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This CO2 laser resurfacing device was created to treat skin discoloration, sun damage, wrinkles, and acne scarsLEARN MORE ›

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I'd been researching resurfacing for a while and have had my hands done successfully 6 years ago with great and lasting results. I'm 39 and although always looked after skin I have had some discolouration and it just didn't look fresh. I had something done a year ago called RF Microneedling... READ MORE

My daughter motivated me to do this, I definetely needed it, my biggest complaint is age spots, sun damage & wrinkles. Although pain was very very minimal, if I do it again I will ask for more numbing cream to be applied. I really liked the cooling process while the procedure is being done.... READ MORE

I had my Smartxide DOT laser performed at the Bassin Center, in their Viera Office, Florida. I had a very deep setting on the laser. I must say that Dr. Bassin was very nice. He was very personable and made me feel comfortable. Great sense of humor. Likewise, for the staff. I had come to Dr.... READ MORE

This is my 2nd DOT treatment. Had my 1st on done in Nov. '13. So pleased with the first one that I was willing to go through this again. I was an avid sun "worshiper" & former smoker for 25+ yrs. And had scars from a car accident when I was 26. My skin had brown spots & my mouth had the... READ MORE

First off I was very nervous to have this procedure done as I had read some horror stories both on here and other websites, but opted to give it a shot. I went in today an hour before to get numbed up. The procedure itself didn't really hurt per say but it stung and did burn a little bit, I... READ MORE

I started this journey by accident. I went in to my surgeon to inquire about eyelid surgery. During the consultation he recommended SmartXide DOT Therapy first since this will help lift my eyes and address other concerns I have regarding wrinkles around my mouth and neck. I researched DOT... READ MORE

I am a former smoker, smoked a lot since 14 yrs old. Also prone to acne so I decided to treat myself with laser. I have heard so much nice rewiews and seen astounding before and after pictures. My plastic surgeon has given me botox couple of times before but I wanted something more. Too young to... READ MORE

I opted for a lighter treatment with the SmartXide DOT CO2 Laser. I was afraid of extra downtime going with a deeper treatment, and scared based on the fact I have no experience with the laser - or any cosmetic procedure for that matter. I am sure my results would be more dramatic with a... READ MORE

I had this procedure done January 8th. I will post pictures daily and keep you updated on my progress. Procedure was as I expected, numbing cream applied for 1.5 hours. I did not want any meds but I was told if I took them I could relax more and they could be more aggressive, so I was given a... READ MORE

I had the treatment done in April 2011. It will be almost a year in 2 month. I literally feel like it didn't do much for my skin. I'm only 26, but I never liked my skin because the texture is non regular , I have black head, dilated pores, I had some acne before that is steel coming back... READ MORE

Arrived half hour early so they went ahead and put on numbing creme after having me wash my face with special solution. Waited 1..5 hours (right at my appt time) the girl collected me (I will post her name when I remember it) and took me upstairs to the treatment room. Very pleasant... READ MORE

I had the smartxide dot because I had "smokers" lip lines and wrinkles under my eyes. The doctor said one session should do it because she would be using fairly aggressive settings. It was almost unbearably painful - I had no painkillers, only the cooling air hose which I had to direct... READ MORE

After getting the Park Cities Peel and not getting the results I was promised at the Dermatology office I used, I decided to go to a more invasive procedure. I can definitely tell the difference already. The procedure was quite a bit more painful, though I am quite sensitive to pain the older I... READ MORE

I really am not much of a writer but I wanted to say that Iw as terrified of getting this done and it WAS painful (even with the topical numbing agent) but the down time was fairly minimal (4 days) and the results have been GREAT! I will be 40 this summer and it will be a week tomorrow since I... READ MORE

I had the Smartxide fractional c02 procedure done on April 20th and was able to return to work April 25th. I scheduled the procedure based on the suggestion that by day 5 I would be able to wear makeup, and I was! And day 1 is considered the first day after the procedure. I read tons of... READ MORE

It been almost a year since I had this painful and negative life changing procedure done and the grid spider-man scarring on my chest has not gone away at all. While it has healed on my neck, the scars on my chest are prominent and I can no longer wear bathing suits or any clothing that reveals... READ MORE

Having it done for acne scars, have had fraxel done before five times full face, decent results but they only lasted 2/3 years. the cost was so good i couldnt pass it up. it did hurt, but office gave me an rx for painkillers to take before. my face looks ok for first day. the first pic... READ MORE

I have decided to add my experiance because I have done alot of research on this and have read many reviews good and bad. So, i think its fair I tell my story too. The main thing is that everyone is different and reacts differently. Do your research, find a doctor you trust, and most... READ MORE

Looked into several different types of lasers over the years. Had Fraxel done 3 times (about once a month) in 2005. This time I was looking for more drastic results and to address more than one problem. Just had the DOT laser therapy on Wed. (Sept 29). My physician used aggressive settings (I... READ MORE

If anyone has specific questions for me, I'd be happy to answer.I did this procedure for my acne scars, for tightening of the upper eyelid (right under the brow), for sun damage, and for my lip line, which looked really irregular from scarring over the years.My doctor and his staff are just... READ MORE

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