How to find the best surgeon for you


Finding a skilled surgeon is the most important task anyone seeking plastic surgery faces.

My patients always ask me questions regarding years in practice, track record (law suits), board certification, training, and “how many times have you preformed this surgery”. My primary goal during a consultation is to help patients find the right surgeon for them -- as an individual. The truth is, no surgery is like the last one, and no patient is like the last one. Here are some signs of a “skilled surgeon” regardless of training, years in practice, or board certification.

1. Skilled surgeons should have an interest in what the patients specific goals are.

2. Should have an honest approach to the surgical task at hand and reaching the patient’s goals; does the surgeon think it would be easy or challenging to reach the patient’s goals? Does he/she tell you?

3. Should have an honest approach to previous results. I always show patients before and after pictures myself -- not in a book shown by an assistant or consultant. During the picture review -- a skilled and confident surgeon will have “perfect” results as well as “imperfect”results -- honesty about the uncertainties of healing, surgery and overall results is a sign that the surgeon will stand by his results, and usually improve upon imperfections, if there are any.

Beware of the surgeon who does not discuss personal experience with complications, near-misses, touch-ups, or revisions. Everyone has complications and near-misses, and their honesty regarding these proves that they will have experience managing them, and improving your results.

4. A skilled surgeon will examine you with their eyes, hands, and “ears” -- the consulting surgeon should not tell you what they would do or how they can improve your look until a formal examination is done.

5. “Less is more” - skilled surgeons should be able to advise their patients regarding the realities of their goals and wheather or not your goals will leave you with a “natural” or “unnatural” look.


In addition:

1. Your sense of beauty and appreciation for what is beautiful should match with your doctor. My Rhinoplasty patients are advised -- if you dont like the look of my patient’s nose jobs -- find another doctor! If you see pictures of other doctors you dont like, do not commit to them.

2. You should feel comfortable with your surgeon and feel confident that they will help you get through the tough times including healing and swelling periods, as well as adjustment to your new look.

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon