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Before there was Lasik, there was PRK, or Photorefractive Keratotomy. This laser eye surgery was developed to improved vision by reducing dependence on contacts and glasses for the near and farsighted. LEARN MORE ›

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I highly recommend this procedure! I had an overall great experience and mild pain. I had the surgery at 2pm and the overall process took less than 10 minutes. My waters stung and watered on the way home. As soon as I got home I laid down and played an audiobook and napped for 5 hours. I got up... READ MORE

I delayed having this procedure for 4 years because I was petrified something would go wrong. Bad vision and specs are better than no vision, right? Finally had the procedure done on 26 April, followed by 4 days of discomfort and another 2 or 3 of blurry vision. I am two weeks into a six week... READ MORE

I had -8 vision and stigmatisms in both eyes. Always hated wearing glasses. Needed glasses since 7 years old. Used to get horrible migraines weekly from reading. Chose PRK bc didn't qualify for lasix. Scary procedure to go through. About a week of pain after, like burning, swollen and crusty... READ MORE

Great surgery best doctor there is. Cant say anything else about him. do your homework on the the doctor he is the best. and i wouldn't recommend going to anyone else. You only have 1 pair of eyes. treat them accordingly. I'm 3 years post op and have had no regression in vision. and has... READ MORE

I've been wearing contacts since I was 13 years old. I do have glasses and wear them occasionally but I hate how the look on me. I look like a true nerd that needs to be picked on. Anyway, I've been wanting LASIK since I was 18 years old but my optometrist told me to wait until my mid 20s for... READ MORE

Had a consultation and my opthamologist said I have scratches on my corneas from long term contact lens usage with dry eyes. I've been wearing clear soft contacts for about 15 years. I haven't been the best about changing them out and sometimes go 3 to 4 months on one pair of lenses. I do... READ MORE

A few days ago, I went to a consultation for laser eye surgery at Herzig Eye Institute. I went through a number of tests, most of them with an optometrist. The consultation included a standard eye exam, as well as some other procedures that I’ve never been through. I would say the strangest w... READ MORE

My vision is now 5% better than a perfect natural human eye. I can see extremely well in the day. I've lost a bit of my night vision and I have a bit more halos at night, but not enough to annoy me for both of these negative side effects. TransPRK eye surgery is the best decision I've ever made... READ MORE

I had a -3.00 prescription in both eyes with mild astigmatism in one eye. I've wanted LASIK pretty much since I started wearing glasses when I was in high school, and when my prescription stabilized enough (it took over 10 years), I went in for an evaluation and found out my corneas were oddly... READ MORE

Im am 22 years old have a -3.00 prescription in both eyes.I have worn glasses since 4th grade and contacts/glasses since junior high.for the past three years I have been wanting to get the procedure done because my contacts sometimes bothered me and I didn't like my appearance in glasses. I... READ MORE

Having worn eyeglasses for nearsightedness since I was 15, at 32 I was needing them just to read a book on the table! I was very afraid of lasik, as the flap may create weak spots in the cornea, and I'm a person that has itchy eyes and in constant need of wiping. The doctor did all kinds of... READ MORE

I had a moderate prescription (-3.5) both eyes. I had worn contacts for 22 years. I had every complication imaginable with contacts. Major infections with ulcers, dry eyes etc... At my last exam for contacts I was told that "dailies" were my last option. That lasted about 8 months and I then... READ MORE

I had PRK done in both eyes four months ago for a very slight correction (-1.25 and -1.50 + slight astigmatism). I had sharp vision when corrected with glasses, but had a hard time with contacts. I decided to have the surgery after finding out my husbands company would pay 100 % of the cost. ... READ MORE

Was so tired of glasses and contacts! The recovery time was longer than I expected and a little frustrating. I hadn't anticipated so much difficulty with glare after the surgery. But... It was definitely worth it. I no longer need glasses or contact lenses for the first time since third... READ MORE

To start, I decided to write a review about my experience because that is what made me come to my surgery. I read tons of reviews about lasik and prk surgeries and decided I would make a consultation to see if I was a candidate. At my initial appointment I was told that everything looked perfect... READ MORE

I wanted to stop using glasses since I have a very sporty lifestyle and specially doing a lot of watersports. My ophthalmologist recommended PRK due to slightly thin corneas (rather than LASIK) and I was a bit apprehensive about the whole procedure, which sounds more invasive, as well as the... READ MORE

I have always wanted to get my eyes fixed and since the military offers it for free I decided to sign up and I was selected as a candidate! WooHoo!!!!! No more contacts and no more glasses....that stuff gets expensive over the years and I am so glad I won't have to deal with it again for at... READ MORE

Pre procedure I went to Millennium Laser Eye center in Florida for my free consultation and after all the tests were done I was told that I am not a Lasik candidate since my cornea is too thin. PRK was the option for me if I wanted to undergo laser vision correction. My prescription was -2 in... READ MORE

I am 46 and have been wearing glasses since I was 3. If you can any kind of math it has been a long time. I started wearing Contacts when I was 14 and it has been over 32 years. My last few annual appointments my doc said I was showing signs of damage from being such a long time contact lens... READ MORE

My PRK Experience – March 2014 Hello everybody. I thought that I’d write a commentary with subsequent updates to help others with their process in deciding upon PRK or LASIK surgery given that I found other commentaries rather helpful in my process. The only struggle that I had was finding rec... READ MORE

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The typical cost for PRK ranges from $2,000-$4,100 with an average cost of $3,575. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 40 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more