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Serious Worsening of Acne when on Roaccutane- Now What? (photo)

I was on accutane (20mg and then 10mg) for 1 month. I had to stop it because of a terrible breakout with pimples and red marks covering most of my... READ MORE

I have been dealing with sudden breakouts around my chin, mouth and lip area . Accutane for Mild Acne?

I have been dealing with sudden breakouts around my chin, mouth and lip area since experiencing a traumatic loss in my immediate family. I used every... READ MORE

Small raised bumps returning to my skin only one week after stopping Accutane treatment. Is there anything I can do about these?

I have been on 20 mg for 4 months but will be travelling and have been advised to stop as it may interfere with anti-malarials. Now that i have been... READ MORE

Can stopping accutane after 8 days at low dose cause skin to flare-up permanently red or is it a drug you can go off easily?

I am 130lbs Caucasian female. I went on accutane at 20mg/day and stopped after eight days because: 1) I wasn't positive I wanted to take it, 2) I was... READ MORE

I still have a lot of acne after 3 weeks on Accutane. How long does the initial breakout last?

Im on the end of my third week and had my initial breakout a few weeks ago and still have a lot of acne from the breakout. I was wondering when the... READ MORE

Why hasn't my face changed after 2 months?

K so I've had acne since I was in gr6. This past year I considered taking accutane40mg. It seems that I take it for a bit and starts improving but... READ MORE

I am a 22 year old male, on my 4th course of accutane. After 3 months it always comes back with a vengeance. Why?

My derm tells me my acne is just "stubborn" and puts me right back on accutane. I am healthy and workout consistently. I avoid foods that I could... READ MORE

Acne and Accutane for 14 days, my face start to break out. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi im 23 female who suffered from acne since i was 16 i took accutane 20 fr 3 months one year ago my skin was clear until now all of sudden my face... READ MORE

Will stoping my Accutane 1.5 months early hurt?

I am 32 about 5'3 weight 109lbs, an only had a some breakouts on my cheeks but had two large nodular knots on my chin. The derm stuck me on accutane.... READ MORE

Can I get beauty injection (glutax 50mg) while taking accutane? (Photo)

I currently taking accutance for about 3 weeks.. at the same time, I'm taking beauty injection for whitening (glutax 50mg). my dermatologist advised... READ MORE

72 days into Isotretinoin treatment without clearing. Please give feedback on dosage.

I have been on Absorica for 72 days & continue to have acne breakouts. I weigh 127. First 60 days was given 30 mg 2xs a day. 61st day through current... READ MORE

3rd Month on Accutane 50mg But Still Severe Cysts Under Skin. Any suggestions?

I started accutane on 30mg for moderate acne and I weight about 76kg. After the first month i was having sever acne breakouts so my Dermatologist... READ MORE

Still Breaking out While on Accutane - Do I Need to Up my Dosage?

I am taking a dose of 20mg of roaccutane/day as precribed by my derm, however i am still breaking out, will these breakouts stop if i increase my dose... READ MORE

Hi All, I've Started my 5th Month on Oratane Yesterday. Dr Said I Need More. What Do You Think? (photo)

This was after my visit to the Dermartologist on Monday. Initially I had gone for progress check up. My skin has really cleared out now, all the... READ MORE

Is it normal to have sudden acne breakouts after taking Oratane (Accutane) for 5 months?

Doctor suggested me i should have a 6 months long period of taking oratane, which also same as accutane, the first few months going very well, but... READ MORE

Will being on the bcp (Diane 35) affect my outcome on accutane?

I have been on accutane for one month, alternating doses of 40mg and 80mg every other day. I also started back on Diane 35 when I started this course... READ MORE

Is it possible for Roaccutane to stop working?

I am a 16 year old female. have been on roaccutane for about 3-4months and my skin cleared up almost right away and has stayed clear and i havent... READ MORE

Acne breakout after treatment by Accutane for 6 months

I was taking accutane for 6 months. two months i took 20mg per day, and the other 4 months i took 40 mg per day. last month (january) was the last of... READ MORE

After 5th month of taking roaccutane, i missed a few daily doses, and myacne came back, do i now have to do another 6mth course?

This is based on the advice that we sld finish a 6mth course on roaccutane. after a short lapse in medication after the 5th mth, my acne is returning.... READ MORE

I completed my accutane treatment about 20 months ago but skin still dry. Help?

I completed my accutane treatment about 20 months ago and my acne is better, although I still occasionally get one or two outbreaks. My main concern... READ MORE

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