2016 RealSelf Reviews of the Year

NoraR on 17 Jan 2017 at 9:00am

To celebrate the thousands of people who shared their plastic surgery journeys with RealSelf last year, we asked our community managers to pick their favorite reviews from 2016.

Penka1's Tummy Tuck

Left: Two weeks before surgery. Right: Seven weeks post-surgery.

“Mission accomplished. I never wanted to be a supermodel, just wanted this 47-year-old body to look decent in a bathing suit,” says Penka1 when discussing her results and expectations.

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Why We Picked This Review

"Penka1 is a busy 47-year-old mother of 12-year-old twin boys," said senior community manager Kim Gregson. "She was overweight, unhappy and developed Type 1 diabetes. She wanted both her body and health back. She started exercising and doing her doctor research with RealSelf. She started with us in July of 2016 and continues to update each step of her journey. Her positivity and willingness to share her entire journey is very helpful to other community members."

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BlessedMommaof3's Mommy Makeover

Left: Before. Middle: One-month post surgery. Right: Before kids.

“I am a mom of three, ages 8, 4, and 3," said BlessedMommaof3. "In my former years, I danced professionally and was a lifestyle and fitness model for major athletic brands. Now that I am done having children, I would like to restore my figure to its 'glory days.' I am hoping that it will renew my self-confidence and help me begin a new post-mommy body chapter in my life."

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Why We Picked This Review

"Blessedmommaof3 set a high bar for herself,” says community manager Teddie McCormick. “A former fitness model, she wanted to get as close as she could to her pre-baby body.

"Not only did she undergo what she refers to as ‘life-changing’ mommy makeover surgery, she dedicated herself to a healthy lifestyle with a commitment to working out and healthy eating," McCormick continued. "While her story was not without complications, and she may not have achieved 100% perfection, she seems very happy with her outcome and a lot more confident.”

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MissP61's Facelift

Left: Before. Right: Nine days post surgery.

“[I'm] happy with the results, although no one has actually said anything to me," shared MissP61. "Friends comment and say my hair is looking great and say I am looking really 'well,' so it's a subtle difference and maybe they think I look different but don't know why?"

Community member Byebabe agreed, "I think there is a huge difference. People don't comment because you still look like you but better, and they would never suppose that you had a facelift."

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Why We Picked This Review

"MissP61 wanted her face to match her youthful spirit and decided to take action," says senior community manager Jill Benbow. "She is still in the healing phase and always takes the time to add several helpful photos with each update on her progress. She's particularly active in the comments, having long and wonderful conversations with the community. Her spirit shines through in both her helpfulness and her authenticity."

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