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Help! Getting Stressed with DOT Therapy Results

The treatment wasn't extremely painful, but sensitive around the jaw bone, nose, mouth and mainly under the eyes. It did go by fast. My eyes were the most painful the next day. Very swollen. I didn't even look the same.I was expecting the swelling to go down. I had it done on Friday. It is... READ MORE

No Difference in Scarring, Wrinkles or Pores

I had the "dot" laser therapy three weeks ago. I still have slight redness in some areas in the shape of squares where the laser was used on a higher setting. I also still have areas of very slight difference in texture where you can see the "dot" pattern from the laser.The... READ MORE

DOT Disappointment - No Change to my Wrinkles

Hi ladies,It's me again, just reporting in.It is now May and I had my DOT Feb.4th and there is still no improvement. I admit I am sixty, but the doc. did say it would help my wrinkles and it hasn't.I will report back in August when it has been the full 6 months and I'm due for my second... READ MORE

Dot Smartxide Laser on Face, Neck and Chest (Age 41)

I had the Dot Smartxide laser therapy 5 days ago on my face, neck and chest . I am 41 with some acne scars on my cheeks, some slight wrinkles around my eyes and a little sun damage on my chest. I thought this would be a great way to look a bit better.I must say the treatment went well some... READ MORE

Dot Therapy Treatment Review

The pocedure got rid of the dark spots on my face from sun damage and my skin feel tight and youthful. I am unhappy about the acne breakout and it is uncomfortable. I had DOT therapy 4 days ago and have broken out with painful acne on the treated area. Is this normal and what do I... READ MORE

Sunburn After Smartxide Laser!!

Hello, I had Smartxide lasering done under my eyes, with great results, as the crepiness vanished and wrinkling was reduced quickly. I also had a small scar on my upper cheek that was diminished by about 1/2 and smoothed out nicely.Yikes. I seemed to have sunburned the area under my eyes. I was... READ MORE

Minimal Pain Experienced with Dot Therapy - Didn't Work Though :(

I just had the dot therapy or smartxide procedure completed this morning. My reason for doing so was to remove some fine lines on the top of my lip. The doctor actually did the lower portion of my face as well. She did a feathering technique. Focusing a more agressive treatment on my problem... READ MORE

2nd Treatment and Results Are Good

Bought package of 2 for $2100 including post treatment lotions.  Day one was great, I could have gone to work.  I was numb and if you looked closely, I had the little white dots.  Day 2 was still ok, still had good numbing effect and little redness.  Day 3 was tomato red and... READ MORE

Dot Done Yesterday 5-15

I had DOT done yesterday. I was surprised at how painful it was around my eyes. The doc did say she was intensifying the laser around my eyes. I had told her that those wrinkles bothered me. I had shields placed in my eyes.Immediately afterwards my eyes were swollen. Today I look like a... READ MORE

Smart Xide

The PS needed to be "trained" on the new laser, so he asked me in for free to be the subject of the training.  I have a small scar on my upper cheek plus my lower eyelids were crepey looking and a bit loose. He used injectables for freezing. He also used drops inside the eye and... READ MORE

SmartXide Not Worth the Pain and $$$

I have detailed my experience elsewhere on this site, but just want to say that after three months, I really feel like this was definately not worth the money. The results are minimal. The pain and long recovery were so underplayed by the doctor that it really makes me angry. My Christmas was... READ MORE

Fractional DOT Therapy Using SmartXide

I had the SmartXide laser done on a Thursday afternoon and by Friday afternoon I felt great. Not ready to be seen in public, but felt really good. The recovery was pretty easy and remarkably fast. The treatment itself was a little bit painful towards the end, as i dont think that the tech put... READ MORE

SmartXide Dot

Had the laser done on Saturday and began with 60 Minutes of numbing gel while listening to music. Procedure was about 15 minutes. I had Full face, below eyebrows and under chin/jaw with several passes on the areas I had most acne scars (cheeks and chin). Procedure wasn't painful at all. 1 to... READ MORE

Smartxide Experience

Yesterday I had my first Smartxide treatment. I read all the comments made by people who had this procedure. I did my homework and went to a very good doctor. I would have to say, even tho I had the numbing cream on my face for 1 hour prior to the treatment, after the initial pass-over, the... READ MORE

A Little Painful but the Results Were Outstanding!

I had dot therapy done with the smartxide laser primarily for the fine lines I was developing around my eyes and mouth and to treat some sun damage gained over the years. I was red for about a week and it was mildly irritating for a day or so but the results were incredible! My husband thinks I... READ MORE

Smartxide-Dot, Not Worth It

Well I got my Smartxide procedure done 3 weeks ago, and Oh my God, it was the most painful thing I ve ever done in my life and Ive done a lot (Rynoplasty, Eye Laser, dental stuff, etc) anyway Im not sure why my procedure was so painful when i always read that it was not painful at all!!,, I was... READ MORE

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