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Like liposuction, liposculpture is a surgical procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. The difference is that liposculpture typically involves removing or leaving fat in specific areas to create the appearance of muscle definition. When performed on the abs, this technique is commonly referred to as abdominal etching. LEARN MORE >

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Round 2, This Time with Dr Mallol, Hoping for Better Results This Time! - Dominican Republic

Hello dolls. I'm here again this time getting ready for round 2 with dr Mallol. I didn't get as flat as I thought I should have gotten with my tummy tuck and so I'm hoping this time will be better. I'm also getting a breast reduction with a lift which is something I'm really excited about that!... READ MORE

Female 40, Mother of 1 Had Previous Liposuction and Breast Implants - Morelia, México

I had a liposuction and breast implants in 2006 11 years ago. And the liposuction was uneven. I had so much pain from the breast implants that didn't have the courage to do anything else until now that I turned 40 and had a 40's crisis. I came to my hometown Morelia, México and did a research ... READ MORE

20 Years Old. NO KIDS.

I wanted lipo due to the ugly stomach I had. I decided to finally go for it. Today is the second day after the surgery. I got my lipo on a Wednesday & today is Friday. Yesterday was kind of harder than today. I noticed that today it is a bit easier but I'm still recovering. I already see a... READ MORE

Full Liposculpture in Cali Columbia

I am planning on having my procedure in Colombia, but keep reading mixed reviews about the whole experience. I was considering Dr. Juris Lopez based on his work as well as Dr. Carlos Recio although I have not been able to find as many before and after photos for Dr. Recio. Anyone had this... READ MORE

Much Needed Lipo!!!!

Well I want to say that my doctor Mallol was the best! My bff told me about a doctor in the DR that will shape me good! I was scared about going out of the country and was still trying to decide between there and Miami! Well after much research I knew for what I wanted only Dr. Mallol was the... READ MORE

25 Yo Old and a Cali, CO Doll(Dr L. Franco)

About 8 months ago, I came across photos from a thread on LSA. From there, I was lead to here and shortly after, the surgery ig community. My body is what I consider average, but with the help of my doc I'm hoping I'll have  a slim curvy physique. I stumbled across Dr Lilian Franco from... READ MORE

31 and It's About Time

I already have a really nice back, but I am so ready for a flat stomach and a more defined waistline, I have seen Dr. Velilla work and met one of his patient's post surgery and can't wait to get the procedure done, I'm getting lipo-sculpture of my upper back, bra-line, love handles, waist,... READ MORE

Early 40's beginning life again with a new look

Okay, Im at the first stage of my journey and so far so good. I was very skeptical going to the DR for surgery. Found 2 females from work who used Dr Yily De Los Santos. So I came to this site and read about her. Then went on You tube. Most reviews were good and my co workers look great. I... READ MORE

44 and Ready to Start over Again! - Dominican Republic, DO

My sister and I have decided to go at this together and we're both scared, anxious, excited and just ready to get these bodies on the roll!! I'm really hoping to get my sexy back. Ready for my waist to be snatched and booty to be banging. We will begin our journey on April 10th to do our lab... READ MORE

25 with 2 Children Soon to Be LLORENTE DOLL 03/31/2017 - Miami, FL

I did my research and I was initially going to go with Dr.Calva...But after looking at several doctors work as well as pricing I decided on Dr.Llorente. I'm currently 177lb 33.8 Dr.Llorente did advise that I lose 20lbs but I'm aiming for 10-15lbs since my surgery is a month away... He was very... READ MORE

Trying to Get my Body Back - Dominican Republic, DO

I've gained a lot of weight over the years and I'm not happy with my body. I just wanna get my groove back! I only started researching for about two months but yily really stuck out to me. I have been watching her work and her dolls just have this sexy dainty look to them that I want to have... READ MORE

23 Yrs Old, 1 Daughter! Ready for a Big Change!

So excited to meet Mallol! Im getting a breast lift with implants and Liposculpture. I also want to see about my chin! I've picked the Premium package so I will be staying in DR for 8 days in a Recovery! I'm hoping I get my dream body I think Mallol is going to do a great job,Pray for me Ladies... READ MORE

43 with One Child - Dominican Republic

Just can't deal with all this extra stuff everywhere ?? Looking to get a Lipo sculpture and breast augmentation/implants with Dr Luis Cordero. He responds quickly and his assistant is very sweet. I looked for his reviews here but there's very few. However, they're all positive reviews. Anybody... READ MORE

20 yrs old, No Kids, Cabral Barbie to be! - Santo Domingo, DO

Hi ladies!! I invited you to my SX journey. I've been following sx lipo + BBL posts since like 2014! LOL. And now my time has finally come! I've been seriously looking into getting this sx and I've decided to do it with Dr. Ramon Rodriguez Estrella. My mom and two of my aunts have gotten TT +... READ MORE

Headed to COLOMBIA !!!!

I've been doing my research for about 3 years now . I've looked at many doctors work and I've found bad , good & great doctors based on their patients results but nothing comes close to DR. CABRALS Work . I've been in the night life scene for about 4 years now . I've worked with bartenders,... READ MORE

I've Been Reading Reviews

I've been reading reviews on RS for a few months now, I'm 28 will be turning 29 soon, I'm 5'5 and weigh 163 pounds, currently I have no children. Growing up I was always skinny and never thought I would gain any weight. One day it all just hit me at once and never went away. I work out five... READ MORE


Hello ladies! You may be wondering... why I would get a breast reduction and add implants, well here is why.. I want my breast to have a nice full look to it after the reduction is done. I want it to have a beautiful shape, as oppose to.... sagged breast with the nipple replaced to make it look... READ MORE

Choosing a Recovery Home

Hello ladies, I'll get straight to the point. I'm scheduled with Dr. Mallol on 5/28/17. I was so close to canceling due to the lack of communication by his staff. I had to tell myself that they are overwhelmed with hundreds of requests. He was my only choice after extensive research. If i... READ MORE

Mallol 2017- Liposculpture

Hey- So i've finally decided to take a dip into the surgery world. I'm scheduled for liposculpture only with Dr. Mallol in just two weeks!! I first contacted him on 1/13/17 so everything has moved pretty fast so far... Though, I have noticed a decrease in communication over the last week or so... READ MORE

Mini TT, BBL, Liposculpture - Dominican Republic, DO

I just booked my flight and scheduled surgery for Sept 7th. I still have to decide on a recovery house to stay for a week but am leaning towards the serenity house. I am nervous already, yet excited. I am traveling from PA with my husband who has family out there. Do to a work injury I haven't... READ MORE

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