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Like liposuction, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. The difference is that liposculpture typically involves removing or leaving fat in specific areas to create the appearance of muscle definition. When performed on the abs, this technique is commonly referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE >

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London girl going to DR for that dream bod.

Trying to find the right doctor for the right procedure, right now I'm torn between Dr Cabral, Rodriguez in DR, Manon, and Henao. So initially I was very sure it was going to be Dr Cabral, regardless of the horror stories and the controversy that surrounds his work, cos I loved the results he... READ MORE

Mallol Doll/ Breast Reduction with Implants.

Hello ladies! You may be wondering... why I would get a breast reduction and add implants, well here is why.. I want my breast to have a nice full look to it after the reduction is done. I want it to have a beautiful shape, as oppose to.... sagged breast with the nipple replaced to make it look... READ MORE

25 with 2 Children Soon to Be LLORENTE DOLL 03/31/2017 - Miami, FL

I did my research and I was initially going to go with Dr.Calva...But after looking at several doctors work as well as pricing I decided on Dr.Llorente. I'm currently 177lb 33.8 Dr.Llorente did advise that I lose 20lbs but I'm aiming for 10-15lbs since my surgery is a month away... He was very... READ MORE

Dr. Velilla...30 Year Old Mom of 2, Ready to Have my Curves Back

Hi Ladies, So after hours and hours of researching Dr's in Tampa & Miami, I decided on having my lipo procedure done with Dr. Cesar Velilla in Miramar, FL. My surgery is 4/19, my experience so far has been awesome. I was hesitant at first with reading some of the bad reviews on the office... READ MORE

21 Yr Old, No Kids, Wanting the "Perfect Body"! - Santo Domingo, DO

Hi ladies!! I invited you to my SX journey. I've been following sx lipo + BBL posts since like 2014! LOL. And now my time has finally come! I've been seriously looking into getting this sx and I've decided to do it with Dr. Ramon Rodriguez Estrella. My mom and two of my aunts have gotten TT +... READ MORE

28, with Dr Villalobos - Cali, CO

Also bbl. ...,,,Leaving April 19 , surgery on April the 21st Leaving from NYC. He was referred to me by my coworker (nurse ) whom also know 2 other ppl whom has work with him. Great reviews haven't found any negative comments.looked into many doctors in Miami and D.R . And hit may walls. He... READ MORE

Dr Robles subpar terrible results regret not seeing yily or duran as I originally planned

Seeking a nurse for 24 hr care that does massages or a nurse massage team. Or a RH that offers nurse care, personal private nurse and massage package or ... receptive to all suggestions and referrals. .I also want recommendations on traveling back, and medication. I am bringing my own meds from... READ MORE

Much Needed Lipo!!!!

Well I want to say that my doctor Mallol was the best! My bff told me about a doctor in the DR that will shape me good! I was scared about going out of the country and was still trying to decide between there and Miami! Well after much research I knew for what I wanted only Dr. Mallol was the... READ MORE

Scheduled with dr campos now!! :)

I am scheduled for Circular Abdominoplasty (Circular Tummy Tuck) + Full Body Lipo + Fat Grafting to your Buttocks! :) I'm nervous but so excited to see the beautiful transformation!!! Doctor said to give 10% of my surgery cost to lock in my date but I will be giving more! God is good and... READ MORE

25y/o No Kids Want my Old Shape Back - Sugar Land, TX

After searching on and off for over 2 years I decided to finally go through with the surgery at first I was going to do Lipo/BBL but I have enough butt hips so only Lipo I really want a well defined waist and stomach I have always had an insecurities about my mid-section as far as I can... READ MORE

Full body liposculpture changed my life! 34 yo + 2 kids

I always dreamt to have lipo done in order to bring back my hourglass figure. I lost count of how many hours I spent here browsing and supporting another women through comments. Got myself thinking ~lots of times~ about "how is it going to be when the person going under a procedure is me?" And... READ MORE

Stubborn Baby Fat Wanted It to Be Removed - Dominican Republic

If you're staying in a hotel only Don't trust no one when it comes to money the hotels there will order your medications for you for free and you get a discount . don't let the drivers do it i'm saying this to say I live and I've learned from my experiments and going alone other than that I... READ MORE

44 and Ready to Start over Again! - Dominican Republic, DO

My sister and I have decided to go at this together and we're both scared, anxious, excited and just ready to get these bodies on the roll!! I'm really hoping to get my sexy back. Ready for my waist to be snatched and booty to be banging. We will begin our journey on April 10th to do our lab... READ MORE

50+YO Grandma Brought Her Sexy Back

A friend recommended Dr Mallol. She has fantastic work done by him recently. I am 2 weeks out and am excited and nervous. I've read many reviews and am confident that this is going to be an amazing journey. Anyone going the first week in April? 11 Days PreOp - Getting a little anxious now.... READ MORE

24 Yo No Kids - Rid Myself of Back Rolls! - Dominican Republic, DO

I know how to lose weight and I've lost weight in the past but no matter how many times I lost weight I remained with love handles and back rolls that I despised. This was my last intent in losing weight, getting the look I wanted, so I can enjoy my body and maintain my new image. My surgeon... READ MORE

Soon to Be Cabral Doll April 17th Need a SX Buddy

Hey guys so I decided to write on here after doing research for 8 years... lol I know it's been a long time and I'm finally ready. I chose Dr. Cabral. I'm getting lipo, fat transfer to hips only. I already have a nice butt but I wouldn't mind if he touches it either. So I'm going to be there for... READ MORE

Trying to Get my Body Back - Dominican Republic, DO

I've gained a lot of weight over the years and I'm not happy with my body. I just wanna get my groove back! I only started researching for about two months but yily really stuck out to me. I have been watching her work and her dolls just have this sexy dainty look to them that I want to have... READ MORE

Round 2, This Time with Dr Mallol, Hoping for Better Results This Time! - Dominican Republic

Hello dolls. I'm here again this time getting ready for round 2 with dr Mallol. I didn't get as flat as I thought I should have gotten with my tummy tuck and so I'm hoping this time will be better. I'm also getting a breast reduction with a lift which is something I'm really excited about that!... READ MORE

Always Been Told That I Have a Pretty Face , But..... - Dominican Republic

I'm 29 years old and have always been told "wow, your so pretty, but if your body could only match your face"... So, I've decided on doing Lipo(abdomen, back, sides, waist, thighs, arms)+ Brazilian Butt Lift + Breast Implants and a Tummy Tuck. And I've decided that this is going to happen in... READ MORE

33 Year Old Kids - Arm, Chin, Tummy Microsculpting

What should I expect in regards to inches/pounds lost after having microsculpting on my chin, arms and abdomen in addition to a breast lift augmentation. I'm a mother of 3 that has always struggled with weight and body image. I'm currently 5'8 and 180 pounds. I work out and eat healthy but... READ MORE

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