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Smart lipo: Flanks and Back 30 years old no kids - The Woodlands, TX

Hi people, today I did smartlipo at Vedas medical spa with Dr. Nangrani and staff. The experience was great and the procedure was painless, quick and easy. It took about 45 mins from the moment I was instructed to lay down. After I did not feel anything from the meds given .. in fact once my... READ MORE

Trying to Look my Best!! Bedford Hills, NY

I'm a larger woman - 5'5, 240 pounds. However, I can wear a size 14 or 16 pant, but have had issues finding tops due to my large arms and stomach. It's very difficult for me to lose weight due to an underactive thyroid. I decided to get slim lipo on my arms and stomach NOT for weight loss, but... READ MORE

SlimLipo worth it so far. Just Did Abdomen and Did Flanks 2 Years Ago - Honolulu, HI

So I am writing about my second procedure which is on my abdomen. I had first done my flanks in 2012 and was so happy I decided to do my abdomen. I am now 34 years old and very active working out any where from 4-7 times a week and was am normally in the 123-128lbs range. I also eat pretty... READ MORE

Slim Lipo Lumpy Abdomen -5 Months Post Surgery - Connecticut

I had Slim Lipo on my abdomen and flanks 5 months ago. There is an area around my umbilicus/belly button about 6 inches in diameter that is very lumpy. It also sticks out further than the rest of my stomach. It looks like large, bumpy cellulite and I'm afraid it won't go away. I need... READ MORE

Slim Lipo and Liposuction of the Chin/neck/abdomen/flanks/lower back

I have thought about liposuction (and every other medical procedure) off an on my whole adult life. I turned 37 this year and gave birth to my third child at the end of June of this year, 2013. I've touted "au natural" for a long time and I've been 98 lbs (I'm 5 foot nuthin') and I've been 152... READ MORE

Slim Lipo/Tumescent Lipo Combination - Abdomen

5 Days ago I had a tumescent liposuction procedure followed by Slim Lipo treatment (the doctor used a combination). The procedure was done on my abdomen. Only 5 days after treatment so difficult to rate yet. However, the care I have received so far has been good and the doctor is very... READ MORE

Surprisingly Pleased!! 2 Wks Post Op & Amazing Results - Philadelphia, PA

Researched & shopped...set up a 'smart lipo' procedure with dr I've used for botox, peels and my sis used for smart lipo of hips, back, arms, legs, chin & stomach!! 4 day pre op doc calls & cancels surgery...ugh! I called several area surgeons & chose a 'top... READ MORE

Slim Lipo on complete abdomen & inner thighs - Jacksonville, FL

So here is my story... I am 31 years old with 3 children and am finally ready to fix my body for good. I have been dieting and exercising for the past many years and recently reached my goal weight through Weight Watchers. I'm 5'8 160lbs and cannot manage to lose another pound.... READ MORE

Slim Lipo on Arms 5/3/12 - Orlando, FL.

I have always been a little self-conscious about my large arms and people calling me "strong".. Even when I am in great shape, I am defenseless against the batwings. I think shapely arms do more for your overall appearance than a tight tummy (I will probably revise this statemet one day when I... READ MORE

Slim Lipo on Upper and Lower Abs - Wisconsin

Had procedure on 4/16. Been just a little over two weeks. I had Slim lipo, which I'm not sure is too different from Smart Lipo, except apparently for the laser used. Anyway, I don't regret it, but I'm not seeing the results I wanted. I have 3 kids, 43 y/o, and couldn't get rid of... READ MORE

Not Happy - Massachusetts

I've had done slimlipo in my upper and lower abs 4 weeks ago. Last week i was feeling really happy with the results so far..but i start to look bigger, i feel that my whole body is swolen, legs, face...i fell itchy and burning in my legs (i've done nothing there). So, i can really see... READ MORE

Awesome in Every Way - Concord, MA

After having several children and yet maintaining a thin weight and working out aggressively I was unable to derease my lower belly fat and a bit on the hips. I did not want an abdominoplasty ( seen too many large scars and unnatural feeling skin after-= too tight) and was willing to live with a... READ MORE

Excited & Scared - Center Valley, PA

I'm a 32 year old mother of 2 boys 8 & 4 and after my second I could not seem to loose the belly fat. I have lost all confidence and have stopped enjoying life or even caring about how I look. So after some serious thought I decided to do it. My procedure is scheduled for 5/20/2011... READ MORE

Slim Lipo Abdomen - Washington, DC

I'm 40 yrs old, mother of 2, and my abdomen was my weakess point. Exercice and diet were not enough. After weeks of research I decided to get a slim lipo. I just got my slim lipo procedure, 24 h ago. I feel extremely good. The result is even better than what I expected (24 h after). I... READ MORE

Smart/Slim Lipo - Alexandria, VA

Today is the day my smart/slim lipo journey will start. Wish me luck! I must say, you have to do your homework before going down this road. My doctor is very informative and personable. I can't wait to get started. At the doctor's office!! Below you will find 2 before pic!... READ MORE

Very Pleased with Slim Lipo - Palo Alto, CA

After two IVF treatments (In Vitro Fertilization) and one successful pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight, especially in my stomach area. After the birth of my baby, I was back to running 3-4 days a week and started losing the weight. However, 10 months later (though I was pretty fit and down to... READ MORE

Slim Lipo - New York

Not bad. Procedure itself didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable. I had abs, back, and sides done. So far so good. I saw an immediate difference in volume reduction right after the procedure, then the swelling came. It's been 4 days post op and I feel fine. I love going to the gym and... READ MORE

Reporting on Slim Lipo: I See a Bit Change on my Flanks and No Change at All on my Abs - Dallas

I had my procedure done on Monday (2 days ago). The doctor doing my surgery seemed a bit unexperienced, but very careful with everything. My procedure lasted 4 hours, and I have to say that it was not too painful, but the next day I was very very sore! It was a bit scary to see my stomach... READ MORE

So Far SOOOOO Worth It - Bridgewater, NJ

After being over weight my whole life, I was on WW for a year and got down to my goal weight. I stayed there for a full year trying to work on my biggest problem area, my stomach. I did tons of cardio mixed with tons of strengh training, did a 5k every month, trained for and completed a half... READ MORE

Slim Lipo Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks

I had the procedure done 6/18/10. The only pain I felt during the procedure was the flank area and it felt like I was getting a bikini wax. I probably would not have felt any pain if I would have asked for more pain meds which they keep offering, but I have a high pain tolerance and I was... READ MORE

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