ABCDE's of Melanoma - ABC's of Melanoma


What are the ABC of Malignant Melanoma ?

Actually, it is the ABCDE of melanoma. A = Asymmetry ; B = Border irregularity; C = color; D = Diameter; E = Evolving

Asymmetry - one half of the lesion does not match the other half. This means that the halves are not mirror images of each other. 

Border - This refers to irregularities of the borders of the lesion. The edges are ragged or notched. 

Color - Various colors are within the lesion including tan, brown, black, red or blue discoloration.

Diameter - those larger than 6 mm in diameter. 

Evolving - a lesion that is changing or evolving in size, color etc. warratns immediate attention. 

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