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There are many options for those who want to get rid of a tattoo, including lasers, dermabrasion, or excision. Lasers are by far the most popular methods, with leading technologies including PicoSure and PicoWayLEARN MORE ›

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Tattoo Removal Not Really Worth It - Costa Mesa, CA

Hi, when i was younger (14) i hung around the wrong people and got alot of things tattooed i wish i hadn't. when i was 16. i had someone botched a tattoo on my arm. it was quite a large piece. i opted to get tattoo removal and began working my way to saving money for the removals which was 250 a... READ MORE

Hurts, but Pain is Only Temporary Right? - Beverly Hills, CA

I've had 11 sessions so far.. yes, they hurt like hell but the nurses @ Dr T in Beverly Hills are very good at making you feel comfortable. I'm asian so I scar easily.. I had 2 shaded in stars on my waist but only about 80% of it is gone. It also has white holes penetrating the stars...... READ MORE

Does Anyone Have Eternal or Intenze Tattoo Ink That They Got Laser Removed? - Maryland

I spoke with my tattoo artist and found out the brand of ink he used on my tattoos. The two he used were intenze and eternal. Has anyone had a tattoo removed with this type of ink...if so were the results good? Please let me know! I have not gotten the laser done yet but wanted to see if anyone... READ MORE

eraze - UK


Two Treatments and Going - Washington, DC

I am currently removing a medium sized tattoo on my upper middle back. The tattoo is only a few months old and is all black with solid outlines and medium shading. The doctor I go to used the revlite Nd:Yag Q Switch laser which is apparently the best out there espically for black. I receive a... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal but Left Me with Hypertrophic Scarring

I had a tattoo on my arm removed. I grew out of it. I had 2 laser treatments to burn the skin deep enough so the remaining ink could be picked out. The tat is gone but now i have a big hypertrophic scar where the tat was. Now instead of tattoo removal I have to get scar removal and buy silicone... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal on Arm... Waiting to See Results

I have had three sessions of laser tattoo removal with absolutely no change in the appearance of the tattoo. The procedure is expensive and painful. I have several tattoos I would like to remove but I decided to treat one area first to try it out. I chose to address a large tattoo on my left arm... READ MORE

Stubborn Laser Tattoo Removal

Worth it, but it's not perfect, so you can't fool yourself. My skin has hypo-pigmentation occurring, so I'm struggling with getting the tattoo completely removed, without the surrounding skin becoming too white. The tattoo has lightened enough, but there it doesn't look great. You need to have... READ MORE

I Will Try Laser Tattoo Removal Again

I have a Laser tattoo removal on one of my tattoo last year. now im planning to remove my tattoos permanently. i have 3 tattoos left.What is the best numbing cream to use so that i won't feel everything? READ MORE

Brown Eyebrow Tattoo Turned Black After 1st Session with Laser Removal

I had a little eyebrow hair and when i was just 18 i had the tattooed. after a year i realized that they are ugly and i don't like them. i tried to fix them many times but i am still not satisfied with their look. i wish i had no eyebrow at all than having what i have now.i am trying to remove... READ MORE

Painful Tattoo Removal

Several months ago I had my first laser treatment of a 20+ year old ankle tattoo. The nurse placed Lidocaine gel on the tattoo for 30 minutes prior to the laser. The lasering only lasted about 15 minutes but it was EXTREMELY painful. It was almost 9 weeks for the area to heal and I never... READ MORE

Breast Tattoo Removal

I am a 38 year old black professional. I had a tatto done when I was in my early twentys. The entire tatto is about the size of a 50 cent piece. I have had it lasered twice. It was outlined in black, the rose red, and the two small pea size green petals. The color has faded tremendously, and... READ MORE

Eyeliner Tatoo

Looks great but was unconfortable to have done. Needed more definition to eyes and eye makeup always came off.Make sure they use a brand new needle and have a good reputation.I had eyeliner tatooing on the lower lids and love them except now I am experiencing swelling. I went to the doctor and... READ MORE

Medlite C6 Tattoo Removal - Black Lines Turned Red After Treatment

I am currently getting a relatively-large 5 month old tattoo removed with the Medlite C6 from conbio. The tattoo is mostly black / gray and has some slate-blue highlights.I am actually getting another smaller tattoo treated, which is why it was easy just to do a test area on the newer tattoo. I... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Has Left Skin Color Changes

I didn't want a tattoo on my arm anymore. For the most part I am very satisfied except for this odd color changes that happen.I started having laser tattoo removal treatment on a tattoo on my arm. I am probably only a few treatments away from being done, but haven't gone back in almost 2 years... READ MORE

Lasered Lipline Removal Turned Black.

I had a lipline tattoo removed by laser and it turned black. I done 7 sessions and its still black! plz advise me what to do. READ MORE

Permanent Make-up Tattoo Removal with Laser Treatment

I had permanent make-up injected into a scar on my cheek to give it some color. It was a disaster. It was too dark and in the wrong spot. So I've been getting laser treatments to remove it. The scar was flat at the beginning of the laser treatments and after a year of treatments it is... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Burn Please Help

I had a tattoo (only black) that i m lasering in my forearm. The two first sessions was OK. The first was with a different doctor and the second i changed because i moved.Well, this place i was going uses a medlite II (or c3, not the c6). In my third treatment, I had a lot of blood, not pinpoint... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - Tedious Process but Worth It

First of all, this is a *really* long process and one should understand this from the beginning. It's not instantaneous. I'm having 3 tattoos lasered and it's been a year already since I've begun treatments. My tattoos are black ink (supposedly easier to remove via laser than other colored... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal

I have two tattoo's in which I am removing. Both are black one was on my arm and the other on my leg. I have had 12 treatments so far and still counting. The first treatment I saw major results! About 50% of the tattoo had faded. Each treatment after that I can hardly notice a difference,... READ MORE

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