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Described as a minimally invasive laser lipolysis therapy approved by the FDA, SlimLipo claims to melt away fat 3-5 times better than SmartLipo, with fewer side effects and less recovery time. LEARN MORE ›

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42 Yr Old Spoken Word Arist. - Nashville, TN

I perform poetry live and my appearance is very important to me. My expectations are very high, yet realistic. I'd like to see my belly pouch disappear along with the love handles. I'm getting lower and upper abdomen and flanks done. If things go as expected, it will boost my self confidence and... READ MORE

Big Belly - Westfield, NJ

I would of never of through of getting smart lipo done ,but just could not get rid of my big belly. So i started looking around for good reviews on smart lipo and Doctors in my area ,and Dr Burnett was 5 star across the board for every review. i took it to another level i know some of the lady's... READ MORE

A Mom with Grown Kids - Mount Kisco, NY

I have had my arms and lower stomach as well as my arms done by Dr Goodman many years ago the result were excellent. This past JuneI asked Dr Goodman to do my upper stomach just below the bra area and my back fat on lower back. It has been about three weeks and the results are wonderful. Thank... READ MORE

Day Before Surgery - Smart Lipo

I decided to keep track of my progress after reading countless posts of others. I figured I should contribute something since I gathered a lot of information from others. I am 27, 145 and 5'4. No kids, no other surgery. I am athletic, and work out, but (same as most people) I cannot get rid of... READ MORE

flanks and abs slim lipo

I had lipo about a year ago but needed a touchup. I consulted with Dr Singer who is a very experienced Dr. I had my procedure done Thursday and its now Sunday. I went to work friday though I felt a little fatigued. Im back to my regularly scheduled life. Nearl pain free. Worked out today. I... READ MORE

Dr. James Lyons Westport, CT Slim Lipo Abs & Flanks - AMAZING!!!!!! Westport, CT

Amazing is what my friend said when she saw me a week after my Slim Lipo to my abs (upper and lower) and flanks. I did a ton of research prior to deciding that Dr. Lyons was the Dr. I wanted to have my procedure done by, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I'm still swollen after 1... READ MORE

A GREAT Way to Hit Those Stubborn Spots! - Grand Rapids, MI

The office of Dr. Bengtson is amazing, for starters. The procedure was fast and very simple. A small amount of soreness occurred for a couple of days afterward but minimal bruising and no downtime. This is THE procedure to look at if you need a little boost to get your health regimen going. ... READ MORE

so very happy! - Westport, CT

Dr. Lyons and their staff were most encouraging and clear. The procedure was so easy, I was awake most of the time and remember funny conversations. I went to a concert 2 days after the surgery, back to work after 3, back to the gym after 5. After 2 weeks I had a follow up appointment and I was... READ MORE

Senior Update at Marvel Clinic - Nashville, TN

I have been going to the Marvel Clinic for years for surgeries and treatments, and always satisfied. Last fall, I wanted to look my best for our son's wedding, so I returned for slim lipo. It appears to lessen the acquired "barrel look", and I may have discovered my missing waistline. I... READ MORE

Smart Lipo. Dr. Brown Fremont Laser

Please do urself a favor and don't go to anyone else for Smart Lipo procedure. Trust Dr. Brown only!!!. I had abdomen done a year ago with Dr. Brown and a month ago I made a huge mistake by letting a coworker talk me into going to someone else for my back, bra folds and inner thighs. One HUGE... READ MORE

My Nightmare Experience - Fainted During Surgery ended up in ER - San Diego, CA

It was my X-mas & 36th B-day present - slim lipo on my abs, bra, flanks, love handles and arms. I did my best homework for searching the right MD by reading reviews, diplomas, certificates etc. I found that the local anesthesia is safer than the general one, although I've done lipo under... READ MORE

27 Slim Lipo and Male Breast Removal 2014 - Slovakia

Hey everyone just decide to do this and document my experience I have travelled to Slovakia for my treatment with new look holiday. We arrived on Tuesday long travel from Budapest airport where we we're greet by Ivan the clinic manager client liaison. Ivan is a lovely guy and was very helpful in... READ MORE

Perfect Me! - Sarasota, FL

I am so happy with my results and I am not even a full month post op! My results get better every day. I was hoping to get rid of all the extra stubborn fat from my love handles and tummy, bra buldge and back fat!!! GONE!! I look like a new person with a small waist and sexy back.... I can't... READ MORE

Slim Lipo on Hips, Thighs and Arms! Very Satisfied! - Concord, MA

I got liposuction done on my thighs and arms. I'm Asian, 24 years old and 115 lbs. I have always been unhappy with my pear-shaped body. Although I was thin, my thighs and arms were large so I have never felt confident wearing bikinis. I finally decided to do liposuction after doing lots of... READ MORE

45 Years Old Had 3 Children - Greenwood Village, CO

I had the smart lipo done on my upper & lower abs and both sides 5 1/2 weeks ago. I went to Skin Secrets Dr. Mclaren in Colorado and she is fantastic! The healing process has been a bit harder than I thought but the doctor and staff have been amazing, providing extensive aftercare such as, ... READ MORE

extreme perfectionist with beyond amazing results! - Sarasota, FL

I'm a 39 year old RN, who works for a Plastic Surgeon myself, and I'm so extremely happy that I decided to treat myself to Slim lipo, Brazilian Butt lift, and scar revision of the nipples (3rd revision to be exact and I finally found the right doctor skilled enough to correct the severe scarring... READ MORE

Wish I Would Have Gone Elsewhere... - San Antonio, TX

I went in to get lipo in my problem areas. Upr/lwr abdomen and flanks. At my consult everyone was nice, no wait time, and the doctor seemed to know what he was talking about. My results where not what I expected. At follow ups they always had me waiting never saw the doc after sur. My biggest... READ MORE

Slim Lipo + Fat Transfer - Westport, CT

After a twin pregnancy at 37 and a love of good food, I had developed a protruding adomen and all my fat went there. It increased my size to a size 12 as I got older (alomst 68) and it was difficult to find stylish cloths that camouflaged my big belly. I am 5"6" and now weigh 155 lbs. oOst of... READ MORE

So Glad I Did This - San Antonio, TX

I had interior and exterior thigh, and upper arms done. 10 weeks later I have lost several inches overall in the areas that were part of the procedure. 4 weeks after these procedures I went to Cancun, I had no bruising or visible signs of these procedures. Wearing the compression garment was... READ MORE

Finally Scheduled for my Slim Lipo of Total Abdomen and Arms! -Jacksonville, FL

I went in for my consultation with Dr. Lewis Obi on 8/5/2013 and told Dr. Obi what I was interested in having (slim lipo of abdomen, arms and breast lift). He said that I was a great candidate for slim lipo and a breast lift. I had previously gone to another plastic surgeon’s office and was t... READ MORE

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