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Like liposuction, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. The difference is that liposculpture typically involves removing or leaving fat in specific areas to create the appearance of muscle definition. When performed on the abs, this technique is commonly referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE >

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Should I Fisher or Doc. O'? - Miami, FL

Hi everyone, I 'v been considering getting lipo for ab out 2 years now, and RS has put me in the positions to move forward with my dream a physical me that I can be happy and conent about. Ive never been slim, and in highschool i was my largest. I've lost some weight since then, but i am still... READ MORE

My Great Experience with Dr Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio - Dominican Republic, DO

Dr.hernandez is the most honest person in the world, the best doctor!!!Great personality and very professional. I had a great surgery experience I love my results I know I made the right decision coming to Dominican Republic, and having my surgery done by Dr alejandro hernandez... READ MORE

Ready to Be SNATCHED - Miami, FL

Hey ladies I'm 20 year old ready to be snatched and stop looking bulgy. I have no confidence now go event get dressed or wear cute clothes but I'm about to change it. I'm 5'4" 192 pounds (I think lol) I am wanting bbl, liposculpture, and breast lift with possible implants. I am stuck between dr... READ MORE

2nd Round of Lipo! Can't Wait! Key West, FL

Hello my realself ladies!! I'm back with another review! I had a bbl 2 years ago and I always felt like I needed a revision on my waist. I have gained a lot of weight since my procedure and I want it gone! Yes I know i need to work out! And I will once I reach my goal with lipo! My biggest issue... READ MORE

want back my body - Miami Beach, FL

50yr with no support with husband that's okay :) I will look, feel sexy and HAPPY In my photo I have no ass it just plummeted and I'm shape like a square. Iā€™m at the age now I know what I want for me I have did for all in my circle. 1. BBL W/FAT TRANSFER NEXT TRIP 2. TT/BA I'm done for now a... READ MORE

Lipo of Abs, Flanks, Back & "Buffalo Hump". Labiaplasty. Beverly Hills, CA

I have surgery scheduled on 5/27 w Dr Kenneth Hughes. I emailed the office for a "virtual consultation" on Saturday, received an email from the Dr the same day. On Sunday I sent him my pictures and explained wot I wanted, he gave me an estimate and I told him I would like to schedule the surgery... READ MORE

42 Years Old, Time for Liposuction! - Ontario, CA

Hoping to flatten my tummy, give myself a waist, and fill in the dents on my hips. Just had my consultation today. I've set the appointment for 2 weeks from now (!!) I'm discontinuing my ginko biloba, herbal supplements, and going in next week for my blood panel. Dr. Nikel was the doctor I met... READ MORE

30 Years Old Single No Kids Ready to Be a Duran Doll. Dominican Republic, DO

I can't believe im doing this.. I already got my ticket and paid my RH. Im so nervous guys . My sister is telling me all these things to make me change my mind. But ive already made my decision. Im a baddie my body looks great but i just need a tiny waist. Hopefully everything goes well cuz i... READ MORE

23 Year-old, No Kids, Healthy but Stubborn Belly Fat That Doesn't Want to Leave - Belgium, BE

Hey ladies! I'm going to do stomach and lower belly liposculpture next week, and I am excited but terrified at the same time. I have decided to keep it entirely secret, even from my boyfriend (we currently live in different countries, and I am seeing him in less than two months from today, so I... READ MORE

Mom of 2 Lipo Miami, FL

Dr hanabergh explained everything, answered all the questions, told us abut the risks and the outcome, pictures coming was great, cant wait to get rid of this belly, lipo is been done in the stomach, arms, back, muffin top, and legs (back and outer with some small area inner) a bit... READ MORE

Claudia Recovery House - Miami, FL

I spent 3 days in total with Claudia she took good care of me she was like a second mom, she a very clean person and she takes good care of her patients like it' her family, it's a very welcoming environment. Her food is delicious and her assistant is a very lovely women I will miss them they... READ MORE

Dr Su and Staff Great Experience - Tampa, FL

So I'm 40 3 kids, 15, 22 months ,and 3 months:) my body was great after my first child and then came two little precious boys. I'm guessing that between my age and having them so close together is what really did my body in. So while surfing the net I googled liposuction doctors in Tampa? I... READ MORE

The Best Plastic Surgeon. I Won't Recommend Anyone Else - Cali, CO

Dr. Carlos Recio is one of the top plastic surgeons in Colombia. Well accredited and member of respected plastic surgery associations. He did on me a liposculpture: torso, (back and front), arms, legs with fat transfer to the buttocks. I am very happy with the results. The incisions he made were... READ MORE

Dec. 29, 2015 Lipedema, Liposculpture of the whole leg - San Antonio, TX

Have not had this done yet, I am preparing for surgery. I flew to Houston to meet with Dr. Fisher and I am very excited to be having this finally done. Dr. Fisher feels I am a good candidate to have this type of procedure done and that I should have a great outcome. It has been a long road to... READ MORE

21 Yr Old Calf and Ankle Liposculputre - Roswell, GA

I've always had larger calves and ankles and finally decided to do something about it. I went into this procedure not knowing a whole lot about the recovery. A week post op and the swelling is unbearable. My ankles are so enormous and hurt when I walk. My backside of legs are so tender. The... READ MORE

Asthmatic ,39 Years with 4 Kids I Want my Body Back - Dominican Republic

My dream is actually gonna come true!!! i am getting my procedures with Dr Emmanuel Mallol he is very help full and understanding very sweet i am very nervous because i am asthmatic but he has a pulmonologist the i will be seen before the procedure other than that i am ready very scare tho... READ MORE

Ultrasound Liposcultpture/Butt Implants/Ab Etching/Chin Lipo. Colombia, CO

Hey Guys, This is my first review so I want to share my journey about going to Colombia for Surgery. I have breast implants 275cc high profile, done in greenwood village in 2009 by Dr. Millard - fantastic job and very natural mentor cohesive gel. I also currently have 275cc type 3, size 2... READ MORE

Looking for the Sexy Doll Inside Me. Mexico, MX

Hi chikas !! i been looking for doctor 2 years and finally find one and guess what i found it where i start i research all doctors in tijuana mexico sinaloa and chihuahua !!! I think im gonna go for doctor Rogelio Reza im very pikyyyyy so until my appointmet face to face i will decide if not i... READ MORE

32,4 Kids Love my Result - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Emer was amazing throughout the whole process. Made me feel very comfortable! I traveled 7 hours to see him for the procedure and was the best decision I pups have made. After having children my skin sagged and had difficult fat on my legs that would not come off with excersize. He was able... READ MORE

2nd Time Around with TriSculpt - Houston, TX

So, I had a TT and lipo to my flanks back in October. 2015. I knew my arms would be next HOWEVER I did not that God awful cut along my arms. I went in for a consultation at Sono Bello in Houston on Friday and lucky me they had an opening the next day. The "awake" process was totally cool to me.... READ MORE

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