty in 9/2014 and so far am very disappointed. The arms still seem quite flabby and large, and the scar is oddly curved, with a big... READ MORE

Has anyone with a arm lift had this problem? (photo)

I had arm lift 6 months ago and although Iove the way they look, I still have swelling. Its bad enough that when i bend my elbow you can see a crease... READ MORE

Hand swelling freaking me out! Had extended brachioplasty with BABL on December 2, it's been 8 days..early days yet.

I was in tight arm garments until today. Now in a bra with sleeves garment but it is not tight on the upper arms...comfortable. The swelling in my... READ MORE

Fluid retention in arms. Is this normal? What can I do to reduce the swelling?

Hello, I had a brachioplasty almost 4 weeks ago. Yesterday I noticed my arms and hands are starting to puff up a little like a balloon. More so in one... READ MORE

6 wks post arm lift & I'm worried. PS says wait 6 months for swelling to subside. I feel loose not swollen. Is it right? (Photo)

My pictures are at 6 weeks out. My surgeon made me feel dismissed. Should I worry? I can't afford another surgery and I'm heartbroken. The incision... READ MORE

Should my arm still be this bruised & hard 19 days after arm lift? I don't want to bother PS if unneeded (Photo)

11 days post op PS prescribed antibiotics since arm was hard and hot (finished meds 8/16). Since surgery my left arm has always had significantly more... READ MORE

Swelling in the forearms after brachioplasty. Incorrect compression garment?

I had a Brachioplasty 2 weeks ago. I have been wearing a compression garment that had 3/4 sleeves that my doctor ordered for me. I still have pretty... READ MORE

Lipo and brachioplasty bad results. Is my surgeon's story plausible or did something else go wrong? (Photo)

I had arm lift 5 weeks ago and arms were reduced only 3cm or one inch. After six hours of surgery, I found out only 3 days ago that he did lipo and if... READ MORE

Lumpiness 7 Weeks Post Op Brachioplasty? (photo)

Had Brachioplasty 7 weeks ago, I still have swelling and tenderness on the back of the upper arm. It feels a little like an old wash board. The right... READ MORE

Swelling 5 weeks post brachioplasty I realize some is normal

Significant swelling at elbows feel like I have water balloons on each elbow. Wondered if lymphatic massage or compression or both would help. I am... READ MORE

What can I do about swelling and tenderness in forearms and backs of upper arms 2 months after bilateral brachioplasty? (photos)

My arms are still quite swollen, though they have gone down nearly 5 to 6 inches from their original circumference. The scars are healing nicely, but... READ MORE

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