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There are many options for those who want to get rid of a tattoo, including lasers, dermabrasion, or excision. Lasers are by far the most popular methods, with leading technologies including PicoSure and PicoWayLEARN MORE ›

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Huge Mistake on my Chest! - Phoenix, AZ

Just got a huge mistake on my chest. I had an opportunity to get in with a very famous artist and because of that I got something I wasn't really feeling. About to start yag laser treatments because it has a lot of red and black. I'm also in the process of fading a half a sleeve in black ink.... READ MORE

Just Had my First R20 Session - Australia

This morning I went to have three passes over my tattoo, this is also known as the R20 method. They pass the laser over, wait 20 minutes and repeat another 2 times. My tattoo is all black and on my stomach. The first pass was almost completely painless. I did apply Emla (numbing) cream an... READ MORE

Large Tattoo Removal R20 Method - Alberta, AB

Becoming a new dad this past year made me realize that the tattoos i got when i was 20 just didn't fit what my life has become, I have a large tattoo on my stomach that i didn't think much about at the time because I thought i would cover myself in tattoos over time. That mentality changes a lot... READ MORE

Removing Three Big Tattoos - London, United Kingdom

I'm going to remove three big tattoos,part of a 3/4 of a sleeve multi coloured(black,red,yellow,green,brown) and two 15 years old black tats on my back and belly. The clinic i'm going to is using Hoya Conbio Medlite C6 laser.Has anyone ever tried these type of lasers?I've been told that those... READ MORE

So Angry About the Price I Paid! - Atlanta, GA

I am ridiculously angry at the Gardner Medical Spa as of this morning. I forked out a load of cash for laser tattoo removal at their clinic that was extremely ineffective and left me with huge, bloody gaping wounds that I had to cover with bandages for 2 weeks after each session. The nurse was... READ MORE

Am in Process of Having Two Tattoos Removed

I am currently in the process of having 2 tattoos removed. After my first session I developed a HUGE blister on my ankle tattoo and had to take antibiotics as a precaution. I also develop itchy skin and hives about a week after treatment and it usually lasts about 3 weeks. Hydro-cortisone cream... READ MORE

My Tattoo Removal (Ammature Eyebrows& Under Lip Tattoo) - University Place, WA

I had my first treatment Friday ( June 1, 2012 ) OMG! My eyebrow tattoos are almost gone, WHICH I CANT BELIEVE!! Buut, i pleaded that sHe didnt shave my eyebrows; Soo, uhh the hair on part of my eyebrows are bleached from the laser. lol, heres the pics& i will update after each session.... READ MORE

Laser Tattoo Removal - Houston, TX

I was very nervous at first but they made me feel very comfortable and we had great conversation. The process itself wasn't terrible although it is painful. It feels like a million tiny rubberbands hitting your skin on some areas not the entire thing. For some reason the first session wasn't... READ MORE

In the Process...- Tampa, FL

I am currently in the process for tattoo removal on a seven year old cross on my wrist. The tattoo has green, white and red colors and outlined in black. I decided about three months ago to remove the tattoo for a prospective career move and have not regretted a single day. I have only had two... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic - San Diego, CA

Hi everyone, i have two tattoos that i am removing at Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic. The tattoo on my forearm is a full body portrait of Elvis (skin tone w/metallic, blue, red and black. size of my hand) and the tattoo on my chest is three lines of lyrics from the song Hotel California by the... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - 1 Session So Far - Massachusetts

So far I've had one session about 2 months ago. They injected the site wiht numbing meds before the procedure and I did not feel a thing which I was amazed at. I thought I'd feel it a little. The Dr. went over the tattoo once, waited for about 30 minutes and went over it again. Once... READ MORE

Bad Experience with Laser Tattoo Removal - Greenville, MS

Hey, I am a 23 year old African American who have lips tatted on both breast consisting of the colors red, pink, and white. I had laser surgery done which was a bad idea. I have a scar that is now unbearable to look at. I'm really considering the excision of my tattoos but unsure should I do... READ MORE

Painful but Hopefully Worth It!! - England

I had a tattoo only 2-3 week ago, as soon as it was on i hated it! I rushed into it and made a massive mistake. The work i had done on my wrist is amazing he did a great job but they just look far too big for my wrist. He also did it free hand so wasnt 100% how big it was going to be until he... READ MORE

Excisional Tattoo Removal - Scottsdale, AZ

I had a tattoo on my ankle that I had attempted to have lasered off & unfortunately experience significant adverse effects that persisted for months. That's why I looked into excisional tattoo removal. I sought consult with 3 other plastic surgeons who felt it couldn't be done before... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal Is a Long Process - Beverly Hills, CA

I've been getting a tattoo on my ankle removed for over two years now. I've had 15 treatments and it still isn't totally gone. However, it has faded quite a bit. It only had black ink, so it should have been relatively easy to remove, but it has taken a lot longer than I expected.... READ MORE

He is Awesome - Sugar Land, TX

I live in Seattle.  I needed a tattoo removed from my arm and wanted it done by a Board Certified Plastic surgeon. I was told by a friend that Dr Horndeski was the best. So, I travelled to Houston to see him. He fit me in despite his busy schedule and I was back home in a couple of days... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - Redondo Beach, CA

I had my Ex Grlfriend's name as my tattoo and after we broke up I wanted to remove that. I looked around and found Dr. U. He did very excellent job. And now no one can tell whether I had a tattoo over there. READ MORE

I Had Remove my Eyebrow Tattoo with One Session of Laser I Want to Know is It Good Result - Bahrain

I had eyebrow tatto only 2 weeks it was dark dark brow ink but when she keep it for me its come dark gray like black I do on laser session with q-swatch lase revlite its come gray lighter than before is it good result its only 12 days for laser treatment is it easy to remove or I need mor... READ MORE

Great Expereince - Edison, NJ


Very Painful, Hopefully Worth It - Sydney, Australia

I've just had my eyeliner lasered. It is my second day so I'm not sure if I will need another treatment or not yet. My experience was that it was incredibly painful, but worth it to have my eyeliner removed. I'm not sure what type of laser the Doctor used but he did use... READ MORE

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