Thread Lift

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Created to address sagging cheeks and jaws, this lifting technique literally leaves the face with non-absorbable stitches. Like other surgical procedures, a thread lift can be painful and possibly complicated. LEARN MORE â€º

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I am 62. With expert fillers and botox my skin still looks great without surgery. The only thing that still bothered me was a slightly sagging jawline. I did the Silhouette Soft (the newer disolvable one) one week ago. There was some pain with the local, but nothing after that. I was slightly... READ MORE

I had this done about 8 years ago and was not given proper warning of the risks. I now have one that has migrated and is now poking right through my skin! I tried pulling it out but because it is a barbed suture it is snagging the tissue inside and I can't remove it. You can actually feel them... READ MORE

Treads placed in the face cause deformities, pain, swelling lasts for long time! Please avoid it or you will be sorry! Results were not as described and promised, stay away from this procedure and Provider. I am still swollen, in pain after 11 days after this procedure, that was very invasive... READ MORE

I got this procedure about three days ago. I not feeling bad but I am wondering if the strings would be noticeable on my face. At this moment I can see the marks but I hope they are going to vanish. I was reading some comments and I know it is late for me to feel scare but I an concerned now. I... READ MORE

I had a thread lift done 2 years ago and while I was first happy with it - my jawline profile appeared tighter - I noticed once the swelling went down (I also had some fat injections and a chin implant at the same time) that there was a prominent indentation in my chin. My doctor brushed... READ MORE

I had threads several years ago. Was hoping for longer results, given the pain (and I mean PAIN), and cost. I did get 6 good months out of it, looked great, no issues, no regrets. BUT...I'm confused...I've been told by my Dr, and later read, that the threads had been taken off the market apprx 2... READ MORE

I’ve just had my 3rd thread lift in 2 years, and each experience has been very different. All were performed by the same doctor in the same clinic. The first procedure was for nasolabial folds, the second for sagging around the marionette lines, and the third for the jawline and under the chin... READ MORE

I had a thread lift done by a board certified plastic surgeon 7 years ago. Six threads were used for jaw, mid-face, and forehead. Immediately after I left the office a large dimple occurred in the middle of my cheek. The doctor was going on vacation immediately afterward and was not responsive.... READ MORE

The thread lift never really gave me any lift. I had minor jowling only and a revision was done which didnt work either. Please do not waste your money on this product. You would be much better served to get a facelift. I am booked in for a short scar face-lift on the 12 April and I am sure I... READ MORE

A waste money,painful,too expensive. Only lasted for 6mo. The wires hurt,I was left with nerve pain. READ MORE

The wires have fallen and so has my face. It just did not last and now I look uneven. I can feel where the wires are in my cheeks and now the jowls are back. I looked great after 4 months of healing. then it all started to go back again. READ MORE

No bruising or swelling. I have lost weight and had a lot of turkey neck.Is this procedure permanent, if threadlike plactic with bristles were placed on each side of my cheeks. READ MORE

I had a thread lift done in Argentina 3 years ago. I love it and am very happy I did it. I did not experience any pain at all and it only cost $500.00. READ MORE

I had my contour thread lift 4 years ago when I was 44 years old. I had lost over 150 pounds and hated the sagging skin on my cheeks and jawline.I had 8 threads placed at a cost of 200 dollars per thread. I used a board certified plastic surgeon. I did not have my brow done. Just my cheek and... READ MORE

I had a contour thread lift done 2 months ago to tighten up my lower face. I did notice improvement & all seemed to be going well until several days ago when i developed pain & swelling on the right side of my face. I did not feel any sudden sharp pain to indicate that the suture had... READ MORE

Pain,no results at all,only some thighter skin for 2 thread coming out behind left ear,not worth the money at all. Had a second opinion,doctor said it was no option for me at all,i only have a chicken neck. He told me to go back to the surgeon to fix it because i have a risk of... READ MORE

I am a very ordinary person so please listen to me. I went to the BEST plastic surgeon and he did a wonderful job doing the procedure BUT my THEADLIFT was A BIG MISTAKE MISTAKE MISTAKE. Even with the best surgeon/I paid alot of money/I had no complications/ BUT it was still a mistake I REGRET... READ MORE

Spent quite a lot of money on the thread lift procedure for just ok results.  I would not recommend this to a friend READ MORE

Don't do it. I spent $2500 having a thread procedure performed on me in 2002, only to have two separate surgeons tell me in 2008 that I would have to have the strings removed when I sought a facelift in anticipation of my son's wedding--he is marrying into a prestigious family, and I wanted to... READ MORE

I wish I never had the procedure done. The thread ripped the collogen in my face and now I look like I have a deep hole in my face from my eye to my chin. You can also see lumps in my face where the collagen formed around the string. I had the procedure almost 5 years ago and I can still see the... READ MORE

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