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An Obagi Blue Peel is a type of in-office chemical peel and skin care system used to treat blemishes, facial lines, scars, uneven pigmentation, and acne. LEARN MORE ›

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I started on Obaji Nu Derm Products because i had very bad acne. It cleared my blemishes and brightened my overall skin tone. I was very satisfied, but my doctor suggested that i get an Obaji Blue Peel. Big Mistake! It left my face with a blue tint for 2weeks, and after the blue color rinsed... READ MORE

I was treated with IPL for postinflammatory hyperpigmentation from an acne lesion which caused me to have a darkened scar in the shape of a Cheerio. (Never, never, never get IPL or laser treatments for PIH). It was really difficult to cover with makeup-- and I hated it. In addition I had some... READ MORE

I was told that this is supposed to be a mild treatment and it is going to remove my discolorations and skin spots. The nurse who SOLD me the creams ( you have to prepare for this for weeks) told me they are very mild. I used they creams very carefully and followed all the directions. When I... READ MORE

I have gotten an Obagi blue peel every year or two for the last 12 years (now age 61). Usually I get a 4-layer peel for best effect. The results are very good--smoother skin and diminished wrinkles. However, this procedure is very painful. It's best to ask in advance for a valium and bring a... READ MORE

I am still trying to figure out what is the right laser and/or treatments for me. I have had acne for 2 decades and now want to get rid of the deep scars andwrinkles. I started about 4 months ago with 2 salicilic acid peel, spaced two weekes apart, then a vitalized peel followed by a... READ MORE

I just got a blue peel 5 days ago, and I am so upset over the lack of results. I am 53 years old and my skin always looked good until menopause a few years ago. Now I have blotchy skin on my face. I tried IPL last year with no success, so my doctor talked me into the blue peel. I had 2... READ MORE

I am Italian with olive skin tone, capable of getting a deep tan so I know my skin is versatile. I have read about peels on lighter skin tones and differing results with them. I had an Obagi blue peel two months ago in my doctor’s office. The literature from Obagi said this was better than a... READ MORE

I asked a plastic surgeon what is the least invasive procedure for wrinkles and fine lines on my face. He told me Obagi and little bit about the thread lift (no freaking way am I going to have strings in my head!). My dermatologist doesn't provide them becs they're too painful...and they are. ... READ MORE

I had an Obagi peel when I was 41 (I am now 58), for hyperpigmentation on my upper lip and other areas. Using Retin-A and Obagi products to prepare for it made my skin red, flaky, dry - it was awful to have to look so bad two months in advance of the procedure. I think they shortened the... READ MORE

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