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AcceleDent Aura is an FDA-cleared device designed to speed up your orthodontic treatment and ease discomfort. You fit the mouthpiece around your existing braces or clear aligners for 20 minutes per day, and micropulse technology helps to accelerate teeth movement.

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AcceleDent is Worth Every Penny

My Invisalign treatment (that no one knew I was wearing) just about done in 6 months. How did this happen so fast you ask? AcceleDent & relentless dedication to wearing my trays instead of stuffing my face per my normal snack routine. I was given 24 trays which without AcceleDent should... READ MORE

Acceledent Really Works, Change Trays Every Five Days - Las Vegas, NV

I am 36 years old and got Invisalign. I was interested in getting it over as fast as possible so I did some research and discovered acceledent. I asked my Ortho and she said they were just starting to offer it. I was literally her first patient with it. It took a few weeks to get so I started... READ MORE

Invisalign with Acceledent & Loving It!!! - Seattle, WA

I decided to get acceledent after 2 weeks of extensive research and getting an okay from my Orthodontist. She quoted me $1200 for it. Pricey but seeing how this little device had cut down people's treatment time by more than 40% in some cases, i bit the bullet and got it. AND I LOVE IT!!! It... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Wanting That Perfect Smile FAST!! Yuba City, CA

STARTED USING ACCELEDENT AUG. 5th, 2015 My motivation of buying this device was to get straighter teeth as fast as i can! Pros: cuts time of wearing braces by 50% or more!! Fast results! Its automatically timed & it turns off by itself!! Very portable! U can take it anywhere with u! Use it... READ MORE

38 Year Old Canadian, Invisalign Journey is Over....or is It ? - Calgary, AB

Hi there, I'm from Calgary Alberta Canada, I'm 38 years old, I work as a firefighter full time and this last year, oct 2014, I decided to finally get my teeth worked on and straightened out through invisalign. I chose Invisalign because it was easy to wear, easy to install in my mouth, cheaper... READ MORE

Acceledent is Amazing! - Victoria, BC

As most others have stated, as an adult going through orthodontic treatment you want to get it over with as fast as possible. Choosing Acceledent seemed like a no brainer. Who wouldn't want to be finished their treatment in half the time? I never had braces as a child but my Acceledent +... READ MORE

Acceledent is a DREAM!

My results were phenomenal. Acceledent cut Invisalign treatment time down from two weeks per tray to FOUR days per tray. The gentle vibration of the device eased the tension felt when moving to a new tray. My orthodontist was very pleased with the results. I had spacing issues and a severe... READ MORE

AcceleDent Works Great, Cuts Invisalign Time In Half!

I'm 34, just recently finished my Invisalign. The original timeline was approximately 14 months, which I wasn't very happy about. I was changing my trays every 10 days for about 2 months when my Ortho introduced me to AcceleDent and explained that by wearing the mouthpiece for 20 minutes a day... READ MORE

AcceleDent Results Are Amazing!

AcceleDent results are amazing! I would give this product a “10 out of a possible 10” of the best new products on the market today. At 60 years of age, I decided it was finally time for significant smile-improvement. After consulting with my dentist, I chose InVisalign braces and started thi... READ MORE

58 Year Old with Braces for a Second Time. (First Time in 1968!) - Spartanburg, SC

Was hesitant to get braces again as an adult because of less than pleasant memories of ortho treatments that were often very painful when I was a kid. After researching Invisalign and then hearing about acceledent I decided to begin treatment again. So very pleased with my beautiful smile (... READ MORE

Invisalign - AcceleDent - Week2 - Saint Joseph, MI

Motivation, pros, cons, outcome My motivation stemmed from some crowded teeth on the bottom needing to be fixed per my tongue getting irritated all the time. I also had mild crowding in my top row of teeth, so I figured I'd fix it all... My teeth were actually naturally very straight - but upon... READ MORE

Acceledent Works!

I started with Invisalign in September 2015 and used the Acceledent right away. My treatment would have lasted 16 months but I used the Acceledent faithfully and finished my treatment in 8 months. It was totally worth every penny. My Orthodontist sold it for his cost which was $500.00. So it was... READ MORE

No Real Difference, Did Great Without It - New York

I was told that this would speed up my Invisalign, to allow me to use a tray per week instead of two weeks. Made sense. I started off using it, which is hard to remember when you have a busy life, and after a few months stopped using it all together. I had zero issues with my teeth and no... READ MORE

Ripped off - don't buy bitepod - Seattle, WA

So I originally bought the Bitepod as a cheaper alternative to AcceleDent and I couldn't be more upset. I am an adult with clear braces and have maybe had 20 uses out of it and it had completely stopped working and the mouthpiece is ripped. I was very gentle with it and no water got to the... READ MORE

58 Yrs. Young with Two Kids - Los Angeles, CA

As I was getting wiser , I noticed spaces between my teeth are getting bigger , and food was getting impacted to several of my teeth . Overall my teeth were moving .so I decided to have a consultation with an orthodontist and couple of my friends who took their kids to Dr. Partovi recommended... READ MORE

Acceledent is AWESOME! - Ann Arbor, MI

I was using Invisalign when I read about Acceledent. I used Acceledent for about three months and finished treatment four months early! I wish I could sell this thing as it will still work until April 2017! I would recommend it in a heartbeat for discomfort related to new Invisalign trays or... READ MORE

35 and Finishing Up Invisalign with Acceledent - Latham, NY

I started the process in December 2014 with a consultation at my orthodontist. In January I committed and we got started! I needed to have 4 premolars extracted. It sounds painful, but it was a surprisingly easy experience. I got my first set of Invisalign aligners 2 days later. I started... READ MORE

Acceledent Working Great So Far! - East Coast, USA

I began using Acceledent along with Invisalign braces about a month ago. I have 48 trays and being up there in age wanted this to get going and through as quickly as possible. I have pretty severe crowding on the front teeth both on top and on bottom. My orthodontist offers Acceledent as an... READ MORE

Acceledent - Not Convinced It Works. San Francisco, CA

I would be willing to pay to accelerate orthodontic treatment. However, given that my teeth haven't moved exactly as planned, I can't say Acceledent works. I am on my second set of refinements, and it looks like I will need a third set of refinements. My teeth definitely haven't tracked... READ MORE

Definitely Worth Every Penny if You're in a Rush to Complete Your Orthodontic Journey. - Mississauga, ON

I'm already halfway through my treatment. Acceledent helps reduce the pain, discomfort, helps fit the trays in properly and most importantly speeds up your orthodontic procedure. It is pain-free and causes no discomfort. It's really helping to speed up my treatment time and with visible results!!!!! READ MORE

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