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Before there was Lasik, there was PRK, or Photorefractive Keratotomy. This laser eye surgery was developed to improve vision by reducing dependence on contacts and glasses for the near and farsighted. LEARN MORE ā€ŗ

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32 Years Old, PRK for Mild Nearsightedness -Lewiston, ID

I am one week out from getting PRK done on my eyes. I wear glasses and/or contacts for mild nearsightedness (-1.5 in both eyes, astigmatism off and on for several years). I require keen vision for the observational requirements of my job, so I decided to take the plunge with Pacific Cataract... READ MORE

I Can See

Dr. Saimovici is amazing! I had no idea what I was missing my whole life before having PRK. Dr. Saimovici was awesome I was nervous and he reassured me and made me feel super comfortable before during and after the procedure! I recommend him to any and everyone! He personally called me after the... READ MORE

Highly Recommended, with a Prolonged Path to Healing - South Africa

**1. Why did you decide to have corrective eye surgery?** I was was tired of my glasses. **2. What was the evaluation like?** I chose a doctor who super-specialized in corrective eye surgery. He has done thousands of procedures and is experienced. I went through a whole host of tests. The... READ MORE

23 Yo PRK in Both Eyes - Wilmington, DE

I highly recommend this procedure! I had an overall great experience and mild pain. I had the surgery at 2pm and the overall process took less than 10 minutes. My waters stung and watered on the way home. As soon as I got home I laid down and played an audiobook and napped for 5 hours. I got up... READ MORE

My PRK Experience

I had PRK yesterday and I've relied so much on everyone else documenting their experiences that I thought I would share mine. Age: 36 (Stable prescription for 15 years) Pre-op prescription: - OD (Right Eye): -4.25, -1.25 Astigmatism - OS (Left Eye): -4.75, -0.25 Astigmatism Procedure: -... READ MORE

56 Yo with Weakening Farsightedness - Fort Myers, FL

I am a week out from having PRK done on both eyes. The procedure itself would be best described as uncomfortable but not painful. I had both eyes done at one time because I am retired and off for the summer from my part time driving job. I would not recommend having both eyes done if currently... READ MORE

26 Year Old with Nearsightedness - El Paso, TX

I am one month into my PRK surgery and its amazing. I spent weeks before reading so much information and it actually scared me. So my advice would be do not believe everything you read. I have had perfect vision with no complications or side effects. The day of my surgery to now I could drive. I... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever

My vision was so poor all I could read was the largest letter on the vision test scale. Corrective vision is the best choice I've ever made. I wish I had done it sooner but I was so scared I'd be blind or some other dumb reason not to get a proven and effective procedure. Smh. Anyway, I... READ MORE

PRK tomorrow

I have PRK tomorrow. i can't believe that i will have a life without glasses. i was able to wear contacts until 6 years ago. as long as i can remember i have had some sort of need for glasses or contacts. i am almost a -10 in one eye and a -11 in the other eye. it just so happened that this... READ MORE

Finally Prk

Main motivation was glasses removal , had been researching the procedure from the past 1.5 years. Actually went to moorfields twice for the procedure. Got it done the second time on 18 oct 2016. First 5 weeks are hell tough , vision will fluctuate on daily basis and you will get a lot worried,... READ MORE

Can't Wait to See!

After wearing contacts for 30 years I am done. Alllergies have caused me to rub my eyes to the point I get an infection. After starting a new job and my boss laughing that I still wore contacts rather than having the surgery, I am going for it. I got a referral from my vision doctor and... READ MORE

PRK ā€“ 34 Years Old ā€“ (-4.5 Script) - N. Central Florida

I wish I would have known about realself.com before my PRK procedure. My experience was certainly a challenge. To the best of my ability, Iā€™m going to attempt to recount the experience because I am confident it will help someone who is contemplating the surgery. August 8th ā€“ I had a con... READ MORE

28y/o Female. Finally Threw out Glasses/contacts After 20 Years - New York, NY

I came to Dr Saimovici for a consultation on Lasik/PRK and was very confident in his work. I had got the PRK surgery due to my specific medical reasons. The surgery was easy and fast. Recovery was okay. I was in bedrest for 2 days after. My vision prior to surgery was horrible: -12.00 near... READ MORE

Amazing Surgery. 19 Years Old. Gimble Eye Center - Edmonton, AB

Well im now just shy of 2 weeks sense i had my PRK surgery so i could pass to become an RCMP officer. Best decision of my life. In all fairness like most people when i got told its laser surgery or no career with RCMP i said no ill do something else. After doing my research i found that gimble... READ MORE

22 Y/O PRK for Career - Toronto, ON

I did PRK through TLC in Toronto and I am very pleased right now I'm 5 days post OP and I can see much better than before, and there was no pain at all! they gave me pain meds and I haven't used them at all because I didn't feel anything. I highly recommend doing PRK if you have the time to take... READ MORE

PRK with Dr. Chayet - Mexico, MO

Tawnya Lindsay - 7/12/2016 PRK testimonial, Dr. Chayet at Codet Vision Institute, Tijuana Mexico ~ May 27th, 2016: I have been interested in Lasik eye surgery for myself for many years now. I have been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old. I always wanted to live without having to wear... READ MORE

PRK Surgery with Lasik Vision Institute (Ontario, CA) Via Groupon

I think it'd be helpful for me to share my experience with this business located in Ontario, CA. I don't see any other reviews of this establishment! It won't be very detailed, but rather some words of confidence for anyone considering. After casually looking around different laser eye centers... READ MORE

Nervous Nelly Finally Had PRK! - Mulbarton, South Africa

I delayed having this procedure for 4 years because I was petrified something would go wrong. Bad vision and specs are better than no vision, right? Finally had the procedure done on 26 April, followed by 4 days of discomfort and another 2 or 3 of blurry vision. I am two weeks into a six week... READ MORE

22 Year Old, Female, PRK Almost 2 Years Ago. Rochester, NY

I had -8 vision and stigmatisms in both eyes. Always hated wearing glasses. Needed glasses since 7 years old. Used to get horrible migraines weekly from reading. Chose PRK bc didn't qualify for lasix. Scary procedure to go through. About a week of pain after, like burning, swollen and crusty... READ MORE

Dr Tooma PRK Surgery in Newport Beach - Newport Beach, CA

Great surgery best doctor there is. Cant say anything else about him. do your homework on the the doctor he is the best. and i wouldn't recommend going to anyone else. You only have 1 pair of eyes. treat them accordingly. I'm 3 years post op and have had no regression in vision. and has... READ MORE

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