How Pregnancy Changes a Woman’s Body


Pregnancy affects each woman differently.

The following can all play a role:
• Age
• Genetics
• Weight fluctuations
• Luck


We all can think of a Mom whose body bounced back quickly after pregnancy – this is often not the norm!

Most women have PERMANENT CHANGES following pregnancy, including:
• Stretch marks
• Breast deflation, drooping
• Excess abdominal skin and fat
• Loss of abdominal muscle tone

WHY a “Mommy Makeover”???

How a mother feels about herself as a mother and a woman is integral to her self image and self esteem. For a mom to want to take care of herself and feel youthful, sexy and confident is NOT self-centered or vain!


“Mommy Makeover” plastic surgery is a cosmetic procedure aimed at making a mother’s breasts and body look the way before she had children… or perhaps even better than when she started!


Procedures usually include one or a combination of the following:

• Breasts - Lift, Augmentation or Reduction
• Tummy - Tuck (Abdominoplasty), “Mini”-Abdominoplasty
• Liposuction

See other articles or answers for detailed information about each of these topics.

Together, you and your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon can determine which procedure(s) will best meet your aesthetic and personal goals!

Article by
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon