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Like liposuction, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. The difference is that liposculpture typically involves removing or leaving fat in specific areas to create the appearance of muscle definition. When performed on the abs, this technique is commonly referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE >

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Turning 30 in March. Liposculpture with Natural Breast Augmentation - Miami, FL

I am 29, 5'5", 162 lbs, and 29% body fat with an hourglass shape. I just paid my deposit today. I've been researching either getting a BBL, lipo 360, or a natural breast augmentation as I want a smaller waistline with hourglass curves but nothing exaggerated. My problem area is my midsection and... READ MORE

Excited but Nervous!!!!

Excited but nervous to become a Fisher doll. I'm 5'6"current weight is 180 trying to et done to 170 by my sx date. I did my research for a year and deside that Dr. Fisher would be the one that will give me the results am looking for. The staff at Eres are awesome. Very helpful and answer every... READ MORE

London girl going to DR for that dream bod.

Trying to find the right doctor for the right procedure, right now I'm torn between Dr Cabral, Rodriguez in DR, Manon, and Henao. So initially I was very sure it was going to be Dr Cabral, regardless of the horror stories and the controversy that surrounds his work, cos I loved the results he... READ MORE

Airsculpt of full abdomen and lower back

I went in for a consultation today thinking that a consult was all I would be doing. I've been thinking about getting lipo for the longest time ever and after reading reviews and researching places all over Houston, Elite Body Sculpture was the best I found. No pain, no needles, no anesthesia,... READ MORE

25 Yo Old and a Cali, CO Doll(Dr L. Franco)

About 8 months ago, I came across photos from a thread on LSA. From there, I was lead to here and shortly after, the surgery ig community. My body is what I consider average, but with the help of my doc I'm hoping I'll have  a slim curvy physique. I stumbled across Dr Lilian Franco from... READ MORE

I'm Ready to Look Banging ! - Dominican Republic

Hello everyone! I am a 21 year old ready too look snatched! I'm heading down to DR with my sister and our close friend and we all are getting lipo+bbl! I'm interviewing a couple of doctors down there and so far Dr. Emmanuel Mallol Cotes has my attention. He's so responsive and he's actually... READ MORE

Almost 30, Finally Getting New Nose and Lipo - Cali, CO

Hi all! I have followed so many journeys on RS in the last year. Seeing success stories and hearing how much happier people are after surgery gave me the confidence to finally go after my own little vain dreams lol. At least that's what some people are calling it... IDGAF. I had to book out a... READ MORE

Excited About Liposculpture or Liposuction - Sunrise, FL

I've done my tummy tuck with lipo & breast reduction w/ lift I'm so HAPPY with my results I just doing my FINAL procedure ???? I've had my tummy done at South Florida Cosmetics in broward $3500 I believed by Dr.Friedman My breast Lift w/ Reduction at Encore Cosmetics $3400 By Dr. Omalepu... READ MORE

Trying to Get my Body Back - Dominican Republic, DO

I've gained a lot of weight over the years and I'm not happy with my body. I just wanna get my groove back! I only started researching for about two months but yily really stuck out to me. I have been watching her work and her dolls just have this sexy dainty look to them that I want to have... READ MORE

Mallol 2017- Liposculpture

Hey- So i've finally decided to take a dip into the surgery world. I'm scheduled for liposculpture only with Dr. Mallol in just two weeks!! I first contacted him on 1/13/17 so everything has moved pretty fast so far... Though, I have noticed a decrease in communication over the last week or so... READ MORE

Lipo...hurts Like a Bi#/×!!!!! - Miami, FL

I've had breast reduction, breast implants, tummy tuck...nothing hurt more then this lipo....ooouuucchhh!!!! Other surgeries I just took Tylenol I don't really like taking anything else...the pain wasn't too bad with the other provedures..but this one is no joke... Wish I would have woke up... READ MORE

Lipo and BBL Valetines Day Gift from Hubby

Here i come!! 29 Days pre-op- I have been searching since last year for a doctor to do my lipo and BBL. DR. Molina has really stood out for me. I have been following him on IG and I really really like his work. I know someone that went to him for the same surgery and her results were phenomenal... READ MORE

38 gained 50 stubborn lbs from the Mirena

After several consultations and reviews on docs. I found Dr.Assassa was well trained in many aspects and techniques whether aesthetics or lipo. He teaches procedures to others and has knowledge of different techniques from all over the world. In addition the pricing was very reasonable. READ MORE

25 with 2 Children Soon to Be LLORENTE DOLL - Miami, FL

I did my research and I was initially going to go with Dr.Calva...But after looking at several doctors work as well as pricing I decided on Dr.Llorente. I'm currently 177lb 33.8 Dr.Llorente did advise that I lose 20lbs but I'm aiming for 10-15lbs since my surgery is a month away... He was very... READ MORE

33 Year Old Kids - Arm, Chin, Tummy Microsculpting

What should I expect in regards to inches/pounds lost after having microsculpting on my chin, arms and abdomen in addition to a breast lift augmentation. I'm a mother of 3 that has always struggled with weight and body image. I'm currently 5'8 and 180 pounds. I work out and eat healthy but... READ MORE

34yr, Never Could Lose That Fat - CancĂșn, MX

I have tried gym and diets but I could never stay motivated enough to do it for months in a row. Which then always resulted in frustration and very bad moods. It was painful, but worth it. One advise I would give anybody: don't fly too soon after. Take more time to heal than 7 days if possible...... READ MORE

20 Years Old. 21 in April. NO KIDS.

I wanted lipo due to the ugly stomach I had. I decided to finally go for it. Today is the second day after the surgery. I got my lipo on a Wednesday & today is Friday. Yesterday was kind of harder than today. I noticed that today it is a bit easier but I'm still recovering. I already see a... READ MORE

Dr Sacristan - Cali, Colombia

Very anxious !! So I have done research for the past two years trying to figure out who I should do my surgery with. I fell in love with dr. Sacristans work and his reviews. I've tried to open my options but I don't feel as comfortable as I am with dr HS work. Now, I am leaving to Colombia... READ MORE

41 , 3 Kids , Liposculpture

I have a relatively small frame but always had a problem with my hips as they don't match my upper body .. I have been thinking of Lipo for a very long time and went to see around 6 doctors in the past 10 years or so but always had cold feet . I want to get rid of the extra hanging part and some... READ MORE

40 Yo Mother of 2 Lipo & BBL + Breast Lift with Implants...FUTURE Bella of Mallol - Dominican Republic

I am so excited! I finally made a decision Dr. Emmanuel Mallol is going to be my surgeon. After all the reviews and speaking with his staff I'm sure he's the one! Deposit is paid now on to book a date! I'm thinking more towards the Fall...what do you guys think?! I will be getting Lipo & BBL and... READ MORE

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