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Lipodissolve is not approved by the FDA. The treatment is designed to target fat cells, but its safety and efficacy has been questioned, especially by the FDA. LEARN MORE ›

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Lipodissolve, a Ticking Timebomb

My wife recieved her first set of Lipodissolve injections.  Two days prior to going in for her second set, she developed two small lumps and the area started turning red.  She took tylenol for pain as perscribed by the center that treated her.  When she went in, the nurse... READ MORE

Lipo Dissolve St Louis, DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF!

This miracle Break through that dissolves fat is extremely expensive, causes sever swelling (I gained 15 lbs in 2 days after the injections) and horrible skin discoloration. They divided my tummy area into 3 sections.  The first injections approx 150 were not painful but the swelling was... READ MORE

HATED the Whoel Experiance

I had 11 treatments on my upper an lower abs along with my love handles. It was the most painful thing i have ever felt, to me it felt worse than the day after i had my c sections with my children. The pain was unbarable, the money is gone, an i have a bumpy belly that no matter what i do to... READ MORE

Good So Far

I got lipo dissolve in 2 areas, my lower abdominal and love handles it was very easy. The pain was minimal somewhere between a bee sting and a paper cut. I heard all of the stories about unbelievable pain, torture, inability to drive a car or maintain rational thought, and took precautions... READ MORE

So Far So Good - Had 1st Treatment 4 Days Ago on Stomach Area

The maximum cc's you are allowed to have per treatment is only 25cc's. The people who are getting sick, dehydrated, etc is most likely because they had too much at one time. More isn't always better. I had 25cc's on my stomach area done on Friday. I got a little light-headed right after... READ MORE

At least 100 Shots - Hated the Experience - Daphne, AL

I also thought it one of the most painful experiences Ive ever had. At least 100 Shots and It started burning about 10 minutes into the procedure. The whole thing took about an hour. I started to cry about 1/2 way though it. I was sick to my stomache for 3 days. I couldnt hold anything down.It... READ MORE

What a Rip-off!!!

I signed up for this procedure to lose inches for my military measurment of my mid section and now I am bigger than when I started even though I weigh less. This procedure was extremely painful, over one hundred shots and 100 CC's, and I was immediately nauseous. I swelled to the point that I... READ MORE

Had Lipodissolve Done Yesterday, Husband 2 Days Ago.

I am 43 and my husband 47. We work out/exercise pretty regularly and eat healthy. We both have stubborn belly fat (my husband has the love handles) and decided we would do this together. My husbands experience--actual injections were not painful but immediately afterwards he had stinging... READ MORE

Lipodissolve to Double Chin. Minimal Pain, Huge Swelling but Well Worth It!

I had a family inherited double chin. I am fairly active and hated my chin and profile. I started a course of lipotherapy in October 2007. The first set of injections left me with a burning sensation for a few hours and my chin was huge (aka Jabba the Hut) for 2 to 3 days and then it started... READ MORE


I tried Lipodissolve during this past Summer with horrible results. I'm within my normal body weight, but I had a small pouch from having triplets. I went to a doctor in Villa Park , CA who had place an ad in the local newspaper promoting this procedure. He examined me briefly and then said I... READ MORE

Worst Outcome Ever

I have had several cosmetic surgeries and have had botox, restoline and juvederm injections with absolutely no complications. I am a healthy 41 year old female and was told I was a good candidate since I worked out regularly and just needed those stubborn abs and love handles taken care of. I... READ MORE

Painful but Effective, So Far

Well let me start by saying that every person is different. Everyone will react different to the post-treatment symptoms and the pain threshold during the procedure. This is not a walk in the park by any means. My doctor recommends three sessions, so I bought a package of 3 (I have no idea why... READ MORE

Rip Off!!

Like most of the reviews, I had the same, horrible, extremely painful, disgusting experience. The staff is rude, uncaring and unprofessional. After being in bed for 3 days, and making numerous phone calls, they prescribed tramadol, which made me nautious. These people are really... READ MORE

Almost Died From Lipo Dissolve

I recently had lipo dissolve and suffered serious complications. I am a healthy 33 yr. old female weighing 135 lbs. at 5'7". I had 50cc of lipo dissolve injected into each thigh, for a body total of 100cc. About an hour after the procedure I began to feel very sick and in extreme pain. All I... READ MORE

The Results Seem to Take Several Months - St. Louis, MO

Personally, I had pretty good results with Lipodissolve. The side effects that everyone talks about-- well, the people at Fig *did* warn me that stuff would happen. The pain, the swelling, the discomfort. I went into it expecting that stuff to happen. I will say that they did seem to... READ MORE

Liked the Results...but It Was More Painful Than Expected - Kansas City, KS

Let me first start out by saying that I would have never done this procedure if i would have read this blog before doing so.... I now live in Las Vegas and had my first procedure done in Kansas... My nurse, Judy, was awesome and I believe she truly cared about what she was doing... I'm 5'3" and... READ MORE

Lipo-dissolve Works Well

I had Lipo-dissolve for my double chin and jowls. Through a series of 4 treatments I experienced a significantly noticable improvement in both areas. The only thing I was dissappointed about is that I needed skin tightening afterwards because it didn't tighten the skin the way they stated it... READ MORE

Not Worth It! No Results!

I was very exited about Lipodissolve and had about 7 treatments done on my outer thighs. The first five treatments, I saw absolutely no results. I had went in for my 6th treatment and was told by the nurse that I should have been seeing major results by then and they proceeded to inject... READ MORE

Hated the Experience - a Total Rip off

I thought I was the only one who experienced hair loss. After driving to Houston from Baton Rouge, LA for treatments, I was real disappointed. I was in so much pain I never finished my treatments. My stomach swole up so much after treatments, I just started wearing my maternity shorts... READ MORE

You Want MY CREDIT CARD - Houston, TX

I called today to make schedule a visit with the Houston Galleria location. The rep was very nice and took all my info and @ the end she said "I needed my credit card to schedule a visit" WHAT THE-???????. You want to access my funds to come talk to you . I have NEVER HEARD of a Doctor... READ MORE

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