All-on-4 Dental Implants

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Often used to replace dentures or missing teeth, the branded procedure All-on-4 uses four titanium dental implants to anchor the upper and lower jaw. This provides a strong foundation for prosthetic teeth, which are added afterwards to complete this permanent procedure.

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Best Decision I've Ever Made - Mexico, MX

After doing much online research and contacting former patients directly for feedback, I took the leap of faith and scheduled an upper All on 4 and lower crowns with Dr. German Arzate at Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry. I flew to Cancun and stayed at a wonderful apartment I rented on HomeAway for two... READ MORE

All on 4 - Mexico

I researched this procedure for a year. I read everything I could find in the internet, realself. I saw him in a wellness hour and he impressed me with that interview . I fly to cancun to get the All on 4 (upper arch only)by noble biocare (Dr. Malo protocol). I had Dr. German Arzate do my... READ MORE

All on Four - Dr. Golpa - Las Vegas, NV

Desperation! In the past decade my dentists just loved extracting my teeth leaving me with gaps. Their solution to everything messing up my bite creating more problems. On May 8, 2013 I went to my denist and two more teeth were extracted being informed that I was going to need partials and... READ MORE

All on 4 Dental Implants - Las Vegas, NV

I'm eating an APPLE...right now as I type this review!!! Some may say "so what!, what's the big deal?!....well, let me tell you.... In November 2013 I boarded a plane that took me across the county. I landed safely in the care of the most outstanding team of people that I had ever met!! I had... READ MORE

My Truthful Experience with All on 4

So after getting over the awful shock of needing such drastic treatment and doing a lot of research and visiting different dentists I made my appointment to start my treatments. First appointment was pretty easy, cat scan and friendly reassurance. Next appointment, awful experience if I'm... READ MORE

I Had my All on 4 Done Today at Clear Choice - Walnut, CA

I'm impressed from beginning to end ClearChoice is top notch. I had the anesthesiologist. Dr. Niggleburgle and Dr.Morris I had my consultation with them they both did my procedure today. I didn't feel anything until now the numbing is beginning to wear off the pain is... READ MORE

63, Bone Loss, No Back Teeth, G4 Dental Implants (all on 4) in Las Vegas, NV

Over the past 3 years I had lost all of my back teeth and only 10 of my original teeth remained along with a few crowns. My teeth were yellow but worse than the color was I couldn't eat and I didn't smile. A year ago I almost had bone grafts, sinus lifts and ridge augmentations which if you've... READ MORE

64, G4 Implants Las Vegas, NV

Went to our dentist two years ago and was told it would cost +/- $100K and be a 1-2 year process to replace my teeth. So I decided to wait until something actually happened to proceed. Well between losing an implant recently, my 36 year old bridge starting to hurt (still had the nerves in the... READ MORE

my new smile (without pain)

I have seen my doctor 1st appointment .....Impressions scans pictures on 2nd visit my surgery is on April 21st......I'm scared excited......I've lived in pain for over 5 years I just hope my success is as great as it seems or as discussed about here. I wake at night crying from pain. I start my... READ MORE

All on Five on Upper Arch

I am 63 years old. I just had the remainder of my upper teeth removed, 8 total, and 5 implants installed and a temporary loading on the implants. I have almost a lifetime history in the dental office due to baseball bat to the mouth when I was young. I eventually lost all eight of my front... READ MORE

RS Internal Test 20160822-2

This will be my first implant and foreshore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all me are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war testing whether that nation or any nation so... READ MORE

33 Years Old, and Getting All on 4 in Vegas

Petrified, book my appointment this morning with Dr. Golpa in Vegas. I have a curious mix of scared and excited. I have had terrible teeth all my life and I have reached the end of the line and it was this or dentures and I was having a horrible time wrapping my head around the idea of dentures... READ MORE

All on Four Implants - Dallas, TX

My story is like most others... debilitating fear of dentist and dental work. I did tons of research and if you've written about this procedure on this site, guarantee you that I've read it! I wanted someone as local as possible, did not want a "big box" providing my care so as I started... READ MORE

All on 4.Melbourne Aus

Been seeing dentist quite a bit to improve my smile. Have had perio disease for years and have poor gums. Have had it treated a few years ago and have been chasing my tail with it. My teeth have been moving and getting loose over the past few years, last 12 months especially. Went to dentist re... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Finally Making Me a Priority - Brandon, MS

I grew up only going to the dentist when needed. So i never had a family dentist or got used to one. While in high school, one of my mother's coworkers was in dental school, and needed friends/family to come do X-rays to see if they were candidates to get work done during their final... READ MORE

50 years old and too young for dentures

Wonderful. I am thrilled with my teeth. This was the best thing I ever did for myself. The whole staff was wonderful. I told them what I wanted and they totally delivered. They helped me decide on the perfect shade. I had been so nervous beforehand and it turned out I had nothing to worry... READ MORE

Replacing All my Teeth. London, GB

Booked in to have all on 4 treatment for both upper and lower arches in less than 2 weeks from now. As the surgery date draws closer I am getting more nervous about the actual process, how I will feel afterwards and the end result -- is it going to feel really weird and unnatural? Like many... READ MORE

Tired of how messed up my teeth are and how they look! Hate not being able to chew very well! - Las Vegas, NV

I have been contemplating doing this for quite some time. The thought of dentures was a waste of time and I want to be able to chew and eat if possible like they are my real teeth. After looking into this for 5 or so years and doing my investigating, I've determined I want it done by Dr Golpa.... READ MORE

Need Hotel Recommendations - Las Vegas, NV

Can anyone who has done this recommend a decent hotel near his office? I'm flying there on Nov 8 for a consult and if I feel good about it (which I will) hopefully they can reserve time the following day so I don't have to fly home and back. I wish I was going tomorrow! I was going to have to... READ MORE

Best Decision I've Ever Made - Mexico, MX

After doing much online research and contacting former patients directly for feedback, I took the leap of faith and scheduled an upper All on 4 and lower crowns with Dr. German Arzate at Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry. I flew to Cancun and stayed at a wonderful apartment I rented on HomeAway for two... READ MORE

All on Four - Prague, Czech Republic

Hi there! The main reason why I decided to write my story is to say THANK YOU! I am glad I found this discussion - it is very useful! It helped me to make my decision. Something about me... I've always had problematic teeth, even though I went every six month to the dentist and I did my common... READ MORE

Contemplating an All on 4 or All on 6 in Mexico or Costa Rica. Any Advice or Recommendations? Chose Costa Rica.

I have been researching having an all on 4 or all on 6 on my lower jaw. I am not able to afford the costs here in the USA so I am looking at other options being in Mexico or Costa Rica. I have tried to read as many reviews as possible online for the dentists that are recommended and also those... READ MORE

My Experience with the All on Four Procedure W/ Dr. Golpa, Las Vegas, Nevada

I will not bore y'all with a long story as to why I needed implants because my story is the same as everyone else writing reviews for this procedure on this site. The short version is... bad teeth, paralyzed with humiliation every time I spoke to someone, and mastering how to smile and laugh... READ MORE

Before They All Fell out. Sydney, AU

Right at this moment, I'm wondering if I've made a huge mistake. I know it's the pain talking, and my face is so fat and swollen that I feel like my skin will split. Feeling pretty awful. It's only day 2. It has to get better right? I'll tell you more tomorrow when I can see past my gigantic... READ MORE

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