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Like liposuction, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. The difference is that liposculpture typically involves removing or leaving fat in specific areas to create the appearance of muscle definition. When performed on the abs, this technique is commonly referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE >

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Lipo...hurts Like a Bi#/×!!!!! - Miami, FL

I've had breast reduction, breast implants, tummy tuck...nothing hurt more then this lipo....ooouuucchhh!!!! Other surgeries I just took Tylenol I don't really like taking anything else...the pain wasn't too bad with the other provedures..but this one is no joke... Wish I would have woke up... READ MORE

38 gained 50 stubborn lbs from the Mirena

After several consultations and reviews on docs. I found Dr.Assassa was well trained in many aspects and techniques whether aesthetics or lipo. He teaches procedures to others and has knowledge of different techniques from all over the world. In addition the pricing was very reasonable. READ MORE

34yr, Never Could Lose That Fat - CancĂșn, MX

I have tried gym and diets but I could never stay motivated enough to do it for months in a row. Which then always resulted in frustration and very bad moods. It was painful, but worth it. One advise I would give anybody: don't fly too soon after. Take more time to heal than 7 days if possible...... READ MORE

20 Years Old. 21 in April. NO KIDS.

I wanted lipo due to the ugly stomach I had. I decided to finally go for it. Today is the second day after the surgery. I got my lipo on a Wednesday & today is Friday. Yesterday was kind of harder than today. I noticed that today it is a bit easier but I'm still recovering. I already see a... READ MORE

Dr Sacristan - Cali, Colombia

Very anxious !! So I have done research for the past two years trying to figure out who I should do my surgery with. I fell in love with dr. Sacristans work and his reviews. I've tried to open my options but I don't feel as comfortable as I am with dr HS work. Now, I am leaving to Colombia... READ MORE

41 , 3 Kids , Liposculpture

I have a relatively small frame but always had a problem with my hips as they don't match my upper body .. I have been thinking of Lipo for a very long time and went to see around 6 doctors in the past 10 years or so but always had cold feet . I want to get rid of the extra hanging part and some... READ MORE

40 Yo Mother of 2 Lipo & BBL + Breast Lift with Implants...FUTURE Bella of Mallol - Dominican Republic

I am so excited! I finally made a decision Dr. Emmanuel Mallol is going to be my surgeon. After all the reviews and speaking with his staff I'm sure he's the one! Deposit is paid now on to book a date! I'm thinking more towards the Fall...what do you guys think?! I will be getting Lipo & BBL and... READ MORE

I Just Want my Body Back!!! - Dominican Republic

So I'm not the average. I'm not looking to become a doll. I once had the cutest shape and before 3 children. I just just want my cute shape back. I've been up and down on my weight and I've finally decided to do something for me. After researching a couple different doctors I've decided to go to... READ MORE

24 No Kids Striving for a Flat Tummy - Roseville, CA

I've always been on the thick side in a flattering way but my tummy was never flattering to me. I have a curvy body with a big round butt but over the past year my stomach has grown out of control due to poor diet and not seeing inside of a gym as much as I used to. Plus loads of stress! I have... READ MORE

Active 37 Year Old Female Liposculpture Front and Back of Arms

Despite having an active and relatively healthy lifestyle I have been unable to decrease the size of my arms. I always felt self-conscious in photos and struggled to find long-sleeves that fit. I chose to do liposculpture on my inner and outer arm which resulted in losing approximately 2... READ MORE

Consultation: Dr Fisher May Be the Best but His Office Staff Sucks - Miami, FL

I really wanted liposcultping done on my legs/inner thighs mainly and heard Dr Fisher was the best. So I contacted his office via email and received a response very quickly. I spoke at first with Yesenia (I think she is actually the one I spoke with that I wasn't happy with but I'm not totally... READ MORE

43 Year Old Female - Texarkana, TX

I had lipo on my stomach 10 weeks ago and it looks deformed my skin now looks like it belongs to a 90 year old woman and there is lumps and indentions everywhere. It has ruined myrelationship and my life! It's now been a miserable 5 months and I have tried lymphatic massages and am now going... READ MORE

45 days after liposculture

This how i look now I'm very happy, I'm still swollen, but it's still going down little by little, but I do not have any pain and I feel happy.The best thing is that I never felt pain in the whole process and I was able to reintegrate myself from work. READ MORE

25 Year Old, 1 Kid, Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposculpture - Dominican Republic, DO

Ever since I was a teenager I always imagined myself looking like an exotic barbie doll. I'm Dominican and Puerto Rican and I always had junk in the trunk but I always wanted more. After I had my son my breasts grew and my butt was humongous. It looked perfect! But after I gave birth my body... READ MORE

VELILLA, Uncompasionate and Unprofessional Internal Medicine Doctor. - Miramar, FL

I got my liposuction with CESAR VELILLA, as I said before he does not deserve to be called "DOCTOR VELILLA. It took me long time to tell my story. The scars that I had from this bad procedure are smaller compared to the nightmare I had on surgery. VELILLA requested additional money when I... READ MORE

My Liposculpture - I am 23 with no kids

I've been always very insecure about my waist and my butt. I had a thick waist and a boyish-looking butt, I felt like I had good volume on the center of my butt but almost none on the sides. I wanted a rounded and feminine butt and a small waist. I always dreamed of getting this procedure. I'm... READ MORE

Liposculpture to inner thighs, abs and backs of arms

Ive wanted lipo for as long as I can remember, Im almost 5'11 and everyone in my family is over 80kgs although I wouldnt say anyone is obese. I've always had binge tendancies but devloped Binge eating disorder after trauma when I was 16 and hit a size 22. Through diet and exercise (and trying to... READ MORE

28 No Kids First Time with Mallol!

Hello! First of all thank God for all of you ladies who have done this before me and posted your experiences. Your insight is so helpful and I am so grateful. After a few months of research I decided to go with Mallol. I haven't really been worried up until now since I've read so many good... READ MORE

24 Year Old That Always suffered with the lovehandles issue :(

Hi, I'm leaving at Guadalajara, Mexico at the moment and I do 3 days a week strenght and cardio exercise but the love handles are always there. I am 5'5 and 130 lbs. I have thought about doing lipo but I was quite scared and I was quite sure if I kept doing exercise and eating healthy they would... READ MORE

36 yr. old mother of 3. going for full body aggressive lipo and bbl, possibly TT also. with Dr. Duran

Hello RealSelf dolls. this is my first review, I have commented and followed a few dolls but this is the first I have written a review. So I am 5'3 171 lbs. after I had my 4 year old my body never bounced back and it has become quit depressing to me. I never weighed more that 150 so the extra... READ MORE

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