Getting Medical Information from the Web - is it good for my health ?


The Health on the Net (HON) foundation has been actively working to improve Internet access to quality health information. What are the highlights of the 8th HON Survey of Health and Medical Internet Users? Patients and physicians agree that accuracy of information is the most important issue facing users of the Internet as it relates to the retrieval of health care information. Nearly 52 percent of patients who discussed the results of their Internet searches with their physicians found that their physician became more productive. Half of the individuals surveyed used the internet for more information. The Internet will continue to be an important tool for patients seeking medical information. As always, credibility, content and disclosure are important issues for health related Internet information sites.

We were one of the first in the world to publish the importance of Internet based medical information retrieval (1,2,3). In an effort to continue such information dissemination to our patients, we have developed websites for patient education for vein disorders (4,5).

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