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Described as a minimally invasive laser lipolysis therapy approved by the FDA, SlimLipo claims to melt away fat 3-5 times better than SmartLipo, with fewer side effects and less recovery time. LEARN MORE ›

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Slim Lipo of Abdomen and Flanks So Worth It!

I had slimlipo done in mid September and I am thrilled! I had my abdomen and flanks/lower back done. I have always felt like a had a boyish figure with no waist to speak of and now I feel like I have one for the first time. I had regular lipo once before and there was so much bruising and... READ MORE

Had Slim Lipo on Abs 6 Days Ago

I am having a hard time finding reviews on slim lipo so I thought that I needed to start. I had slim lipo on my upper/lower abs and a bit of the flank, on 4/8/09 and although there was some pain, it was not unbearable. I was loopy and out of it for the most part but could move when needed to and... READ MORE

First Slim Lipo Procedure: Fat Removal + Contouring

There are definitely more than few areas I need to address but my largest concern was my bra area fat and the lack or waist/uneven waist that I already had. Treatment was done on my bra bulge and flanks. Description of my experience: I didn't actually meet Dr. Zawacki until the day of my... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 1 Kid, Ugly Belly Pouch

I would highly recommend Dr. Finder for slim lipo. I am 11 weeks post op and the difference is astounding. Her staff was so kind and professional, even during the embarrasing before and after photo sessions. Laurie, the infusion nurse, was so easy to talk to and made me feel less anxious as I... READ MORE

Worst Injector in Long Island - Roslyn, NY

After the consultation, I was convinced this doctor knew what she was doing. I explained over and over again I was very nervous and didn't want to look overdone. I was assured I was a great candidate for Voluma. She told me that this procedure only goes wrong in unskilled hands. It has been 2... READ MORE

27 yr old - SlimpLipo Liposuction

The results was not as expected. First of all I got a price (before the visit) of 3751EUR for liposuction with SlimLipo of ARMS, BACK, HIPS, INNER thighs, pubic AREA and TUMMY in general anesthesia. When I arrived I was told that the price I had been told was not true. The back were two areas,... READ MORE

New Year, New Me

Great! Minimal swelling and bruising. Sharp pains dissipated after 36 hours. Went back to work after 3 days (just to be safe). But I could have done just a little over one day. Only took the pain meds 2 days total. READ MORE

So Far, So Good (And Some Helpful Tips) - Washington, DC

I had been wanting to do this for a long time, and I am so glad I took the plunge. SlimLipo won't fix all your problems; it really is a spot reducer and doesn't mean you will be skinny or keep weight off permanently. Still - as I have cursed my stomach pooch for over 30 years (even when I was... READ MORE

Very Happy with the Results! - Miramar, FL

Overall I am very happy with the results! The Dr does a great job and the staff is very nice... always! There are a couple things I feel that they could improve like giving more information before hand of what could happen and what to do in case of specially if is going to be your first... READ MORE

Abdominal, Flanks and Arms - Honolulu, HI

My initial consultation went very well. Dr. Shim and Keri were informative, patient and didn't make me feel rushed or like I was just another number. They didn't make me feel pressured or try to sell me on procedures. I was given recommendations according to my needs and the pros and cons of... READ MORE

Slim Lipo on Full Back, Also Fat Transfer to Hips - Westport, CT

Hello everyone so I am thinking about going with Dr James Lyons I'm going to get slim Lipo on my back, abdomen and waist. Also fat transfer to my hips. I didn't yet tell them because I am very nervous. Dr James Lyons staff is very nice maybe a little to nice. (If you know what I mean) after my... READ MORE

Much Needed Slimlipo to Thighs - Kailua, HI

Dr Crabtree and his staff were excellent from my initial consultation to my actual procedure. Calm, patient and caring and answered all of my questions ( and I had quite a few). Had Slim lipo done to inner and outer thighs and my results were amazing ! Very reasonable prices as compared with... READ MORE

Amazing Difference Already! - Martinsville, NJ

I am a 56 year old 145 lb woman, 3 grown kids who never had a weight issue but did have a stubborn muffin top that affected the way my clothes fit. Dr Chasin and his staff are professional, caring and go out of their way for their clients. After I got home I walked for 40 minutes and vacuumed my... READ MORE

27 No Kids Lipo. Miramar Beach, FL

Well to start of in 27 with no kids I had tickle lipo at Strax rejuvenation with dr.dean and I hate my results I wasted $1700 but I guess can't complain because my abdomen is flatter wich is the only area he did. However mi consultation was for abdomen and flanks. Well that was 1 1/2 ago and now... READ MORE

41 Year Old Mother of Two Slim Lipo for Chin - Leawood, KS

I am old enough now to feel self-conscious about my neck beginning to sag, but I felt too young to undergo a full neck lift. After consulting with my plastic surgeon, I opted for a Slim Lipo procedure to remove the fat under my chin and sculpt my chin/neck. The procedure was done under local... READ MORE

66yr Old Married Women with Back, Hip and Waist Fat. 5'6'' Was 137lbs. Before Surgery Now 133lbs. - Sarasota, FL

I have maintained my weight, eaten right and exercised. I was unhappy with the way my clothes fit and the unsightly rolls of fat on my back and hips. My waist had gone from 24" - 26" to 31" since my 60th birthday . Dr. Lacerna explained the procedure and expectations which surpassed... READ MORE

25 No Kids Needed Flanks (Love Handles) Removed. Nashville, TN

I woke up & noticed another surgeon operating on me. I brought this to Dr.Marvel's attention during my post op because I was concerned that my body is not symmetrical. Dr. Marvel then became defensive & very rude. I am now 4 moths post & honestly this was a waste of my money. I WILL NEVER... READ MORE

43 Mom of 2 Boys. Oklahoma City, OK

On 11/3 Dr. Hardt performed slim lipo on my upper and lower abdomen and upper and lower love handles. I just went for my month post op and I am very pleased. The firstcouple of weeks were painful. At first you swell pretty bad and get hard and lumpy. Don't worry though that lumpiness goes away... READ MORE

Botched Slim Lipo Job - Columbus, GA

I went in to have slim lipo done and it was a painful experience. I was down for over a week. I went in for all my scheduled visits and followed all post op procedures and was concerned about the results. My stomach looked weird (he missed areas.) I voiced my concern on how my stomach looked... READ MORE

64 Yr. with Terrible Tummy Tuck at Cleveland Clinic in Weston, Fla. Horrible - West Palm Beach, FL

After visiting 22 or more Plastic Surgeons who recommended another surgery months or years later... the surgery scar was at my waist so I had a revision and developed seroma an all sorts of complications... my stomach looked a wreck... I found Dr. Vinas in west palm beach, florida..... READ MORE

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