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26 Years Old, No Kids , in a Long Term Relationshiop

I had been tanning since I was 13 , stopped roughly two years ago. I've tried topical creams and maxed out my use for my melasma and it actually got worse . Found Dr. Hartman on RealSelf and submitted a message and they called me very quickly . I not only got laser treatment on my face but... READ MORE

Melesma is Almost Gone After 7 Years - Ann Arbor, MI

My melesma started after I gave birth 7 years ago. I am not on bcp or any other medication. 3 months after giving birth I started using triluma that the doctor prescribed but stopped just after a few days because it burnt my skin. Last month I decided to treat my melesma again. I went to a... READ MORE

Melasma Cream THAT WORKS!!!! - Honolulu, HI

Having struggled with Melasma on the balls of my cheeks, forehead, upper lip and nose, I felt cursed. After using Dr. Schlesinger’s Melasma Cream I have NO visible signs of the condition. My skin is clear and even. I developed Melasma in 2009 and have consulted with several plastic surgeons i... READ MORE

Melasma Mustache Finally Fading - Dallas, TX

My recent battle with a melasma mustache is finally coming to an end....or so I hope. First, let me say, I have never experienced melasma until our recent spring break vacation to Cancun. We spent about 6 hours either on the beach or by the pool for 6 days. Shame on me bc I didn't wear sunscreen... READ MORE

27 Years Old 3 Kids and Got Melasma Around my Mouth

The cream name is porcelain. Just add it at night. For 2 weeks... i will stop using it now i thing. It has hydroquinone, thats why... but for me it did work... i waste so much money i bought creams that cost me 100$ bucks, and this thing vosted me 9$ what an idiot. Im so mad at my self... READ MORE

Obagi Clear. The Only Thing That Worked for my Melasma! - Newark, NJ

I developed melisma in 2013 from what I believe was a combination of oral birth control pills and to much sun from a cruise we took in May. We had a "sea day" on the cruise and I spent the better part of the day on deck swimming in the pool, lounging in the chairs and basically frying my skin... READ MORE

47 Years Old Female/ Asian European Mix/ Mesoestetic (Melanostop) and Now Iklen - Germany

I have had chemical peels which led to more hyperpigmentation. Originally these mesoestetic peels were made to reduce some hyperpigmentation, but now it is even worse. It failed. I just think, I got a really bad avice from the cosmetogolist who wanted to earn money. She said it is possible to do... READ MORE

Melasma Face Peel - London, GB

Not worth the money my skins is a lot worse than before got light patches on my nose cheeks and lips am afro-caribbean and its made my confidence and feel really down ....... it was over priced and very mis -leading ... was located in a expensive of part of london knightsbridge which gave... READ MORE

My Melasma Fight - Mountain View, CA

Well my nightmare started on november of 2008, when i saw a little brown spot close to my eye on my upper right cheek, i was on birth control and also i never took care of my skin or used any type of sunscreen, also i was a heavy smoker. How the spot was so little i did not really cared a lot... READ MORE

Melasma Treatment - Melanage Mini Peel - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Melanage Mini Peel 43yo Filipino Portuguese Very first facial treatment I've always had very sensitive skin. I hyper-pigment easily so I was deathly afraid to do anything to my face. I went to Shino Bay based on reviews and had an excellent experience. I am posting before and 2 weeks post... READ MORE

Obagi Nu Derm Fx & Medik8 White Balance = Success in Melasma Treatment

Hi all, I am a guy and dealing with ugly pigment patches all over my face since last year. In September 2015 I started a course with Obagi Nu Derm with HQ (Step 3, Step 5 and Retinol) and results were amazing.. Unfortunately in early spring my pigmentation started to reappear despite of using... READ MORE

Melasma Treatment on 48 Year Old Chilean - Brisbane, AU

I'm 48 year old South American living near Sydney Australia who until 7 years ago never had a mark on my face. One IPL laser treatment that went terribly wrong, in conjunction with the contraceptive pill and years of self medicating left me with pigmentation on my lip, cheeks and forehead that... READ MORE

Almost Melasma Free - Los Gatos, CA

I never thought I could go without 4 layers of makeup out in public again. But I am starting week 5 and it is nearly completely gone. My doctor says it is a 3+ month process but I started seeing results the very firat week. I am using the Obagi NuDerm line afree seeing my friends results and... READ MORE

Starting New Treatment with PCA Skin Pigment Gel HQ Free - Ridgewood, NJ

After doing a lots of reading on this site and using natural products, I took my melsama issues to my dermatologist during my annual body check. I was very clear that I did not want a HQ product so she recommended PCA Skin Pigament Gel (HQ free). She said no Retinol because I still struggle with... READ MORE

Great Results Only 2 Weeks In! - Virginia Beach, VA

My skin was a mess. Very blotchy from melasma after having three kids as well as spots from a couple decades of breakouts. I think the last time I went out without foundation was 10 years ago when I went camping. I went to a doctor and he prescribed Triluma. The office visit cost me $45 and I... READ MORE

Melasma Finally Started to Fade!!! So Quickly As Well. Hope This Helps Some of You Ladies!

So, I'm 24 and I live in the Middle East. I'm white, but I tan very easily and I'm on yasmin! I first noticed my melasma when I got back from turkey last August, I had a horrible shadow over my lip and I had white pigmentation on my forehead! Luckily I was living in the Uk at that point so when... READ MORE

Hydroquinone 10% + Kojic Acid 4% + Retinol 1% + Hydrocortisone Cream for Dermal Melasma - London, UK

I have started this high strength cream for dermal melasma on both cheeks and upper lip. So far, nothing has worked for this pigmentation. My dermatologist is of the opinion that high strenth cream should work!! I don't know how hopeful I should be... If anyone had luck with treating dermal... READ MORE

47yr Old Terrible Melasma Trying Porcelain Whitening Serum

This is a treatment that I did lots of research. I had ok skin all my life but 6 years ago I developed Melasma on cheeks and face due to a lot of very strong sun exposure while overseas in Army. At the time it wasn't too bad so I didn't treat it. in 2012I discovered Obagi system and Retin A. I... READ MORE

40ish & FABULOUS!...Make Up Would NOT Cover my UGLY Brown Spots UNTIL!!! - Valencia, CA

I felt self conscious about my face until I had my Melanage Peel. The Melanage Peel treats melasma (a condition in which brown spots appear on the skin). They were so bad, make up would not cover them. I went to Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Care in Valencia to see Claudia K. the... READ MORE

tri luma is back for hyperpigmentation!! - Sacramento, CA

I developed hyperpigmentation after my 2nd baby. I got it after the 1st baby but Tri Luma fixed it. Then they discontinued it. I started Obagi Nu-derm & it worked but the retin A really started to irritate my skin making it look worse: scaly, un-even skin tone, large pores-HORRIBLE. By far not... READ MORE

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