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Described as a minimally invasive laser lipolysis therapy approved by the FDA, SlimLipo claims to melt away fat 3-5 times better than SmartLipo, with fewer side effects and less recovery time. LEARN MORE ›

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Finally Scheduled for my Slim Lipo of Total Abdomen and Arms! -Jacksonville, FL

I went in for my consultation with Dr. Lewis Obi on 8/5/2013 and told Dr. Obi what I was interested in having (slim lipo of abdomen, arms and breast lift). He said that I was a great candidate for slim lipo and a breast lift. I had previously gone to another plastic surgeon’s office and was t... READ MORE

Slim Lipo - Concord, MA

I had slim lipo performed on my inner and outer thighs by Dr. Seckel and Dr. Doherty 6 months ago and couldn't be happier with the results. Both Dr. Seckel and Dr. Doherty made me feel extremely comfortable and explained everything thoroughly. My thighs are now skinny, symmetrical, and contoured... READ MORE

Slimlipo- Abdomen

Unfortunately, CoolSculpting did not work at all for me and I still have problems in my abdomen area. After almost a year of exercising and seeing no major changes from CoolSculpting I began to research other procedures. I first was leaning more toward Smartlipo but then I discovered Dr. Seckel.... READ MORE

Slim Lipo- Columbus, GA

Yesterday I went with a friend to a consultation for Slim Lipo on my back. I had a tummy tuck four years ago and gain alot of weight since then. I just cant get my back in shape. The consultation went very well for both of us. I am so excited about this type of lipo because it seems a lot easier... READ MORE

Extreme Bruising and Swelling - Egypt, EG

I had slimlipo done on my inner/outer thighs last week. The first few days my legs were extremely stiff and swollen. Bruises were extensive and a dark purple. Its been 8 days and the swelling is finally receding but very slowly. I had to take diuretics to alleviate some of the fluid build up.... READ MORE

Slim Lipo - Miami, FL

I had my slimlipo last friday 05/27/11. I've done abs,sides and back. For me was painful during the procedure(I have no tolerance of pain)it lasted 2 hours with local anestesia. I am 5.7 144lbs, very active but could never lose my fat belly. It's been only 6 days after but I am very... READ MORE

Someone Please Help Me - Campbell, CA

Im post op 1 day and im 27. I did my upper lower abs and hips. Is it normal to have my skin look as if its hanging off my body? Im freaking out after reading alot of the bad reviews. I plan on exercising alot. During the procedure it was many times painful they kept adding more solution but it... READ MORE

Please Be Realistic and Patient - Jacksonville, FL

I'm keeping it short and sweet. I worked out couldn't get the results I want I opted for the procedure. A bit of nausea and drainage but after that I was up and around. The recovery was amazing quick walking around like nothing and was able to run after eleven days after the surgery. Waiting and... READ MORE

Had I Known Would Have Not Done It - Miami, FL

To begin with I felt the stabbing during the procedure. The doctor kept saying that he could not understand why if I was completely anesthezided (locally). It was a gruesome 4 hours or liposuction. Afterwards I ketp vomiting in the recovery area. Went home with compression garment. Next day... READ MORE

Slim Lipo's Awesome Results Done by Dr. Sisto - Inverness, FL

I had slim lipo done 4 months ago and am so glad I did! I work out 4 to 5 days a week and couldn't seem to get rid of the pooch on my abdomin. I'm still semi-young and can get away with wearing a bikini, but didn't want to with my "pooch" hanging out. I went to Dr. Sisto for the slim lipo... READ MORE

Slimlipo to Abd and Flanks then Fat Transfer to Buttocks 9/4/12 - Miami, FL

On drs 1 visit he said retaining water because Compression Garment was not tight enough. I can feel liquid on abd area so depress with this. My first lipo was 20 years ago it was traditional lipo and it was so smooth, no bruising or retaining water. So painfully, sad and disappointed!:( What can... READ MORE

a-m-a-z-i-n-g - Sarasota, FL

At 38yrs old & after having 2 C-sections I had a not so hot belly...a fat round belly! I was able to hid it in clothing but on the beach I looked 3-4 mo pregnant. It was also making my pants too tight. I am not a big girl, this was really more about looking fit. Dr. Lacerna also tightened up... READ MORE

Long Time Coming!! Long Review! - Quakertown, PA

Hey Everyone, I paid so little because I was supposed to be a training example for other doctors to watch and learn how slim lipo works. Well, it turned out that I didn't have enough fat on me to be a good candidate for that and I had already paid for my procedure. I paid 3300 and it... READ MORE

Slim Lipo in Birmingham, AL

I had SLIM lipo performed in Birmingham , Al 6 weeks ago. I went to Clinton Plastic surgery and saw Dr Michael S. Clinton. It was well worth it. The staff was frindly and informative. I had to spend the night after surgery and then saw the Dr the next morning. If you are thinking about lipo... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny! - San Antonio, TX

You get a discount on each additional area after your first one; I would recommend both sections of abdomen if just contemplating one; that way your whole torso will look better! I also had my lateral thighs done at the same time. READ MORE

Slim Lipo Anterior/inner Thighs - Toronto, ON

I had slim lipo on my inner/outer thighs last Thursday. I cannot believe how well I felt afterward. A week out, my thighs are really bruised and I have to sit down gingerly but I am pleasantly surprised. I had a positive mindset going in-- as in, my thigh "bits" could only get... READ MORE

Slim Lipo in Dallas...Looking for a Friend to Split Pkg - Dallas, TX

I had my love handles done in Dallas and am pretty happy with the results. I really liked the doc and his staff! Now I am wanting to go back and get 2 other areas done BUT I am wanting to go to Dr. Long in Dallas b/c his results are more dramatic. If anyone is interested in getting to areas... READ MORE

Slim Lipo - Connecticut

Getting my surgery next week. Excited to finally get rid of unwanted fat on my stomach and chin area. READ MORE

Worried About my Bruises - Jordan

I had slimlipo 5 days ago, I feel ok it hurts when I sit down and its hard for me to sleep, I still didn't see any big results I know it takes weeks but I worried more now about my bruise, I thought there is less bruising with slimlipo I am posting pictures please help my doctor says its... READ MORE

Accountable, Excellent and Professional - Vacaville, CA


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