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Created to address sagging cheeks and jaws, this lifting technique literally leaves the face with non-absorbable stitches. Like other surgical procedures, a thread lift can be painful and possibly complicated. LEARN MORE ›

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PDO Thread Lift Please Don't Bother It Does Not Work! - London, GB

Had a PDO thread lift done in April 2015 at a cost of 1000.00 and not only has it not worked as desired it has in fact made my face worse. I did my research and really looked around, I wanted to lift slight jowls to my jaw line, I did not consider I needed anything done to my cheeks, but the Dr... READ MORE

My Daughters Wedding. Toronto, ON

My daughter was to be married in June and I knew that I would be in the pictures which filled me with dread. I have never been attractive and photos only made me look worse. I met with Dr. Mulholland and he quite literally changed my life. After our first meeting I was reassured that I would... READ MORE

PDO Thread Lift - United Kingdom, GB

I had the PDO Thread Lift In the U.K at the beginning of June. I paid just over £900. This is a lot of money if it does not work and it was a total waste of my money. The picture of my face is no different just over 2 months later. The procedure was not to painful I would say it was ... READ MORE

Couldn't See Clear Results. Permanent Discomfort to Sleep - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I'm 29. My lids have always been a bit saggy. A genetical issue. I look bored with a relaxed face. That's why I decided to have a thread lift last year. The doctor and team were great, can't complain at all. The procedure was very fast and painless. 2 Threads were "installed" through the end of... READ MORE

Great Results! Fast and Painless. Midas Touch Med Spa, Dr Antoine Abi Abboud, Dubai, AE

I did the thread lift at Midas Touch Med Spa in Dubai with Dr Antoine Abi Abboud, it was a great experience and i recommend it to anyone who is not yest ready for surgery and needs to get rid of this loose skin on the face. Dr Antoine Abi Abboud told me that i need a number of threads but also... READ MORE

The Perfect Thread Lift and Laser Treatment! Best in Perth!! Perth, AU

I would like to share my recent cosmetic enhancement experience in Perth WA. At 36, my face had begun to show signs of ageing. Like most Australians, I have a lot of sun damage in my younger years and I have tried Botox before. I looked in to various treatment options available to fix my... READ MORE

Thread Lift, “Dr. Marcus Eriksson”, Privatklinikken - Oslo Norway

"Jeg har sett på nett at det endelig er kommet frem noen sannheter om Marcus Eriksson. Det er rart hvordan vi kvinner er. Etter å ha blitt svindlet har jeg funnet meg i det i flere år uten å si ifra, bare funnet meg i det. For ca. 5 år siden var jeg på klinikken hans og spurte om stram... READ MORE

Grateful 70 Year Old Has Miraculous 1 Hour Thread (Neck) Lift With Stunning, Instant Results - London, GB

At 70, jowls are the enemy. The results of the in office, non invasive, 'neck lift' procedure, were nothing short of jaw dropping, or should I say "raising". The concept is so simple and elegant, there are two tiny, entrance and exit points of the 'threads' after 45 minutes, and READ MORE

Chin Lift - Canberra, AU

I had a thread lift to remove a double chin. The results have been disappointing. Although he removed the doube chin (with liposuction) the threadlift has left my neck lumpy and puckered. It is not natural looking and certainly not as good as expected. Dr Tonks refuses to fix it but it does not... READ MORE

Thread Lift: Wasting Money, Dissapointed Result - Jakarta, Indonesia

I went thread lift procedure this year and what I get is only wasting money and wasting time for long downtime There is no improvement in my appearance, I feel some of the threads are already broken and moving/migrating The worst part is the staff of the clinic only gave me fake promise, they... READ MORE

Thread Lift - Value for Money in Poland - No Problems, Good Results! - Gdansk

I was very apprehensive but had it done finally. Just 2 threads to start with. Now the honest review: it hurts when it is done and for the next 2 days, sleeping is uncomfortable for about 5 days and you have to avoid you look really strange for a week (with a flat streatched face and bumps)... READ MORE

MD Cosmedical Solutions - Sydney, Australia

I have been a patient at MD Cosmedical Solutions for over 8 years. During this time, I have had a coarse of Fraxel Laser, Thermage and Thread Lift facelift. More recently, Dr Beaini performed the Blepharoplasty Eyelid Surgery with fantastic outcome. I now have amazing skin, and my friends... READ MORE

50+ and Wary of Surgery and New to Aesthetic Procedures - London, England

I had reached an age where the face looking back at me in the mirror was a bit tired looking. I always read with interest articles on aging as well as watching programmes such as 10 Years Younger but did not know who to consult or even where to begin as there are so many doctors and clinics. ... READ MORE

21 Years Old, V Line Thread Lift in Korea

I had the unfortunate experience to be talked into doing a thread lift in Seoul during a consultation. I was never really considering this procedure, but they promised a V Line face shape and quick/painless recovery with a $3000 price tag. I see now the horrible results and what an unnecessary... READ MORE

49 Years Old with 3 Adult Children - Wahroonga, AU

Over the years I had read about thread lifts and the procedure sounded great as you get an instant face lift, but you had to continuously go back for the doctor to tighten the threads and there were great side effects with this. Then I saw an advertisement and read that there was a new... READ MORE

Thread Lift Aka Quick Lift DON'T - Frederick, MD

I had 8 threads. Went back for follow up still sagging and got 4 more. Next follow up got 4 more. Total 16. When I stretched my neck or strained my neck to lift or turn I could feel them pull and tear inside for about a year. One thread has broken under the skin and I can feel it with my hand... READ MORE

A Miracle! - Paris, France

I am 62. With expert fillers and botox my skin still looks great without surgery. The only thing that still bothered me was a slightly sagging jawline. I did the Silhouette Soft (the newer disolvable one) one week ago. There was some pain with the local, but nothing after that. I was slightly... READ MORE

stay away from the thread lift!!! -New York, NY

I had this done about 8 years ago and was not given proper warning of the risks. I now have one that has migrated and is now poking right through my skin! I tried pulling it out but because it is a barbed suture it is snagging the tissue inside and I can't remove it. You can actually feel them... READ MORE

serdev tread lift- avoid it or you will be sorry!!!! – Warsaw, Poland

Treads placed in the face cause deformities, pain, swelling lasts for long time! Please avoid it or you will be sorry! Results were not as described and promised, stay away from this procedure and Provider. I am still swollen, in pain after 11 days after this procedure, that was very invasive... READ MORE

Just Do It - Puerto Rico

I got this procedure about three days ago. I not feeling bad but I am wondering if the strings would be noticeable on my face. At this moment I can see the marks but I hope they are going to vanish. I was reading some comments and I know it is late for me to feel scare but I an concerned now. I... READ MORE

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