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An Obagi Blue Peel is a type of in-office chemical peel and skin care system used to treat blemishes, facial lines, scars, uneven pigmentation, and acne. LEARN MORE ›

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Obaji Blue Radiance Peel - Raleigh, NC

I loved this peel! I was hoping it would remove some of my sun spots before starting my new Obaji skin care products and it did. I could see a huge difference in less than a week. I have been using my new products for a couple weeks and they're geat! My brown spots are fading fast. My face... READ MORE

Doctor Permanently Scarred Me with Blue TCA Peel on the Arms

Two years ago I had a blue peel done on both of my arms to even out my pigmentation. I was sedated with versed so don't know what happened. However, I was on the table over 3 hours. I am left with major hypertrophic scars on both forearms as well as scattered smaller hypopigmented scars on the... READ MORE

Blue Christmas - My Xmas Present - New England

I have done Obagi products for years and maintain my face monthly with microdermabrasion or facials. Started back up on Obagi Radiasse six weeks prior to to peel. I actually did not know I was getting the Obagi Blue Peel until that day and was shocked with blue face! Day one I took Valium... READ MORE

Who's Been Doing These Blue Peels? - Beverly Hills, CA

I've read all the comments, and I all have to say is, "What are your doctors doing?" Obagi does my blue peel himself. The procedure is over $3,000. It requires general anesthetic. There are products you must use prior-which do make you look awful. I had it done in 2009. It takes AT LEAST 10-15... READ MORE

Stress Less Experience - Dr Made Me Feel Good About the Treatment - New York, NY

All pros - I wanted my skin to look a little fresher, younger. I had lots of sun damage including brown spots. I was initially nervous about putting an acid on my face but the dr. Assured me that all would be okay. And it was! More than okay, I am extremely happy with the result. READ MORE

Alarmed and Worried - Philippines

I always had pimples on my chin or somewhere around lip area. I used to go to an obagi clinic and i used cleziderm products and it helped clearing the pimples i didn't have any while i was using the products but as i switched to another system which is the nuderm i started getting back... READ MORE

Totally Not Worth It - Wilmington, NC

I had some light hyperpigmentation. Was just turning 40 and felt needed better skin, didn't want anything real invasive. Had no idea this would stay on my face, peeling gradually for days. Not to mention looking like a monster....only have this if you have a good week off! Anyway, I'm... READ MORE

I Do Not Recommend - Houston, Texas

I did this to remove brown spots on my cheeks after Retin A was not successful. This was a painful process in many different ways. The application of the peel was a 9/10. The recovery was very uncomfortable and painful at times. Could barely eat, yawning and laughing hurt. I was on house arrest... READ MORE

Just Had One 36 Hours Ago... - Santa Barbara, CA

Just had the blue peel done about 36 hours ago. I read up on the reviews so I took a valium and three Advil before I arrived at the doctor's office. The first layer wasn't too bad, just felt like a mild stinging. The second layer was more intense, felt like little needles. The last layer... READ MORE

Blue Peel Done Today - Houston, TX

2 layers on the face, 2 layers on the neck and chest. Some pain/burning sensation, but, did take a valium and hyrdocodone prior to the applicaton. Also they have an air blower tube that you control that will help with heat/burning sensation. Day one: Of course, I look like a smurf. I am... READ MORE

Sedation for the Obagi Blue Peel - Nashville, TN

I inquired about the necessity of anesthesia upon having the peel. Most of my answers were from doctors who do not believe it is necessary. All I can say is that my doctor is very wise. Yes, he had me sedated. Yes, it would have been a nightmare otherwise. And yes, it was all worth it. I now... READ MORE

Obagi Blue Peel - Yuba City, CA

I had the Obagi Blue Peel less than two weeks ago. My skin used to be very leathery; I had major sun-damaged, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and nasty age spots. My results are unbelievable. My skin and complexion is so smooth and are truly indescribable compared to what it used to be. The... READ MORE

best peel yet! - Pasadena, CA

I have acne skin and have always wanted to cry when I wake up just looking at my skin. I Love how it has tighten, brighten and exfoliated my skin. It has helped to kill the bacteria and diminish the appearance of fine lines while leaving my skin glowing!!! READ MORE

Obagi Blue Peel - Just Had Done - New Orleans, LA

I went in Saturday for my Blue Peel and with having this done seven years ago, I expected the worst. Normally, they put one thick layer on, and then apply another layer to another layer. I took a muscle relaxer before I went so I was a little out of it, but lets just say - I left there with the... READ MORE

Obagi Blue Peel, 2 Layers Applied - Florida, FL

Hi. I had an Obagi Blue Peel done today. I had my skin prepped before the peel, and my doctor made sure I used the Nu Derm System, and I also stopped any usage of the system 5 days before the Blue Peel. However, my main skin problem was hyper pigmentation marks left from acne, and some... READ MORE

Waste of $$$

My friend is an Aesthetician and suggested I try this... WASTE OF MONEY, DOWNTIME AND DISCOMFORT NOT WORTH IT. If you ever think that you are ready to try something new even when what you are already doing is giving you great skin? Well think again. I wish I never did this as I supposedly got a... READ MORE

Pre-cancerous Spots Gone with Only 2 Treatments - Chicago, IL

My dermatologist recommended it READ MORE

No - San Francisco, CA

Painful with no results. Some pigmentation even looks worse. PS was great but peel didn't work for me. I recommend her for other things and did see the before/after pix of her other patients who did the blue peel. Sadly, it didn't work on me. In addition to the peel cost, there were... READ MORE

Loved my Blue Peel

I had several Obagi Blue Peels done over the past five years. The results have been better than lasering I had done. It does hurt during and after the treatment.It is not for a person that can not stand pain. It did take about two weeks to heal. The results depend on the strength used and the... READ MORE

Bad Experience with Two Obagi Blue Peels

I had the obagi blue peel twice. The first time i didn't follow instructions and went out in sun,and my face stayed bluish. Doctor recommended I do it again-I waited 9 months to do again and didn't go out in sun-well 6 months later my face, mainly cheeks have a dark shade to them... READ MORE

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