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Like liposuction, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. The difference is that liposculpture typically involves removing or leaving fat in specific areas to create the appearance of muscle definition. When performed on the abs, this technique is commonly referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE >

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Dec. 29, 2015 Lipedema, Liposculpture of the whole leg - San Antonio, TX

Have not had this done yet, I am preparing for surgery. I flew to Houston to meet with Dr. Fisher and I am very excited to be having this finally done. Dr. Fisher feels I am a good candidate to have this type of procedure done and that I should have a great outcome. It has been a long road to... READ MORE

21 Yr Old Calf and Ankle Liposculputre - Roswell, GA

I've always had larger calves and ankles and finally decided to do something about it. I went into this procedure not knowing a whole lot about the recovery. A week post op and the swelling is unbearable. My ankles are so enormous and hurt when I walk. My backside of legs are so tender. The... READ MORE

Asthmatic ,39 Years with 4 Kids I Want my Body Back - Dominican Republic

My dream is actually gonna come true!!! i am getting my procedures with Dr Emmanuel Mallol he is very help full and understanding very sweet i am very nervous because i am asthmatic but he has a pulmonologist the i will be seen before the procedure other than that i am ready very scare tho... READ MORE

Ultrasound Liposcultpture/Butt Implants/Ab Etching/Chin Lipo. Colombia, CO

Hey Guys, This is my first review so I want to share my journey about going to Colombia for Surgery. I have breast implants 275cc high profile, done in greenwood village in 2009 by Dr. Millard - fantastic job and very natural mentor cohesive gel. I also currently have 275cc type 3, size 2... READ MORE

Looking for the Sexy Doll Inside Me. Mexico, MX

Hi chikas !! i been looking for doctor 2 years and finally find one and guess what i found it where i start i research all doctors in tijuana mexico sinaloa and chihuahua !!! I think im gonna go for doctor Rogelio Reza im very pikyyyyy so until my appointmet face to face i will decide if not i... READ MORE

32,4 Kids Love my Result - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Emer was amazing throughout the whole process. Made me feel very comfortable! I traveled 7 hours to see him for the procedure and was the best decision I pups have made. After having children my skin sagged and had difficult fat on my legs that would not come off with excersize. He was able... READ MORE

2nd Time Around with TriSculpt - Houston, TX

So, I had a TT and lipo to my flanks back in October. 2015. I knew my arms would be next HOWEVER I did not that God awful cut along my arms. I went in for a consultation at Sono Bello in Houston on Friday and lucky me they had an opening the next day. The "awake" process was totally cool to me.... READ MORE

Mom in Need of Getting Her Body Back in DR

I have been planning to go to DR to get plastic surgery every since I heard about the great results. There I got quotes from 3 other doctors that are very popular in DR. One day my friend told me I should try getting a quote from doctor Leon. He was very nice on the phone and we spoke for 30... READ MORE

27 Years Old 4 Kids Youngest 16 Month - Dominican Republic

Before i had my kid i was slim n curvy now am overweight n with love handles n more with my last pregnancy i did not gain way opposite i lost a lot of it but after depot shot went from 187 to 237 pounds now weigh now 210 trying to loose more at least 40 pounds it hard but cant go on sx with this... READ MORE

Horrible Liposuction/ Disfigurement - Miami, FL

This was the worst investment I ever made. I trusted this doctor thinking he was a professional and caring doctor but with my body and he destroyed it. I also felt uncomfortable with him because he asked me to get completely naked to take pictures of my body but I don't understand why I had to... READ MORE

41 Year Old 4 Kids, I Wanted a More Contour Body - Dominican Republic, DO

I consult with Dr Sesto about 3 year's ago, but waited until this year bc I was a bit scare about going to the Dominican, but le me told you I'm more then please that I made the choice to go with him, his the best Dr, in every aspect, you can't go wrong with choosing Dr Sesto,his amazing at what... READ MORE

3 Days Until my Lipo with Dr. Pantoja!! - Mexico, MX

I will be getting lipo on my tummy , back and arms. Feeling nervous and anxious about my procedure:/ recently started feeling this way after reading a few old/negative reviews. Only 3 days away. I will be staying over night and coming home on Friday morning. The staff has been super nice and... READ MORE

Celebrity Arms! - Tampa, FL

I have always hated my arms. I have had them liposuctioned before and didn't have a good result. Then had then revised that left me with a dent in the back of my left arm. Doctor said there wasn't anything else he could for me so I looked and looked and ran across Dr. Su. His work is amazing! ... READ MORE

32 Years Old 2 Kids. BBL, TT and Lipo - Santo Domingo DR

Hello ladies I have done so much research and decided to go with Dr.Robles. I am so excited and can not wait. I have had insecurities with my body shape since I was a teen and dislike to look at myself. after 2 years of finally convincing my husband to give me his blessing on getting this done ... READ MORE

46 Year Old with 80 Year Old Arms and jowls- Tampa, FL

My arms have always been my nemesis. I admit that I could have spent more time with the weights, but I am not genetically predisposed to build muscle easily so it was frustrating, especially since there was a layer of fat hiding any bit of progress I was making. I read about Dr. Su and after... READ MORE

Lipo and Bbl in Cali Colombia - Colombia, CO

So i decided to do it after struggling to loss my belly fat and as i was going Colombia to visit friends and family i did my research on doctors as well. The only down side of trip was stay at Casa Arma where the owner is horrible and is keep on coming up with extra charges. Best bit- Sara... READ MORE

Liposculpture Front and Back - Dominican Republic, DO

Already paid the deposit and have a travel buddy going to get liposculpture of full front and full back and arms . Wanted to know if anyone else had only liposculpture what was you pain level like how fast did you heel how long is necessary to take off work can I fly back to California after... READ MORE

So I Guess I Am Getting Liposuction on Saturday Lol - Miami, FL

Last Thursday I reached out to Vanity Cosmetics through RS. Jesse called me back on Friday and left a message. I called her back on Monday. I live in Miami to do a consultation but I have hear about the wait time so I decided to an email consult. I had to keep calling and calling to get a... READ MORE

Early-30s Male, Active/fit, but Couldn't Get Rid of Stubborn Bodyfat. Beverly Hills, CA

I was a former fat kid, and became physically active later in life. I workout daily, eat reasonably well, etc. However, I couldn't get rid of stubborn, old fat spots and love handles. So, after much deliberation and research, decided to seek liposculpture. I knew of Dr Emer from friends who... READ MORE

Unhappy with Arm Lipo - Greensburg, PA

I had lipo preformed on my upper arms in 2012. To help tone, sculpt. It never looked good, and as the years have passed ( going on 3 now ) My arms look terrible. The outer part of my arms have dents, hard to tell in this picture, but is is very obvious when there is over head lighting... READ MORE

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