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Like liposuction, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. The difference is that liposculpture typically involves removing or leaving fat in specific areas to create the appearance of muscle definition. When performed on the abs, this technique is commonly referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE >

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March 2016 Duran Doll!! 27 from NY 1 Child. Lipo/BBL,Breast Augmentation - Dominican Republic

Hi I'm 27 from New York. I plan on having my sx with Duran March 2016. I'm 5'5 155lbs. I have my quote from her putting my deposit down next week. I plan on getting lipo, bbl, and breast augmentation. I'm looking for a sx buddy. Someone to share this journey with. I still haven't decide on RH... READ MORE

Dr. Plaza - Cali Colombia

So I'm going to Dr. Plaza in Colombia. I'm getting full body lipo and fat injected into my hips. Plus fat injected into my lips. I've been working with a consultant @exqusitebodyconsultant on IG and she's been helpful. She scheduled my surgery and set up my recovery house. I'm staying at Casa... READ MORE

27, No Kids,Full Lipo, bl,

I'm trying to find a doctor that is THE BOMB.COM with liposculpting. I personally don't feel I need a bbl. I have a big enough ass, I just need to get rid of this annoying belly. I originally was going with Duran bit now I'm not sure since she wants to charge me for a BBl I don't want. Amy... READ MORE

Shaped extra juicy

My experience with vanity staff is rocky they are all nice just a little disorganized ! Surgery set 5/4/2015 I hope all goes well ! so far so good ! Claudia is the best ! My cousin told me about the place n she is actually up for surgery a couple days after me ! We will be FISHER DOLLS ! May4 READ MORE

Lipoesculture - Brownsville, TX

Me encantaron los resultados, sin duda me sentí mas segura y sobre todo el trato del personal me hice la lipo en la cintura , abdomen, espalda, y entre pierna, creo que elegir bien después de buscar y buscar di con la mejor opción, me voy a volver hacer otro procedimiento para quedar como qu... READ MORE

Dra. Yily De Los Santos is AMAZAING! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello Ladies, How are you I hope all is well. I am here to share my story with you guys. I live in New York and before I decide to undergo this life changing procedure I did lots of research. I researched it for about two years before I finally decide to do my surgery with Dr. De Los... READ MORE

23 Years Old, Spanish , Dancer and Singer , No Kids - Barcelona, Spain

I want work in the world of arts and performences, but with my body i cant.. For that i decided to give me a present or a future inversion. The week before that i was so nervous.. Now 5 days post i have pain not too much but i cant sleep cause i cant move in the bed and its so bad. The doctors... READ MORE

I'm 27 Mother of 2 - Dominican Republic

I was always scared to get a Lipo I was always chubby but I felt so down every time I was going to get clothes on it was depressing but I decided to go and get a lipo and I have no regret I fell great my recovery was amazing my scarred are really hard to see at 3 weeks I went back to work like... READ MORE

Burned by the King - Dominican Republic

My experience will be a never forgotten one! I made it out but my body is ruined ! I was so excited I never thought it could be me! This was suppose to be a joyful exciting experience ! Ladies be careful I'm just putting it out there! I'm super pissed but glad I'm alive! This should have never... READ MORE

39 Yr Old, Planning to Do A Revision W/Dr Medina - Dominican Republic

I have done a tummy tuck in 2009, had twins in 2012, went back to DR Yager for a lipo with butt transfer, not completely satisfied, he did not want to do my front lipo only back. Now im back to square one and depressed again. Hoping Dr Medina makes me a Medina Doll. I'm so scared and nervous to... READ MORE

11 Day PO - Dominican Republic

Work i had done:: TT with Liposcuplt, BBL when i arrived in DR first off ive fallen in love with this country. everyone and everything has been wonderful so far. i arrived at cipla march 31 for my labs and consult with Yily. she is an awesome and honet doctor. my quote included arm lipo, a... READ MORE

Aggressive Lipo w/ Fat transfer BBL for 2016

I looking to look like a Barbie ... Small small waists , deep Lower back and a nice natural looking butt . I have a nice shape but lost my butt after my third child not too mention after gained 40 pound requested by doctor lol Im feeling fat and liku sponge bob square yuck!!! Im praying I... READ MORE

34 year old want a change to body for 2016." its all about me" - Dominican Republic

I am getting a BBL, ARMS LIPO, BREAST LIFT, I AM NOT GETTING Tummy Tuck. I expect Dr.Duran to give me aggressive lipo on my stomach, waist, and bra area, and sculpt my body the way I want it with projection ratio. I am scared but at the same time this journey has been up and now. At first I was... READ MORE

28 Year Old Traveling from California to Cali Colombia for BBL/Liposculpture with Dr.Plazas

I know I should've started journaling my experience a long time ago but better late than never right. I write this laying in a bed at Casa Arama Recovery House in Cali, Colombia. Feels pretty unreal I'm even here considering I was told by the doctor my hemo may be too low at 11.5. Later he said... READ MORE

25 Years Old, No Kids, Square Not Anymore! Dominican Republic, DO

Hello guys! I'm 25 years old, no kids yet; and I decided to have Lipo and BBL with Dr. Yily. Let me tell you it's been a journey. I found Yily on realself and I loved her work. I emailed her for a quote on November, her assistant responded quickly to me (wich makes me feel lukcy since I've seen... READ MORE

#NewBooty #2015 #YilyDoll - Dominican Republic

Hi guys so I like everyone else has stalked this site for about 9 months. I am so excited that I'm able to get the body I dreamed off. I don't want a donkey boots just something to fill me out. I decided to right a review because I sent my deposit to Yily this afternoon and she responded Farley... READ MORE

26, 5'4 220 Lbs. Amonte or Robles - Dominican Republic, DO

I have been speaking with Amonte's assistant. She quoted me $5250 for tummy tuck, liposculpture, and bbl. I'm exited and nervous at the same time. My family is totally against going to DR. But that's the only way I can get the tummy tuck and bbl. Amonte's ppl have been getting back to me in a... READ MORE

34 Yrs Old, 3 Kids by C-section, It's Time! - Miami, FL

Hello ladies, I had to open a new account it's like the site deleted my old one. Tired of struggling with my weight, and decided I should wait no longer. Also getting Bbl. I just want a smaller waist I'm tired of my round belly, and flat ass. I am scheduled for next week but am now getting... READ MORE

Posterior Upper Arm Liposculpture - La Jolla, CA

This a review for the upper posterior arm liposculpture procedure that Dr. Douglas Wu performed for me approximately two months ago. I am extremely happy with the results, and I highly recommend Dr. Wu for anyone who is a candidate for this procedure. I am a relatively fit, 30-year-old asian... READ MORE

it's my time!!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

Finally i have a confirmed date for my liposculpture/ bbl!!!! I am so excited! I have been researching and learning on this site for over a year. It's seems like this is not foreal..... I am actually going to do this; April 4 Dr Almonte will be re sculpting my body. Can you believe it??!?.. I am... READ MORE

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