Pulsed Dye Laser

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Best known for attacking age spots, wrinkles, and moles, pulsed dye laser is a minimally invasive treatment that can also be used on not-so-pretty spider veins. LEARN MORE ›

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Pulsed Dye Laser for Self harm scars

2 years ago I searched and searched online to find someone who may have posted about a similar experience, I was desperate for help and peace of mind over how to deal with self-harm wounds. I am in my mid 20s, with fair-skin that tans well in the summer, and I work in the medical field myself. I... READ MORE

18 Y/o Stretch Mark/scar Removal - San Antonio, TX

So far I've contacted two dermatologist in San Antonio for laser stretch mark removal. After going through some health issues back in 2016 I gained and lost about 15-30 lbs (still about 15lbs from fit currently) resulting in these little marks. I hate them so much! I feel embarrassed wearing... READ MORE

PDL for Diffuse Redness and Broken Capillaries on Face. Dublin, OH

I have rosacea - overall redness on my face, with some more pronounced broken capillaries. Several years ago I had PDL done and it worked. I didn't have to wear tons of makeup anymore to cover the redness and capillaries. However, I had major bruising that took two weeks to go away. I am a... READ MORE

47 Yo Rudolf Nose Since Teenager. Richmond, VA

Hi! I had this done once before by a derm doc. He was 500 bucks and really messed up my procedure. Dr Shaw said it sounded like he had the settings too high. Hmm do you think? Let's say if you do this on your nose and you get a HUGE purple bulbous nose as you are leaving the office that this is... READ MORE

Pulsed dye Laser

Hi sorry to repost, I uploaded a review a couple of months back and didn't attach pictures, unfortunately I did not create a account when leaving the review so was unable to access the review to make changes, hopefully a forum moderator will be able to remove my previous post, thanks I have had... READ MORE

Burn Victim Scars Amazing After Pulse Dye Laser. South Africa, ZA

In 2012 I was in a severe fire accident and sustained 14% burns which were 2nd and 3rd degree. I was in hospital for 30 days and got 5 skin grafts. Pulse dye lasee treatment changed my life my significantly improving the colour of my burns from a deep purple and red to a white/skin... READ MORE

Cutera Excel V For Rosacea & Erythromelalgia

I am a 21 year old male who received 5 treatments (over 6 1/2 month span) of Cutera Excel V for my facial flushing and blood vessels. I suffer from a rare conditions known as erythromelalgia (for me: face, feet, hands) which causes flushing and may appear as excessive rosacea. I walked in... READ MORE

Have Bruises? Not Anymore! - Lincolnshire, IL

I had cellulite reduction done on my legs at a different office that left me with distasteful bruising so I came to Advanced Dermatology and saw Dr. Martinez-Diaz to have PDL treatments done. He was so gentle that it didn't even hurt but the results were amazing! The bruising completely... READ MORE

V Beam Perfection

Dr Fischer and her team of dermatology residents provided the perfect pulsed dye laser treatment for both my rosacea and a broken vessel on my forehead. It was very comforting to know that all the staff had been treated previously and that they could explain the experience and post treatment... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye Laser Ruined Face - Singapore

I had near perfect skin other than telangiectasia and some freckles. I didn't do my research and went to see a dermalogist. She said the downtime would be minimal. WRONG. 13 days later I got pin prick scarring, pits on my skin, which is now dry and breaking out and I fear the worst is yet to... READ MORE

Pulse Dye Laser

I had red scars for chiken pox on my face , and some scars for an accident but litle visible.I went for dr derm dermatology in BUDAPEST HUNGARY, and i ask the doctor if there are side effects. The doctor said there is no chance for side effects.I tell him to make a test but he insist to make on... READ MORE

Red Facial Veins and Laser Treatment - Toronto, ON

I recently had an IPL and Pulse Dye Laser treatment with Dr. Mulholland for my red facial veins. After just one treatment, I noticed a significant reduction in the redness and visible blood vessels located on my nose, chin, and cheeks. Even though, I have had similar treatments, elsewhere, I... READ MORE

V Beam ( Pulse Dye Laser) - Florida, FL

I have had both IPL and Pulse Dye for my Rosacea. There is NO WAY you will get a full facial deep V beam treatment and be good a few days later! NO WAY!!! It takes at least 7 to 10 Days to look like your back to normal. The IPL took me 1 to 2 days. Depending on the aggressive treatment it may... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye Perfection - New York, NY

Dr Emer is a laser wizard. I have been red-faced for years and couldn't find any creams that worked. Dr Emer was able to drastically reduce the redness on my forehead, nose, and cheeks. I was so excited I sent my sister, who has the same problem but even worse with little visible blood... READ MORE

PDL Treatment for "Diffuse Redness" - Europe

Hi. I've been suffering from a blush on my both cheeks for many years. I think it's called "diffuse redness" or erythema. The redness is due to vascular vessels - it disappears for a second when pressing the skin with a finger and comes back a second later after releasing the finger. I've been... READ MORE

Beware!!!! - Lake Mary, FL

The office is beautiful. The office staff is friendly and attentive. You will love everything about this place as long as you receive the results expected. In the event you don't, be prepared to be dismissed without much care for your concerns.I had this procedure done to remove several brown... READ MORE

Pulse Dye Laser -Chesterfield, MO

I had the pulse dye laser treatment on a portocath scar. As a result of breast cancer, I felt my scar was problematic and ugly. The procedure was quick and painless. The slight redness provided by the lazer faded quickly, leaving behind smooth and wrinkle free skin. The procedure itself was... READ MORE

Favorite Doctor Ever- Santa Monica, CA

Dr K literally saved me from hobbling everywhere and tons of pain because of a wart that had literally grown into a major nerve on my foot. It took one laser treatment (which felt like being snapped with a rubber band) and a few weeks to heal, and I've been free of the bugger for months! The... READ MORE

An Amazing Doctor - You're in Good Hands - Santa Monica, CA

I've been a patient of Dr. Karamanoukian since I moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago. He is extremely knowledgeable and talented in all aspects of skin health. I've had several skin concerns that he has addressed for me including mole removals, rosacea, vascular lesions, scar repair, fixing... READ MORE

Weight Literally off my Chest - Worcester, MA

I have lived forty three years with a large port wine stain covering my chest. My Mom was always so sweet when I was a child calling it a stork bite ( the stork didn't want to let me to go). As I got into middle school I was teased about it, having hickeys ect. When I got engaged to my fabulous... READ MORE

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