Diabetes and Impaired Wound Healing


In general, why do diabetics have impaired wound healing? 

1. Reduced tissue perfussion with oxygen and nutrients because of diseased small vessels

2. Poor offloading of oxygen near the wounded tissue

3. Poor deformability of red blood cells so that they are less likely to bring oxygenated hemoglobin to the wound

4. Impaired immunity - poor chemotaxis - this is the body's ability to bring in white blood cells to the wounded tissue using chemoattractants

5. Impaired immunity - poor phagocytosis - this is the ability of white blood cells to engulf and eat (internalize) bacteria.

All of these factors contribute to the deficient wound healing in diabetics. As said above, meticulous surgical technique and experience with all facets of venous disease and surgery ensires success in over 99.7 % of cases.

Article by
Buffalo Phlebologist