Excessive sweating from anxiety and stress


Emotional sweating tends to occur in the palms, soles, and underarms. For example, if you get nervous before giving a speech, you may experience sweaty palms and armpits, as well as an increased heart rate. This type of sweating is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system. Emotional facial blushing can be extreme, with an intense feeling of warmth all over the face and neck, which triggers sweating in the axillae and palms. Facial blushing is a variant of hyperhidrosis and can be as embarrasing as excessive sweating.

Emotional sweating has nothing to do with regulating body temperature. The body is not trying to cool down, but instead is reacting to nervous stimulation. In contrast, sweating produced by standing under the hot desert sun is the body’s way of trying to cool down.

There are many options to treat hyperhidrosis and physicians like myself who see a lot of patients with hyperhidrosis have all the armamentarium available to them. it depends on where you sweat and how you choose to have it treated - permanent or temporary, medication or Botox, and different surgical approaches.


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