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Like liposuction, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. The difference is that liposculpture typically involves removing or leaving fat in specific areas to create the appearance of muscle definition. When performed on the abs, this technique is commonly referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE >

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Age 30 Been a Mother Since I Was 17 and Ready for Change! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello real life I am less then 3 months on my count down to my surgery date! I am going to the Dominican Republic to have my plastic surgery done. I am very excited and also filled with losts of anxiety and nervousness all in one, but honesty who wouldn't be when it comes to surgery in general.... READ MORE

Liposculpture of Abdomen - Wesley Chapel, FL

39 years old, 1 vaginal birth, 1 c-section, 118lbs. I have scoliosis and 1 kidney due to childhood cancer. My right side is sunken in due to no kidney (pic below) and the left side is over-developed. I was told Lipo-sculpture would flatten my belly and they could sculpt out the over-developed... READ MORE

Really Nice Experience - Egypt, EG

I frequently work out, but had this resistant love handles that never seemed to go away however much I trained. It was probably my unhealthy eating habits that caused it, and my job which made me travel a lot. After prolonged hesitation, I decided to have Vaser Liposculpture at Cairo Plastic... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck + Liposcupture~front, Waist, Armpit, Laterals and Back - Dominican Republic, DO

Im 37 years old, mother of 4 children and decide to have surgery because I could not look at my self in the mirror anymore. My body was horrible, I couldn't wear a dress or anything else because I didn't like it. I was never happy with my body waiting for the day that will make my life change. I... READ MORE

Its Been a Long Journey to Get Flat but I May Finally Get There with Dr.Mallol - Dominican Republic

I am so excited to go to Dr. Mallol for lipo. I'm scheduled to lipo of the stomach, back, flank, and armpits and possibly my chin along with BBL. I already found a place to do the electro pulse therapy, and the drainage massage. I just have to go get the supplies and some Arnica gel. Its been... READ MORE

Mother of 3 Children, 39th Years Old, from Brooklyn NY - Dominican Republic, DO

After a lot of research I have decided to go with Dr. Robles. My cousin had her surgery on August 2015 and I was convinced. Had my doubts at first because I kept only seeing Tummy tuck work. I do think she does more Tummy tuck than anything else, but then when I saw my cousin body I was... READ MORE

Botched Job - Tampa, FL

My stomach is discusting, I'm so depressed about it I can't wear a bikini, I had 20 massages done, I have tried everything, the bottom line is they don't know how to lipo sculpture, I gain weight for a bbl and trust me it was a waste of fat and time, They do Not know how to do bbl, they r not... READ MORE

Thanks to Art Lipo I Don't Have "Mom" Arms Anymore! - Tampa, FL

After years of taking care of everyone else it is now time to take of me. I have begun the first step in my journey with "Celebrity Arm Liposculpture" with Dr Thomas Su. I inherited my mother's heavy arms and I've frequently voice this complaint to her, and she always responds with "Just be... READ MORE

41 Year Old Women - Manhattan NY

It will b 1 year into my surgery for Dr Shaine.. I went a few weeks ago to see him because my stomach is not looking right at all.. My stomach is disfigured n I have lumps n lines as u can see.. He told me yes it is because I was not warning my Garment/Format, oh I even wear a BOOK Smfh I told... READ MORE

For Surgery You Need to Get in the Best Hands That is the Result - Colombia, CO

I wanted an operation lasting almost two years interviewing several surgeons, with fear of procedure pain , but when I met Dr. Santiago Ruiz felt all the confidence and the exact 8 days decided to have surgery with and was the best , has a magical hands, left happy with results, not felt the... READ MORE

35. Colombia, CO

Tuve mi operacion con juan pablos robles y fui advertida y hize cado omiso y me arrepiento mil veces d averme ooerado con este cirujano me dejo un seno horrible la cual me da mucho dolor y la cicatriz y el abdomen con un chichon que nunka se me ah ido y volvi donde el y el trato y la comida horrible READ MORE

29years Old - Dominican Republic

Well, the reason I choose to do the liposculpture is because i didn't like how i look. I wanted hips that goes with body,a more butt, and a flat adomino. Now I feel happy with the work the doctor did. Dr.Emmunuel mallol made my ideas come true to make me feel good with my body. now I have better... READ MORE

30 Years Old - Miami, Fl,

El dĂ­a miĂ©rcoles el Dr. Michael Rodriguez me hizo una lipoescultura , y estoy sumamente agradecida y feliz con los resultados , de hecho nunca habĂ­a visto un procedimiento tan profesional y con tanto detalle como este. Felicito a todo el staff mĂ©dico (Dr. RodrĂ­guez. Richard, MarilĂșs, Adona... READ MORE

42 Years Old Female from Houston, Texas - Colombia

Best doctor ever. I would highly recommend Dr. Dario Felipe Cabello, MD, both he and his staff were very professional and accommodating, they make you feeling like at home and part of the family. I am going back next year to have my breast procedure . The photos that I am attached are after a... READ MORE

Finally Able to Show my Legs! - Tampa, FL

Since someone made a comment about my "cankles" almost 20 years ago, I have his my legs in shame. I NEVER wore shorts no matter how hot it was, I literally hated my legs. I'm a size 6 now but even at a 2 my ankles were always huge. I researched surgery years ago and found no one, but recently... READ MORE

Liposculpture W/BBL No Infiltration of Fat. ONLY BUTT LIFT - Dominican Republic, DO

I Must say I have had the best experience with my very first Sx ever. I was unhappy of how I looked before, back love handles, belly fat and you name it. I decided to go to Jairo Ulerio in the Dominican Republic to get liposuction and only butt lift with no infiltration. My gluts have a good... READ MORE

Much Needed Liposuction Im So Happy with my Results Dr Raul Gongora is the Best!!!!! - Tijuana, MX

I was chubby and didnt feel sexy anymore i swear right now i feel like im in my 20s again hahah!! all thanks to the great Dr Raul Gongora he is very kind and has the best clinic in Tijuana!! Hope everyone can see his results He even ask me if my pictures could be uploaded to his Facebook page... READ MORE

If Life Gives You Lemons, a Simple Surgery Can Give You Melons!

Hello ladies, I'm a 29 year old female from Brooklyn. I'm looking to get lipo on my lower and upper abs as well as my flanks and back/ roll area. I also want a fat transfer- but if I wake up with a big ass vixen butt I will be PISSED! Lol. I work with all white people so I don't want to come in... READ MORE

26yr Old 3 Kids and I Want my Waist Back - Tijuana, MX

Hello ladies so I'm 26 years old and I'm a mother of 3, my youngest is 4 and October of 2015 I started gaining weight, it might have been because I stopped taking birth control and I gained a heavy appetite. I'm 5'3 160lbs. I haven't been this big since I was 9 months pregnant with my first kid... READ MORE

It is Working! - Oregon City, OR

I also bought a groupon package for 6 treatments and I've had two. I massaged the heck out of my stomach after each one and drank lots of water and I already exercise hard. After each one I've noticed a huge difference. I've lost so much fat that my skin is actually sagging from the fast loss.... READ MORE

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