Top Five Liposuction Mistakes


  1. Dimple irregularities are caused by suctioning too much fat too close to the surface of the skin. Waviness, rippling, dimples or depressions may occur. How much fat to remove for a smooth finish is a difficult judgment call and should only be performed by an experienced liposuction expert.
  2. Not proportioned. Many times a doctor not experienced in the art form of Liposuction will take too much fat from one area and put the entire body out of proportion. This is a difficult problem to correct and should be considered prior to surgery. Liposuction should be used for proportioning the body not as a fat removal procedure.
  3. Loose Skin. Good skin tone with small amounts of fat removed usually results in good outcomes. However, if your skin tone is not good or you have lots of stretch marks in the area where fat is removed, problems can occur. The skin on different parts of the body also behaves differently and needs to be approached on an individual basis. The experience of your doctor in this area is crucial.
  4. Fat returns in different areas. This is actually a problem caused by taking out too much fat in the wrong areas. If the doctor throws the patient’s body out of proportion by sculpting too much fat it will appear as though the fat has returned in different areas. Proportioning is vital to a successful outcome.
  5. Noticeable Scars. There will be scars no matter what doctor performs the procedure. The key to successful liposuction is to place the incisions in areas that will be less noticeable, such as the natural folds of the skin. The size of the incision is also an important factor.


David Amron MD is a dermatologic surgeon and an internationally recognized Liposuction expert and the host of the popular radio show, Body Talk --- Separating FAT FROM FICTION --- every Sunday afternoon on 97.1 FM. For more than 14 years, Dr. Amron has been highly respected for his specialized approach to liposuction surgery, done under local anesthesia. He is an artist and a perfectionist who prides himself on achieving a properly proportioned and well balanced look for his patients. Dr. Amron has been featured on The Discovery Channel, the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, BBC, KCBS Channel 2 News, Fox Good Day LA., KCBS Women to Women, KCAL Channel 9 News, EXTRA, Inside Edition, ABC News and VH1. He has also been featured in numerous cosmetic surgery articles appearing in numerous magazines and newspapers.

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