Arnica and Vein Surgery


Is there scientific data to support the use of Arnica after cosmetic surgery or vein surgery?

Going back to 1998, the Cochrane Study group analyzed the efficacy of homeopathic Arnica Montana in published studies. Eight trials fulfilled all inclusion criteria. Most related to conditions associated with tissue trauma. On balance, the authors of this landmark study showed that there is no evidence to support that "homeopathic arnica is efficacious beyond a placebo effect ". 

Since then, there has been a resurgence of studies done in a scientific manner. The vast majority show efficacy in using Arnica to reduce bruising after cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery and head and neck surgery:

A recent study showed that arnica may be effective in reducing edema during the early postoperative period following rhinoplasty. Arnica does not appear to provide any benefit with regard to extent and intensity of bruising (ecchymosis).

In patients who had a face lift, Arnica was shown in a computer model that graded the degree of bruising to be efficacious and helpful in reducing the amount of bruising.

Until more randomized controlled studies are published, the preponderance of current data suggests that Arnica Montana reduces bruising and tissue swelling (edema) after cosmetic surgery.

Article by
Buffalo Phlebologist