What is the ElVes procedure for venous insufficiency?


Endo Laser Vein System (ELVeS®) was developed by biolitec AG for varicose veins and venous reflux disease. It is used percutaneously to access the inner lumen of  truncal veins such as the greater saphenous vein and passed toward the groin, near but well below the saphenofemoral junction. This is the junction between the superficial vein (great saphenous) and deep vein (common femoral) veins. Laser energy is emitted by the fiber as it is pulled back towards the distal thigh, thus "closing' the great saphenous vein.

Competing procedures to ELVeS are EVLT and VNUS Closure. EVLT also uses laser energy and VNUS Closure uses radiofrequency energy to close the great saphenous vein.

Hratch L Karamanoukian, MD

Vein Treatment Center




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