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Liposuction and liposculpture: What’s the difference? Ask doctors and they’ll say it’s all in the marketing language. Liposculpture uses liposuction to chisel out a specific part of the body, in many cases the abs. If you're looking to gain a six-pack in particular, this technique is also referred to as abdominal etching.
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Hello RealSelf dolls. this is my first review, I have commented and followed a few dolls but this is the first I have written a review. So I am 5'3 171 lbs. after I had my 4 year old my body never bounced back and it has become quit depressing to me. I never weighed more that 150 so the extra... READ MORE

Just wanted some info... still have not chosen a Doctor... I need a Doctor that is in the Santiago area... any one recommend anyone... I want a mommy make over & if possible a Brazilian buttlift.... I want to do it all lol... I'm a mom of 3 & done having kids. Im ready to be a sexy mama. I... READ MORE

I had the BEST experience with Dr. Jung at the Houston office. Channing the consultant was super friendly and made the entire process so easy and comfortable. I seriously felt like she was talking to me like a sister. Dr. Jung was friendly as well and has texted me several times checking in on... READ MORE

I choose Dr Yily because I've seen up close & person 3 of her Dolls who all 3 happen to be my blood relatives. They all look great! I'm so excited yet very nervous at the same time. I was kinda torn at first between Dr Cabral & Duran as well. I love the super snatched midsection results they... READ MORE

Hi girls been searching for approximately 3 years. Always cancelling or not deciding because of others opinions and my husband not wanting me to do this. At this point in my life I want to do things for me; so I can feel good. Had my daughter when I was 18yrs old and my son 4 yrs after. I think... READ MORE

Totally healthy male. Wanted to get rid of belly post cool sculpture and have abs and breast fat reduction with gyneocomastia tissue removal. Wanted this to be part of my new life pre 50. I will continue to exercise but ready for the change. I've had many surgeries over the years because I... READ MORE

I contemplated lipo for a long time. I was scared of the procedure and the recovery. I considered many doctors and was planning on having it done in Miami because I thought that doctors there were creating the shape I was looking for. I live in Denver and met with doctors here and ended up... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck and Breast lift in July of 2012 in Miami, FL at Vanity cosmetics. I wasn't aware of these types of sites and truly didn't do my research. For what they charged me, I could've gone to Cabral from the get-go and be truly happy about my results. My tummy tuck is fine, it's the... READ MORE

Dr. Derby is a very good doctor! I would recommend him to anyone! For he does a good job and always keep you up to date on whatsapp. Always wants to know how you doing etc, he is a very good doctor always ready to listen even for the stupidest questions he answers to! Please if want lipo get... READ MORE

I made an arms, back and abdomen liposuction, plus fat transfer  in the buttocks. In consultation and appointment previous to surgery (the day of full payment) they were all very friendly, they answered all my questions My surgery was scheduled for 7 am but the day before somebody ... READ MORE

Hoping to flatten my tummy, give myself a waist, and fill in the dents on my hips. Just had my consultation today. I've set the appointment for 2 weeks from now (!!) I'm discontinuing my ginko biloba, herbal supplements, and going in next week for my blood panel. Dr. Nikel was the doctor I met... READ MORE

This will be long, but let me start by saying that Dr. Jason Emer is on my very short list of 3 doctors I have met in my life who are the perfect package of skill, knowledge and compassion. His kind heart, combined with his skill and desire to keep up with cutting edge technology, makes him a... READ MORE

After searching on and off for over 2 years I decided to finally go through with the surgery at first I was going to do Lipo/BBL but I have enough butt hips so only Lipo I really want a well defined waist and stomach I have always had an insecurities about my mid-section as far as I can... READ MORE

I have a dilemma I'm between premium care in cartagena. And doctor Felipe Amaya in Bogota. please share your experience with me I'm going in for a full body sculpting breast augmentation and fat transfer to buttocks I really need to make up my mind by the end of this week to set up the date... READ MORE

I went in to see Dr Emer to consult about getting liposuction and he convinced me that I would get amazing results with High definition lipo sculpturing. I always struggled with getting rid of belly fat and made the decision that's it's now or never. I went through the 6 hour surgery 2 days ago.... READ MORE

Hi Ladies !!!!!! I am new to RS and would appreciate anyone's advice and insight on sx in DR. A little about myself: I am 26 yrs old, college grad, professional, no children, engaged, and blessed to have wonderful friends and family. 5'3", 128 lbs. In between Baez, Disla Not sure why my... READ MORE

Hace unas semanas atrás me realice una liposucción en Bogotá Colombia con la Dra. Samira Solano con el cual quede totalmente satisfecho, es excelente Dra. El cual siempre fue bien atenta y dedicada a su labor, experta en el tema, súper responsable, con un buen quipo de trabajo preparados en tod... READ MORE

I am getting my upper and lower abs, back, flanks, and waist contoured. I originally lost around 32 lbs after I started running 4yrs ago. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 1 1/2yr ago and have gained the weight back. My goal is to attack my problem areas and get back to running.... READ MORE

So after about 5yrs of research and deciding wether to get it done I've finally made the leap.. I'm very excited and nervous! I've been for my initial consult a month ago and everyone was very lovely and welcoming :) Only my fiancé knows I'm getting the procedure done, he doesn't think I need ... READ MORE

I wanted to have my lipo since last year but I was afraid to actually do it. A friend recommend me Dr. Eusebio and I contact him. He always answered my emails, some times fast others he took a while, but I understand he was busy. Then he gave me his whatsapp number so communication became... READ MORE

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How much does Liposculpture cost?

The typical cost for Liposculpture ranges from $2,500-$8,084 with an average cost of $5,200. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 706 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more