Managing dark circles under the eyes


Your medical history and your physical examination are very important. The condition of your eyes (skin, muscle, fat, and bone) as well as the neighboring structures (forehead, nose, temple, and cheeks) must be assessed. Dark circles may be due to a variety of causes: birth control pills/hormonal, or various physical/anatomic structures. Correction may require skin bleaching, resurfacing techniques such as chemical or laser peels.

An eyelift may entail a forehead lift and/or eyelid (upper/lower) tuck, and/or fat removal and/ or fat grafting, and/or cheek lift and/or implant placement. An eyelift by itself may not produce your desired result. During the consultation, we may determine that other procedures are better suited for your optimal outcome such as a prescribed skin care regimen.

The procedure(s) to be performed is a complex decision process determined based on your desires, anatomy, practicality, and wound healing. This is usually determined at the time of the initial consultation but may need to be adjusted intra-operatively. Incisions can be external or internal.   Your problem may be benefitted by performing a TCA peel. We may have to perform a test spot to see if you would respond to this approach.
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