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This CO2 laser resurfacing device was created to treat skin discoloration, sun damage, wrinkles, and acne scarsLEARN MORE ›

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I did it for my deep scars all over my face. I'm 40 years old. I've tried non-ablative Fraxels before with minimum results and finally did some research and decided this was the best bet for my scars. I take a package deal for 6 sessions including aftercare lotions. The pain was... READ MORE

I am SO happy I did this. I got it done about a month ago and have seen a huge improvement in my scars and tightness of the skin. I do not even wear foundation anymore....just lotion. I am NOT NOT NOT one to spend this kind of money at a med spa....but it was worth it. SO happy. If you have any... READ MORE

I just turne 59 and had been thinkng about this for a long time. I canceled two appointsments in the past year out of fear. I have always had really good skin except for dynamic wrinkles .But for two years I have been grieving the loss of two loved ones. Nothing in this world ages you like grief... READ MORE

Had Dot Laser Therapy done two days ago(Wed. May 5-2010). A little disappointed with the way things are going, but I'll post more after more time has passed. I will tell you how the first three days have gone so far. Wednesday (5/5/10): Skin was very red and felt like a bad sunburn. Usd... READ MORE

I had the SmartXide DOT Laser done on my face, neck and chest area. It has definitely resulted in an improvement in the tone of my skin. I have light skin, so old acne outbreaks had left red marks on my face, especially along my chin line. Those are now gone. My crow's feet, while not gone,... READ MORE

Very painful, a loooong recovery and no result...Could have had a lot more fun with the money. DOT Laser for texture, large pores and wrinkles.After almost 4 months I see NO change, but I have a lot of lovely outbreaks and deep zits at age 51.... READ MORE

I had the smartxide therapy done on my face almost a month ago for moderate acne scars. I am 37 yrs old, fair skinned. I was told that I would not be satisfied with my treatment, that my scars would most likely require 2-3.After my first treatment, I would have to agree. Although I see... READ MORE

I'm 41 and my skin is starting to sag and I also used to pick my face a lot so I had big pores and some dark spots and of course wrinkles starting to creep out.I had my treatment done last Thursday evening, I had my face and neck done. First numbing cream and then some eyedrops that were... READ MORE

I am 48 hours into DOT laser resurfacing and the redness is scary. I was told that I would be able to wear makeup about 3 days after, but my skin has not started peeling yet and doesn't feel ready to. It's still really tight (like a mask) and the redness is almost neon in color. I am using... READ MORE

I had SmartXide done in Feburary of 2009. I had high expectations because my Dr. was featured on several local news channels. I'm 44 and I wanted the procedure done for some fine wrinkles and a couple acne scars.The procedure was uncomfortable to say the least and when he put those things in my... READ MORE

Not worth it! Painful, scabbing still have a lot of red areas after 5 weeks. Have to use foundation, can't go out without it.Numbing creme left on for about 15-20 minutes...suppose to be on for 1 hr... Hurt like hell! I've had 2 children without any meds. fallen off many horses, broken bones etc... READ MORE

After reading some of the negative reviews on this site, I was worried. But wanting to be rid of these (moderate) acne scars finally, at 45, I made myself go through with it. Otherwise I'd always wonder if it would have helped.I took nothing prior (my doctor no longer prescribes anything for... READ MORE

It was mild discomfort, burning afterwards, and on day 3 sandpaper dot scabs in grid form that have peeled in sections leaving red and indented marks behind.I am on day 3 since my DOT treatment. The brown scablike dots that look like checkers all over my face are starting to peel and flake. Some... READ MORE

The staffs are very experience and supportive, the procedure is uncomfortable. Very surprise to see the degree of redness and swelling right after the procedure.I have the dot treatment 5 days ago, my skin starts peeling yesterday, but the new skin still look very very red, which really worry me... READ MORE

I have acne scars as well as Sebaceous Hyperplasia from the oil glands. I was told I would be a good candidate for this procedure.It's been 3 weeks & I'm broke out & depressed. I don't see any difference in my condition. There may be some pigmentation correction around my jaw line but... READ MORE

Previous post 'lump on forehead'offered solutions but answers can't (give me)Dr. Four appts. w/ Board Certified Plastic Surgeons took consult $$, said don't do scar reconstruction! I was clear about lump/scar on phone. Found 1 that said would cut full across. NOT! A new... READ MORE

The treatment wasn't extremely painful, but sensitive around the jaw bone, nose, mouth and mainly under the eyes. It did go by fast. My eyes were the most painful the next day. Very swollen. I didn't even look the same.I was expecting the swelling to go down. I had it done on Friday. It is... READ MORE

I had the "dot" laser therapy three weeks ago. I still have slight redness in some areas in the shape of squares where the laser was used on a higher setting. I also still have areas of very slight difference in texture where you can see the "dot" pattern from the laser.The... READ MORE

Hi ladies,It's me again, just reporting in.It is now May and I had my DOT Feb.4th and there is still no improvement. I admit I am sixty, but the doc. did say it would help my wrinkles and it hasn't.I will report back in August when it has been the full 6 months and I'm due for my second... READ MORE

I had the Dot Smartxide laser therapy 5 days ago on my face, neck and chest . I am 41 with some acne scars on my cheeks, some slight wrinkles around my eyes and a little sun damage on my chest. I thought this would be a great way to look a bit better.I must say the treatment went well some... READ MORE

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