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Like the Lifestyle Lift, this minimally invasive facelift is its own brand of the surgical procedure. QuickLift is intended to tighten skin around the lower half of the face and neck. LEARN MORE ›

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Excited for a change. 51 Years Young :)

I have been doing Botox and fillers for a few years now which are very temporary. Time sure does fly. I wanted a more permanent solution. I met with a few docs in my area, Colorado Springs, but finally decided on Dr. Kim in Denver. Consultation went great and I was very happy with our... READ MORE

Quick Lift/ Fat Transfers - Columbus, OH

A few years ago I started researching the best place to go for a facelift in Columbus, Ohio. I had heard about Dr. Colon from coworker's back in 2006. Through my Google searches I kept getting led back to this website. I posted a request asking to hear from anyone who had been to the Skin Center... READ MORE

52 Yr Old, Had Quicklift W/Neck Lift, Blepharoplasty ; Fat Transfer to Cheeks - Greenbrae, CA

I avoided looking at myself in the mirror for a long time. Felt and looked so tired, and old! Did a lot of research on Plastic Surgeons, and chose Plastic Surgery Specialists (about 1 hrs drive away from my house). From the first time I met Dr Poulos and his team I knew I had found the right... READ MORE

Quick Lift

My name is Debbie and I am the 52 year old whose pictures are shown in the gallery. I decided to have cosmetic surgery after a difficult period during which I had lost weight and ended with skin that looked too big for my face. I visited a number of clinics and explored having a general face... READ MORE

46 Year Old Needing Repair/prevention

I had my surgery today. I'll rate and give my final review in a month or so, maybe six. I've felt my chin and neck, as well as my jowels starting to sag over the last decade. I tried laser once (deep fx) and had good results for a short time. I then attempted laser treatments for age reversal... READ MORE

58 Year Old Tired of Looking at a 58 Year Old Neck and Jowls. Columbus, OH

I had a quick lift and facial fat transfer performed by Dr. Fernando Colon on July 2, 2015. I had been thinking about this for 2 years. I was always told I looked younger than my age.....stopped hearing that....and started watching my jowls melt into my neck. I opted for the quick lift since the... READ MORE

what are you waiting for??? - Charlotte, NC

Ok---STOP wasting your money with lotions, potions and spas....Get the REAL DEAL!! This is NOT for the 'faint of heart'....but, let me tell you...the results are INCREDIBLE!!!!! Save your money and get THIS doctor that is simply an ARTIST----he will assess what you need and MAKE IT HAPPEN...I'm... READ MORE

Mum Early 50's Focusing on 'Me' for Once! - London, UK

I love Dominic’s passion and enthusiasm. He is very engaging and open and spent a long time answering my questions and showing me photos of his work. This communication has continued both before and after my surgery, with him answering any queries immediately by email, text or phone call. I w... READ MORE

Awful! - San Antonio, TX

I made an appointment with Dr Barone because I was self-consciousness about nasolabial folds. Dr Barone recommended the Quicklift to correct my nasolabial folds. I followed her recommendation and had the procedure. Not only did the procedure do nothing to correct the nasolabial folds, but she... READ MORE

Quicklift Today - San Antonio, TX

Had Quick lift and upper eyelids done today. I am 60 years old. I am currently in a great deal of pain and am taking vicodin more than recommended. I have bandages around my head so can't see how it all looks. My eyes are swollen but I seem to have lids again. Worried about trying to sleep... READ MORE

A Great Experience - Tunbridge Wells, GB

I had done lots of research about a Facelift. Due to weight loss I was looking very tired and saggy! I found Dominic Bray on Real Self and went to see him based on all the reviews. I have to agree with them, he is very approachable, fun, and I have total confidence in him. The procedure went... READ MORE

Amazing Transformation - Quicklift and Eye Brow Lift! - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

My experience and story, where to start!! I 1st met Dominic a couple of months ago through a mutual friend, I had been thinking about surgery for a couple of years but did not have the courage to take the chance that I would get the right results. Right from the time I met Dominic I felt totally... READ MORE

Quick Lift. Awesome...at 60 Years... Who Wouldn't Want to Looker YOUNGER? - Reno

I have always Accepted and liked the way I look.... and taken care of myself to be the best that I can be... Exercise, healthy diet, positive thinking... So, for me it was only natural to want to take care of myself cosmetically... and I just wanted to thank YOU Dr. V for making me look just... READ MORE

Unhappy with my Lopsided Quicklift Results

I had the Quicklift procedure 8 months ago. Along with a cheek and browlift. I have been unhappy from the moment I woke up. One cheek was pulled up to my side burn area and there was a deep lateral sweep from the corner of my mouth going up to my ear. The other side of my face was barely... READ MORE

Everything Expected and Promised - Sterling Heights, MI

My quicklift with Dr. Berkowitz was all that was advertised--non-invasive, quick in healing/turnaround time, natural and painless. I am enjoying feeling and looking more rested. Dr. B does not try to make anyone look artificial but goes for the natural look. I took a long time to decide to... READ MORE

Perfect Experience from Start to Finish - Newport Beach, CA

I had a Lite Lift, Rhinoplasty and chin implant with Dr. Nichter on May 13, 2016. I felt completely confident with Dr. Nichter and his staff from my consultation through my post-op follow up appointments. Dr. Nichter was professional and extremely informative about the details of my surgery in... READ MORE

59 Year Old Woman "Quick Lift5" San Diego, CA

Dr. Alexander is absolutely amazing as is his staff. I had a "Quick Lift" done and am incredibly happy with the results. I look 10 years younger and did not even need to take a pain pill. Dr. Alexander even came in the office on Saturday of a holiday weekend to take my stitches out and called... READ MORE

63 Years and Not Ready to Retire from the Tech (Young Professionals) Industry. Greenbrae, CA

Hi, I'm 63 and work in the tech industry, most are 30-40 age range. I enjoy my work and I don't want to retire, so decided to have the Quick Lift, and also upper eye surgery for drooping eyelids. Dr. Poulos did amazing work, and I am surprised that my "refresh" has boosted my confidence; I... READ MORE

64 Year Old Once Sagging ... Now Tight and Youthful - San Rafael, CA

First, before I review my motivation and outcome...I would like to applaud this fantastic group of people working for Dr. Hvistendahl, at Plastic Surgery Specialists. Wow, these lovely women really care and go out of their way to accommodate any and all needs, requests and special favors. I am... READ MORE

62 Year Old Active Healthy Woman - Toronto, Ontario Canada

I was considering a cosmetic surgical procedure for my lower face to eliminate the ongoing fillers, and to eliminate the neck sagging . Dr Cusenz has been performing the Quicklift with amazing natural results and little down time. During my consultation he explained in detail the procedure and... READ MORE

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