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Liposuction and liposculpture: What’s the difference? Ask doctors and they’ll say it’s all in the marketing language. Liposculpture uses liposuction to chisel out a specific part of the body, in many cases the abs. If you're looking to gain a six-pack in particular, this technique is also referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE ›

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I looking to look like a Barbie ... Small small waists , deep Lower back and a nice natural looking butt . I have a nice shape but lost my butt after my third child not too mention after gained 40 pound requested by doctor lol Im feeling fat and liku sponge bob square yuck!!! Im praying I... READ MORE

I was able to meet with Dr. Hughes and his office staff on October 27th. The entire staff all were great and very friendly- you couldn't ask for nicer people. Dr. Hughes was very personable, took his time and answered all my questions and even answered some I didn't ask. Although his rate is... READ MORE

What a year it's been...I received a mommy makeover in late July 2014 which included a breast reduction, lift and extended tummy tuck. This March, I plan to return to TJ for my surgeons, Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes & Dr. Jacqueline Aragon address some stubborn hypertrophic scarring and to do some... READ MORE

I had sx on Sept 14 with Dr Alder Henao, tt,bbl,lipo,lips and bl with implants. I would love to share my journey so here I go! I was in Cali 4 14 day's after my sx. A week after my sx I started to notice a dark color on my incision's. I have been a smoker 4 over 15 years. Henao told me that all... READ MORE

It will b 1 year into my surgery for Dr Shaine.. I went a few weeks ago to see him because my stomach is not looking right at all.. My stomach is disfigured n I have lumps n lines as u can see.. He told me yes it is because I was not warning my Garment/Format, oh I even wear a BOOK Smfh I told... READ MORE

I'm Schuled with dr Harold Paz in Cali Columbia June 9 2015, I have seen his work personally and it's amazing. But I'm so scared of traveling abroad for surgery but I need lipo ' ???? a good lipo I was considering my first doctor or dr fisher but I don't know ! I had lipo on my lower abdomen and... READ MORE

I 'm 40, I'm from Montreal (Canada) and I live with lipedema (stage 2) legs and arms. To treat me, in October 2015, I made liposuctions with Dr. Jason Emer . This doctor just saved my emotional and physical life. I chose him because I knew he was young, liberal, aggressive to treat the disease... READ MORE

I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Gustavo. My initial consultation was great, he was very patient and thorough going over my concerns and what he thought is best for me. I had a previous tummy tuck and lipo and fat transfer into my buttocks over 5 years ago and I hated the... READ MORE

I wasn't so sure about Dr S, I Know he is a legend and i carried out a lot of research but i was not so sure if he could give me what i needed, ultimately it comes down to personal preference and also your gut, the doctor assured me that he would put my health first and not put me in danger in... READ MORE

I have been searching R.S. for about a week now for a doctor. I have finally decided to go with Dr. Fisher at Vanity in Miami. He had such great reviews and work is really nice. I am about 5'1 and 161 lbs. I recently had a baby about 15 months ago and am really trying to get rid of this extra... READ MORE

Sorry to hear those who have had bad results but I was great with me Dr. Raul Gongora apart from treating me like a princess in her clinic, and I am seeing the results I am getting happier ! I divorced recently and this has really helped me get my confidence and I'm starting to use more up tight... READ MORE

After searching for many surgeons in Bogota, I've decided to go with Dr. Juris. I have to say both him and Dr. Lancheros are great in responding back right away, they offer great insight when you ask questions, they take a close look at your pictures and answer truthfully as to what you need. ... READ MORE

Hey Dolls, I'm new here. So Im trying ask and know any and everything there is to for my journey. I looking to get a bbl, tt, lips (arms, back, thighs) and a breast lift or reduction. I got two quotes for depending on which road I choose to go 4800 or 6200 . My girlfriend and I are planning our... READ MORE

After losing 90lbs, I'm ready to finalize my journey. There are moments I try envision myself post-op and grow anxious. Other times, I think "what am I thinking"? Is this mere vanity? In the end, I've decided it's okay to take care of me, even if it is mere vanity. I've spent a lot of... READ MORE

Staff was very nice. Had a little misunderstanding that was quickly resolved. Liposculpture on the abdomen, bra fat and flanks. Although they claim the procedure is painless I did experience pain especially in the lower abdomen ( which was alot of fat stored) but overall I am satisfied and I... READ MORE

I'm aiming for Dr. Duran to fix these aggressive fat in my tummy, and bring a miracle. I've been looking into getting a liposulpture when I realized that I don't have the same body as I once did 10 years ago.. I'm not overweight, and still look good in clothes, but when I'm naked, that's another... READ MORE

As stated, I am 20 years old, with no kids. I am graduating college with my Bachelors degree in December 2015, and I am hoping to go to the DR after the holidays as my grad gift. I am 5'3, 155lbs. A lot of people say I wear my weight well (rolls eyes) but they don't understand what I go through... READ MORE

First of all i came upon this web site month ago while i had a couple issues with my procedures and i was too embarrassed or just wanted extra knowledge of what was happening to me. on that note here is my story i live in nyc and im 23 yrs old I've always been skinny i even remember it was... READ MORE

All my life I've got Cankles, I think It's probably Lipodema, but no one doctor told me it's true. 3 weeks ago, I had an Hidrolipoclasy, it's similiar to a tumescent liposuction. The Dc Inject a serum and then a laser which drestroy th fat cels and finally they get absorbed by a thiny canula... READ MORE

For years and years, my thighs have troubled me. I am short and have always been petite, but my thighs hang onto most of the fat, which makes me look shorter and stumpy. I want and am hoping to have slimmer, better contoured legs that lengthen me and even out my proportions. I am getting the... READ MORE

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