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Brachioplasty About 2 Months Ago and It Still Hurts. Why?

I had a brachioplasty done a little over 2 months ago and it still hurts. Some days are worse than others. My arms still feel sore, I have shooting... READ MORE

Arm lift, 7 weeks post op. Is this still swelling? (Photo)

I am 7 weeks post op from an arm lift. My recovery has been great, and I think my scar looks great. I am concerned though because I feel like my arms... READ MORE

Has my skin been pulled too tight after an arm lift? Will it stretch? (Photo)

Two and a half months ago, I had an arm lift. My right arm is still very tight-feeling and sore near the scar. Immediately after surgery, my doctor... READ MORE

Can I still tone my arms after brachioplasty? (Photo)

I had brachioplasty done about 7 weeks ago. I lost 105lbs three years ago naturally, but always had big arms even before I gained and lost the weight.... READ MORE

Is Severe Underarm Sagging Normal After an Extensive Arm Lift?

I am 30 years old and had bil. entensive armlift 8 weeks ago. The more time passes the more I have an underarm hammock like sagging. This is the same... READ MORE

Why Cant I Get Rid of my Flabby Arms? (photo)

I have had 3 liposuctions over past 2 years and a brachioplasty 2 months back. yet my arms look flabby and heavy. where am i going wrong? what can i... READ MORE

Is there any procedure that can remove excess skin from lower arm (between elbow and wrist?)

10 weeks post arm lift. Healing well with closed scars and full range of motion. Area by elbow will need revision in 6-9 months. Could a lower arm... READ MORE

Lumpiness 7 Weeks Post Op Brachioplasty? (photo)

Had Brachioplasty 7 weeks ago, I still have swelling and tenderness on the back of the upper arm. It feels a little like an old wash board. The right... READ MORE

What are the preferred scar treatments for arm lifts? Is there one or combinations to use.

I have noticed that my arm lift scars are much wider than any other scars from surgery including my breast reduction and lift. I am 9 weeks out and... READ MORE

Lost full range of movement in arms after brachioplasty healed. Will this fix itself and/or can a revision fix it? (Photo)

I had a brachioplasty ~7 weeks ago. Everything's pretty healed up but I'm lacking full range of motion at my shoulder joint because the skin pulls... READ MORE

How long after an arm lift is it safe to have blood pressure taken in the arm?

I am 7 weeks post arm lift and tummy tuck surgery and have been doing great. I wonder how long before I can resume taking my blood pressure in my arm. READ MORE

Post Brachioplasty - I still have puckering, pain while sleeping and stitches poking out. Will this stop soon?

It is now going on 10 weeks post surgery. My right arm is worse that the left. Often during the day while typing my arms have a burning sensation on... READ MORE

I am dissapointed with my arm lift results. I would love a second opinion? (Photos)

I am 10 weeks to date from having an arm lift. after my post op checkup yesterday, my surgeoun said what I thought was swelling is actually fat... READ MORE

Massage therapy after brachioplasty?

I am 7 weeks out of Bracioplasty.. My arms are still tight, tender & fluid retention in inner elbows & also developing keloids. Ive been... READ MORE

Results of arm lift 8 weeks after surgery...disappointing.....was I expecting too much? (photos)

Hi, 8 week ago i had an arm lift for my wobbly underarms.The surgeon said he had removed 122grams of excess skin on each arm, now they have healed and... READ MORE

Swelling in inner elbows after brachioplasty.

I had bracioplasty 7 weeks ago & still have swelling & discomfort in inner elbows. Doctor says its fluid retention & could take up to 6... READ MORE

Forearm pain and compression garment (Photo)

Hi, my surgery was 7 weeks ago. My right forearm hurts, I can stretch my arm completely but it hurts when I do.. like it is pulling from the wrist to... READ MORE

57 days post-op brachioplasty, getting larger by the day (Photo)

I had bilateral brachioplasty 57 days ago and they seem to getting bigger and bigger each day? There is a difference, but seems to be going right back... READ MORE

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