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There are many options for those who want to get rid of a tattoo, including lasers, dermabrasion, or excision. Lasers are by far the most popular methods, with leading technologies including PicoSure and PicoWayLEARN MORE ›

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Time for change

Like many people on here, I'm in the process of removing this tattoo. This tattoo is about 20 years old. When I was about 17, I got the panther on my shoulder and felt that it was a little small so I wanted to put a background around it. I went to my tattoo artist a few weeks later for ideas... READ MORE


Hey everyone! I recently discovered RealSelf as I was desperately searching for reviews & opinions on laser tattoo removal & I can honestly say it helped me so much! Of course, there are going to be mixed opinions but I made the decision for myself to follow through with starting my... READ MORE

Great Progress!!

I have gone to Tataway for 4 sessions and am seeing great progress! The people at Tataway have been so helpful and honest about the process since the initial consultation. They were very transparent on how many sessions and how long to expect the complete removal process to take. They are also... READ MORE

Tatto Removal in Process

I everyone, iam getting a tatto removal with Quanda Plus Laser, this are the results one month after first sesion, i will keep update the results. What do you think? If you have ever had this king of procedure, how many sesions do you think is gonna take to removed completely? Thanks God in... READ MORE

Not the Tattoo I Wanted... Removal with Medlite C6 Q-switch

My tattoo is a small (1 inch x 1 inch) avocado on my inner leg, just above the ankle, black with gray shading, and around one month old now. I'm 39 and it was my first tattoo. I guess I should tell the whole story. I started thinking about getting a tattoo several months earlier and played... READ MORE

My Long Tattoo Removal Journey

I've been getting this tattoo lasered since 2015 now. It's SO painful and so expensive that I go months with out having a session. I was originally doing treatments with a q swith laser at laser away which were around $100 a session but after 6 sessions of seering pain and agony my tattoo barely... READ MORE

I got tattoos when I was 15! 18 now, removing with picosure!

Hi everyone, I am 18 years old with three itty bitty tattoos that I regret. They are simple line tattoos and thank god that is all I got! I got these when I was 15 when my best friend got hold of a mini tattoo machine and we impulsively gave it go. (very dumb) Ever since I've been whatever about... READ MORE

Large Side Tattoo Removal

Hello! I am currently removing a large side piece on my back/side that says "Follow Your Heart." I mean at times I feel like I hate it but right now I don't feel to bad about it since I can see that it is fading. I am fairly fair skinned (around a 2) and my tattoo contains black and same white... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal by Excision

On 10/18/2016 I made the (very bad) decision to ink my left inner forearm with a 2.5 x 1 inches tattoo full of meaning for me (the logo of McLaren, the F1 team that I love so deeply) and I can assure you that day I was 100% convinced. Unfortunately, that same night (I precisely remember the... READ MORE

I've Finally Begun Laser Tattoo Removal!

Today was my first laser tattoo removal session. I'm going to Treasure Valley Tattoo Removal in Boise, ID. The pain wasn't nearly as bad as I was thinking it would be. It felt like a rubber band snapping on the skin, then like a bad sunburn. But now about two hours later it's only a slight... READ MORE

All Hope is Gone in Laser Tattoo Removal, barely any results

I'm a 31 year old male, medium complexion/olive color skin. First off, I would never write a review without going through an experience myself. To start, let me just say that a lot of doctors and tattoo removal "experts" advertise a lot of the same before and afters in their marketing. That's... READ MORE

Tattoo Removal - The Browning! - The Before

So, I had some writing on my arm aprox 5 years ago and after a few months I hated it. It was tacky song lyrics and I questioned how it would affect me and my career. I thought about tattoo removal at the time but was put off by the price and the pain, big mistake! So instead, I had a cover up.... READ MORE

Removing Black Inked Background W/ Q-Switch

At my first appointment I got the colored hummingbird and nothing else. I thought it was pretty and was OK with showing it off. At my second appointment my artist talked me into a lacy background. I definitely wanted something unique and his other artwork is so cool I trusted him to do what he... READ MORE

Mistake over Mistake- Tattoo Cover Up Regret - New York, NY

About three years ago, I decided to get a small simple tattoo. I made a mistake in going to a questionable tattoo shop to have it done, and ended up with a lumpy scarred mess with a blow out that made my arm look permanently bruised. The artist basically dug trenches into my skin, joking to his... READ MORE

Well Planned, Yet Impulsive Mistake-Q Switched Removal

Right now I am trying to decide if laser removal is right for me. I regret my cover up tattoo, even though I had dreamed about it for a year and a half. I had a small tattoo done in college (2004 or 2005) which I never loved or hated. I had my baby girl in 2014 and immediately started thinking... READ MORE

Live and Learn, my Journey

I never thought i would be one to regret a tattoo and yet here I find myself regretting and hating myself for it. To start I have multiple tattoos, the others I love and am happy with. I have one tattoo on the upper portion of my right arm of a koi, water and a banner reading "cure SMA",... READ MORE

Tattoo to go!

I got my tattoo about 8 years ago in Thailand using the traditional method of a long bamboo stick instead of tattoo gun. I really didn't put any thought into what I wanted and definitely didn't research the artist. I lived with it without really giving it much thought until one day I decided to... READ MORE

I'm Embarrassed to go Swimming with my Sons

I got the two tattoos pictured below about 15 years ago. The Inca one on my back is a cover up for a shoddy Celtic Band I had done. The detail on the Inca one is great but on its own it looks silly, and I'm not going to get a whole shoulder/sleeve done as I want them both off. I've had my first... READ MORE

Tattoo Regret, Holding Back the Tears :(

Hello everyone! First I’d like to apologize if I ever make language mistakes as I am French! Like a lot of people posting in this forum, I got a tattoo 3 weeks ago and I immediately regretted it. When I brought the drawing of what I wanted to the tattoo artist, the first thing he said to me w... READ MORE

Going Through a Crazy Spiral

Hey everyone, After reading many posts on this site that I happened to stumble upon (thank God) I've decided to post. I haven't started any procedures yet but I've though of it daily. I had 2 tattoo regrets already and decided my easiest route was to get a half sleeve on my forearm to detract... READ MORE

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