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40 Yrs Old

Need lipo on thighs, hips, arms, stomach. Staying at Dream Body Diva. Just arrived. Surgery tommorow. Had my dinner. Tired need my sleep. Waiting for Mallol's instructions. Have to be at the clinic at 6:30 a.m. I arrived in Punta Cana and got here at 5 p.m. Mallol said rest and we'll do tests in... READ MORE

41 and after 3 kids... weight gain and loss... ready for a little help with lipo

Omg I'm freaking out! I just booked my plane to DR and it's now getting too real for me. I've been reading your posts and doing my research for a while now. I chose Dr Eusebio because of all of the doctors I had contacted, he was the only one that called me and took the time to talk about the... READ MORE

ACE Body Goals

Wish pics! Definitely Body Goals! I'm researching all areas before I decide on what procedure. I've been diagnosed with SLE for a few years now. I know a lot of Doctors will not operate on someone like me. But I'm not giving up, in the mean time I'm going to continue to eat healthy, take my... READ MORE

Excited About Liposculpture or Liposuction - Sunrise, FL

I've done my tummy tuck with lipo & breast reduction w/ lift I'm so HAPPY with my results I just doing my FINAL procedure ???? I've had my tummy done at South Florida Cosmetics in broward $3500 I believed by Dr.Friedman My breast Lift w/ Reduction at Encore Cosmetics $3400 By Dr. Omalepu... READ MORE

Lipo + BBL in culiacan with Dr. Alejandro Najar

Hey ladies where do I start i've been wanting to go with Dr. najar since I was 17 I'm now 25 He is known for his lipoescultura and amazing bbls in culiacan I'm 5'2 and weigh 170 pounds I talked to Mr. Najar and showed him My wish pictures he said I have to lose 15 kilos which is a little... READ MORE

Lipo and BBL Valetines Day Gift from Hubby

Here i come!! 29 Days pre-op- I have been searching since last year for a doctor to do my lipo and BBL. DR. Molina has really stood out for me. I have been following him on IG and I really really like his work. I know someone that went to him for the same surgery and her results were phenomenal... READ MORE

TT Mia Aesthetic

I am 41 with 3 daughters...I am tired of my flabby stomach with me being on the slim side with big breast. I have no hips or a butt. My mom is 69 and is built like a coke bottle naturally. I won't to look natural being that I'm 5'9. I'm going to either go with Almonte or Dr Camilo. If you've... READ MORE

Excelente resultados

La doctor es muy buena y muy dedicada en su trabajo mi encanto su atención y sobre todo la seguridad que siente con mi sirugia. no hay palabras para expresar los resultados que tengo grasias a la doctora Matos. READ MORE

Full Body Lipo

I've been to Dr. Pantoja for my BBL in 2015 & he did an amazing job. In 2016 for my boobies. I've gained weight since my BBL. but now that I have a curvy shape I want a snatched waist. I know I won't get the super tiny waist because I've had a child and that can't be accomplished unless I... READ MORE

20 Lbs Lost - And Counting! Getting In Shape, And Eager For A "Boost" To My Own Results!

Hi! I've been lurking RealSelf for some time, and although I get regular facial filler/Botox I am looking at my first surgical procedures! I am a 26 y/o self-employed marketing consultant in Toronto, Canada. I've lost 20lbs on my own (and counting!) and getting in the best shape of my life. That... READ MORE

Yily De Los Santos Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Across, Fat Grafting to the Buttocks and Hips - Santo Domingo, DO

So I contacted Dr Yily and received my quote: QUOTE: Liposuction of abdomen, back, armpits, sides, and waist.Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) across, fat grafting to the buttocks and hips (optional).10 days in a Recovery House (triple room)For a total of $4200 USD (This package includes 10 days, 9... READ MORE

It's Finally Official....getting FISHERFIED 10/14/2016.

Hey Dolls, I'm a 35 year old critical care nurse from New Orleans. I've been thinking about having this procedure since the beginning of the year. I put my deposit down in March and finally paid the balance off a little over a month ago. Thankfully, I have not had any bad experiences with... READ MORE

Dr Jung has MAGIC hands

Let me start off by saying, I get it, many people will say I didn't need lipo to begin with but my love handles and abs were always so bothersome to me. I am in fairly good shape but could never get over the hump to get my body exactly where i wanted it to be. I went to Dr Jung based on all... READ MORE

SX Buddy Needed April 2017

Hey Dolls! Looking for a SX Buddy that's preferably going to Yily anywhere around 04/10/17. Already scheduled those dates off for work, just waiting to confirm my surgery date. Did a lot of research and Yily fits me best. I'm getting lipo+BBL. 24, no kids if that matters. Not sure what RH house... READ MORE

New me 2017...

Paid my deposit today so now I'm waiting on my confirmation from Dr. Yily's staff with hopefully my June 5 appointment. I'm extremely excited and cannot wait!!! This will be my year better me no more low self esteem!!! READ MORE

What an incredible experience!

After looking several top Plastic Surgeons I chose Dr Landon. What convinced me was his background on constructive surgery, his great gallery whee I saw the before and after pics and the fact that he is Christian because that means that God uses his hands and that make me feel more confident.... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience

I'm mother of three, Dominican that live in NYC. With my busy schedule it was very hard for me to go to the gym. I visited Dr. Mallol, he and his staff were very professional. I did't want a drastic change and I got exactly what I wanted. He made me feel in a good hands and the results were... READ MORE

Lipo...hurts Like a Bi#/×!!!!! - Miami, FL

I've had breast reduction, breast implants, tummy tuck...nothing hurt more then this lipo....ooouuucchhh!!!! Other surgeries I just took Tylenol I don't really like taking anything else...the pain wasn't too bad with the other provedures..but this one is no joke... Wish I would have woke up... READ MORE

38 gained 50 stubborn lbs from the Mirena

After several consultations and reviews on docs. I found Dr.Assassa was well trained in many aspects and techniques whether aesthetics or lipo. He teaches procedures to others and has knowledge of different techniques from all over the world. In addition the pricing was very reasonable. READ MORE

34yr, Never Could Lose That Fat - Cancún, MX

I have tried gym and diets but I could never stay motivated enough to do it for months in a row. Which then always resulted in frustration and very bad moods. It was painful, but worth it. One advise I would give anybody: don't fly too soon after. Take more time to heal than 7 days if possible...... READ MORE

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