Not Darwin's or Mendel's Theory; Evolence


Johnson and Johnson hopes that it is the product that holds up to Darwin's "the survival of the fittest" test as it has launched the newest facial injectable porcine collagen product, Evolence.

From my experience with Evolence, the strengths are that it is FDA approved to fill nasolabial folds (laugh lines), it stimulates platelet aggregation which helps to decrease bleeding and bruising from the injections, patients look good immediately after the injection with minimal swelling and therefore can return to normal social activities immediately.  It is a natural collagen product derived from pig tendon, manufactured by a company in, of all places, Israel.

Unlike previous collagen products, it is cross linked with the natural sugar ribose which prevents the breakdown of the product.  In studies against hyaluronic acids (Restylane, Juviderm) it has been shown to last as long, and even be present up to 12 months after injection.  Pig collagen is genetically so similar to human collagen that in tests of over 500 patients there were no allergic reactions.  No allergy skin test is required before using this collagen product.  Studies have shown that similar to hyaluronic acids, Evolence stimulates fibroblasts and natural collagen production after it is injected.

On the down side, "something's not Kosher" about injecting pig collagen into humans (there have been discussions with both Jewish and Islamic clergy and scholars).  Vegans and vegetarians have not yet voiced their views.  Not that there is anything Kosher about injecting Botox or any of the other injectables currently used in cosmetic surgery.

Also, the product is firm and therefore it is not advised to inject into lips.  It is injected through a 27 gauge needle which is slightly larger than the needles used for hyaluronic acids.  The studies averaged about 3 syringes (3 ml) to correct the nasolabial folds which can potentially become costly.

We will be hearing a lot about Evolence in the near future as it is promoted by powerhouse Johnson and Johnson.  It will likely become another of the many popular injectable facial fillers available to those who desire to look more youthful.  Forgive us Mendel and Darwin.

Article by
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon