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Like liposuction, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. The difference is that liposculpture typically involves removing or leaving fat in specific areas to create the appearance of muscle definition. When performed on the abs, this technique is commonly referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE >

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50+YO Grandma Bringing Sexy Back

A friend recommended Dr Mallol. She has fantastic work done by him recently. I am 2 weeks out and am excited and nervous. I've read many reviews and am confident that this is going to be an amazing journey. Anyone going the first week in April? 11 Days PreOp - Getting a little anxious now.... READ MORE

Turning 30 in March. Liposculpture with Natural Breast Augmentation - Miami, FL

I am 29, 5'5", 162 lbs, and 29% body fat with an hourglass shape. I just paid my deposit today. I've been researching either getting a BBL, lipo 360, or a natural breast augmentation as I want a smaller waistline with hourglass curves but nothing exaggerated. My problem area is my midsection and... READ MORE

Petite, 31 Year Old, Mom of 2.

Even though most of the surgeons's advice here was to get a tummy tuck I went ahead and got liposuction done, I didn't wanna be left with the scar and also didn't have that much extra skin to be cut anyway. So to my country Colombia I went, and met the best surgeon, he told me the pros and... READ MORE

Want my body back

My recovery is amazing. I am staying at Alba's Recovery and they are taking very good care of me. Dr. Villalobos has sent over all the required care information and they have followed as directed. Dr. Villalobos did an amazing job. READ MORE

Round 2, This Time with Dr Mallol, Hoping for Better Results This Time! - Dominican Republic

Hello dolls. I'm here again this time getting ready for round 2 with dr Mallol. I didn't get as flat as I thought I should have gotten with my tummy tuck and so I'm hoping this time will be better. I'm also getting a breast reduction with a lift which is something I'm really excited about that!... READ MORE

25 Yo Old and a Cali, CO Doll(Dr L. Franco)

About 8 months ago, I came across photos from a thread on LSA. From there, I was lead to here and shortly after, the surgery ig community. My body is what I consider average, but with the help of my doc I'm hoping I'll have  a slim curvy physique. I stumbled across Dr Lilian Franco from... READ MORE

Mallol 2017- Liposculpture

Hey- So i've finally decided to take a dip into the surgery world. I'm scheduled for liposculpture only with Dr. Mallol in just two weeks!! I first contacted him on 1/13/17 so everything has moved pretty fast so far... Though, I have noticed a decrease in communication over the last week or so... READ MORE

Soon to Be Snatched by Yily Feb 2017

Hey dolls so I've previously had a Bbl performed by dr Hassan at vanity cosmetics in Miami march 2014.. a lot has changed since although I am super happy with my juicy natural looking bum he didn't give me the snatched waist I dreamed for.. I tried everything from diets to detoxes to going hard... READ MORE

33 2 Kids Tummy tuck Extensive Liposculpture of Abdomen, Bra Line, Flanks, Lower Back

Ok so I have been researching over a year * have obtained quotes from Dr. Miami, Dr. Veilla, Dr. Plazas, Dr Robles, Dr. Blinski. I have narrowed it down to Dr. Veilla In Miami based on the fact that he does good work, his results look natural, and he is affordable. I really wanted Dr. Blinski... READ MORE

Colombia! A Life Transformation in Hands of Dr. Juris Lopez. - Bogota, Colombia

After having my third c-section in 2014 I knew I was done having kids and it was now my time to change. After my first preganancy in 2004 I had been through all kinds of diets and fitness plans, but nothing ever seemed to get rid of all the fat accumulated, and the more C-sections the more extra... READ MORE

25 with 2 Children Soon to Be LLORENTE DOLL - Miami, FL

I did my research and I was initially going to go with Dr.Calva...But after looking at several doctors work as well as pricing I decided on Dr.Llorente. I'm currently 177lb 33.8 Dr.Llorente did advise that I lose 20lbs but I'm aiming for 10-15lbs since my surgery is a month away... He was very... READ MORE

Full body liposculpture changed my life! 34 yo + 2 kids

I always dreamt to have lipo done in order to bring back my hourglass figure. I lost count of how many hours I spent here browsing and supporting another women through comments. Got myself thinking ~lots of times~ about "how is it going to be when the person going under a procedure is me?" And... READ MORE

Ready to Get Snatched

I am a busy mom/ student/ teacher/entrepreneur/ boss. I love my body. I feel beautiful and I'm blessed to have the ability to get rid of my stomach fat. I love my little booty and thick thighs. I just want my flat tummy back like before life got out of hand. I know it's easier to maintain fat... READ MORE

32 year old, no kids, and wanting my 20 yr old body and eye sight back !

I was considering my sisters surgeon Dr Sacristan... however he wanted to do a tt. I have no kidd... and i wanted to hold off on tt. I expressed my thoughts to mt beauty plug (Karen) and she connected me to Dr. Moreno. Dr Moreno was certain I did not need a tt so I ended my search there. READ MORE

Excited but Nervous!!!!

Excited but nervous to become a Fisher doll. I'm 5'6"current weight is 180 trying to et done to 170 by my sx date. I did my research for a year and deside that Dr. Fisher would be the one that will give me the results am looking for. The staff at Eres are awesome. Very helpful and answer every... READ MORE

40 Yrs Old

Need lipo on thighs, hips, arms, stomach. Staying at Dream Body Diva. Just arrived. Surgery tommorow. Had my dinner. Tired need my sleep. Waiting for Mallol's instructions. Have to be at the clinic at 6:30 a.m. I arrived in Punta Cana and got here at 5 p.m. Mallol said rest and we'll do tests in... READ MORE

28, with Dr Villalobos - Cali, CO

Also bbl. ...,,,Leaving April 19 , surgery on April the 21st Leaving from NYC. He was referred to me by my coworker (nurse ) whom also know 2 other ppl whom has work with him. Great reviews haven't found any negative comments.looked into many doctors in Miami and D.R . And hit may walls. He... READ MORE

36 and Wants to Look Athletic Again!

I'm super excited about this. I said I'll never go under the knife but I've been hitting the gym hard and it seems like the older I get the harder it is... I can't wait to start my journey! I'll be nervous but it's only temporary... I'm looking for a doctor that will get me those curves and... READ MORE

41 and after 3 kids... weight gain and loss... ready for a little help with lipo

Omg I'm freaking out! I just booked my plane to DR and it's now getting too real for me. I've been reading your posts and doing my research for a while now. I chose Dr Eusebio because of all of the doctors I had contacted, he was the only one that called me and took the time to talk about the... READ MORE

ACE Body Goals

Wish pics! Definitely Body Goals! I'm researching all areas before I decide on what procedure. I've been diagnosed with SLE for a few years now. I know a lot of Doctors will not operate on someone like me. But I'm not giving up, in the mean time I'm going to continue to eat healthy, take my... READ MORE

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