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Described as a minimally invasive laser lipolysis therapy approved by the FDA, SlimLipo claims to melt away fat 3-5 times better than SmartLipo, with fewer side effects and less recovery time. LEARN MORE ›

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Recent Slim Lipo (9/25/10) - Wisconsin

Needed belly reduction and "back fat" reduced. Procedure took about 3 hours. Awake for procedure. Some discomfort near ribs, or if probe reached outside of fluid area. Some bruising in those areas, but less than I expected. Important that some "kneeding" be done after... READ MORE

Slim Lipo to Arms, Upper and Lower Abdomen, Inner Thighs, Knees - Honolulu, HI

I don't have any photos, and I know that's what people want to see the most. However, I hope my review will still be helpful to some folks out there. A little background: at 5'2", 165, I wasn't sure if I was "too fat" for a procedure like this. However, when I... READ MORE

Not Happy - Jacksonville, FL

My husband and i both had it done on different parts. his love handles and abdomen, my thighs and abdomen. neither one of us saw any improvement and were so disappointed we spent our money. also, we were never told we might have dimpling or sagging around the scar sites. this doctor was supposed... READ MORE

Slim Lipo - Arizona

I had Slim Lipo done in July 2010. I had my hips, upper and lower abdomen, inner thighs, and my back done. I'm sure the recovery is different for everyone but I needed at least 2 weeks off of work, yet I was told by the clinic that I should only need up to 4 days off. At my 3 month check... READ MORE

Worth It - Chevy Chase, MD

I had slimlipo 6 days ago. (I’ll update results). After having 2 kids I could not lose my stomach. I still looked kind of pregnant/fat, and before kids I didn’t have a tummy. I waited 18 month after my second child because I thought that I was going to lose weight and go back to kind... READ MORE

Slip Lipo on C-Section Lower and Upper Abdomen - Dallas, TX

I used to have a washboard stomach, but after having an emergency C-Section 20 years ago when having my son, I had had a vertical scar on my abdomen with fat build-up on both sides of the scar and below. Unfortunately, it looked like a "W" on my abdomen. I had Slim Lipo on March... READ MORE

Not Worth the Money or Recovery Time - Philadelphia, PA

I lost significant weight and had some loose skin on my thighs. I went into the doctor asking for an inner thigh lift and he suggested SlimLipo but only the laser part for the skin tightening. He performed the procedure 10 weeks ago on my inner thighs and on my knees. I had general anesthesia,... READ MORE

Smartlipo Performed 2/08-SlimLipo Performed 2/11 - Jefferson Valley, NY

Sorry for not getting back to everyone earlier. Let me give you a little update. As I have stated I had gotten SmartLipo MPX back in Feb 08. I had just my lower abdomen done at first (3,500) from a plastc surgeon in NYC. A week later I saw absolutley no results so being young and stupid I went... READ MORE

Mixed Review - Roslyn, NY

Got slimlipo on arms, back, love handles and abdomen. Didn't tighten skin on arms or belly. Pubic area not included, doc said, so now I have excess fat in that area. Looks weird. Strange thing happened. Lost 4 pounds after surgery, but my body craved food so intensely that I gained the 4... READ MORE

Something for Me - Jacksonville, FL

Finally I did something just for me! Something I would not have to share, not even with my children. I don't have to worry about them asking to test drive it then say, "I am sorry I dinged your car." Don't have look for it only to discover my daughter borrower my favorite ring... READ MORE

I Am Delighted! - Toms River, NJ

Hi all, I had laser lipo performed on January 17, 2011. My physician used the "Slim Lipo" laser that utilizes a slightly different wavelength of laser than the tradition "Smart Lipo" laser procedure. I am 38 years old, and have a 5-, 3- and 1 year old. Before I had... READ MORE

Feeling Good After Slim Lipo on Belly - Ormond Beach, FL

I am an avid exerciser and after 3 kids, couldn't budge my belly. I decided that for my 43rd birthday, I'd do something about it. A tummy tuck was just too radical for me. I have no scars abdominally and just couldn't justify the risk and length of the scar. Slim Lipo sounded like a better... READ MORE

Slimlipo to Hips & Inner/outer Thighs

LOVE IT no pain...after 1 day would not go to work needed to bruising,I also had restalyn which was worse the slimlipo ..wish I would of done it before..only thing make sure someone spends the night if you live alone ..your kinda loopy Slimlipo to my hips and inner /outer thigh.... READ MORE

Slim Lipo - No Improvement Yet - Tampa, FL

I had Slim Lipo 1 week ago on my flanks and abdomen. My doctor said I was an excellent candidate because I am slender to begin with, but have localized areas of fat. The day after the slim lipo, it looked like I was going to see good results, then I went back to looking like I always did... READ MORE

Slim Lipo for Poochy Lower Abdomen and Hips - Oklahoma City, OK

I've never had any kind of reduction surgery before but have had a tummy all my life so I know that no matter how much exercise I do, I will still have a poochy lower abdomen and hips. I went to my consult last week and really want to have the procedure in a few weeks. READ MORE

Great Experience - New Jersey

Had upper & lower abdomen as well as love handles. This procedure is well worth it. Since no need to be for anethesia, Doctor can stand you up several times during procedure and you and Doctor can see what sections need to be touched up. In essence there is no guessing on behalf of Doctor.... READ MORE

Slim Lipo, My Experiance. North Carolina

I thought i was ready to have this procedure done, Slim Lipo was a procedure i read about and did plenty of research on. But my experience was far from what i was expected. On previous threads, blogs and videos, I have seen people talk about this procedure like if it was the easiest and most... READ MORE

Avoid Wasting Money Lipo is a Nightmare - Las Vegas

Had small fat pockets in upper arms had slimlipo and now I have a huge scar from where the doctor burned through my skin as well as saggy empty skin which is worse than where I started. Don't waste your money. Love yourself as you are! READ MORE

Last Chance Lipo - Northern Virginia

My slim lipo was completed on August 10, 2010. The procedure was not bad, but I really expected no pain at all based on a friends experience. If you have a tattoo, the tattoo's procedure was much worse than slim lipo. A few pokes were unpleasant, but the minute I indicated that things were... READ MORE

Slim Lipo on Upper, Lower Abdomen and Waist

I decided to write about my slim lipo experience. Procedure was done 06/15/2010..I'm currently on Day 3. The procedure lasted from 1pm to 6:30pm. I did the upper and lower abdomen, lil bit of the waist, with the total of 2500cc fat removal. Procedure was a breeze; just numb and drainage.... READ MORE

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