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Lipodissolve is not approved by the FDA. The treatment is designed to target fat cells, but its safety and efficacy has been questioned, especially by the FDA. LEARN MORE ›

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Long Term Results - Phoenix, AZ

Ive lost about 4 inches total in two treatments. I have had my full abs done in one treatment (100 injections) and my full back (about 50 injections). The back was so dang painful. I came home and took a nap and when I woke up I was in so much pain for about 15 minutes I cried and Im 40 years... READ MORE

Lipodissolve- DOESN'T WORK

The procedure is extremely painful. The swelling was unbelievable; So much so that I had to buy new pants because the waist no longer fit, even in the baggiest of my wardrobe. The bruising was appalling and the treated area remained bruised, irritated, swollen, and painful for over a week at a... READ MORE

After 7 Sessions, No Results.....still Optimistic

I signed up to have two areas, my inner and outer thighs, done at Fig. in Scottsdale, AZ. I am 5'9", weigh about 140, exercise at least 5 times per week and eat healthfully. I have no medical problems, allergies, etc. Of course, I was told that I was an ideal candidate and should expect... READ MORE

Experience Not That Bad and my Doctor Rocks!

It was $400.00 for my thick arms. I have always exercised but always had thick fattier arms and hated it. I want to be able to wear tank tops etc. and not feel strange. My doctor is part of a husband and wife team. He was kind, sweet, informative and sincere. I read up on it so I knew what to... READ MORE

What Results?

I had this procedure done after a mini tummy tuck to reduce a lump that was hanging around my panty line. I've had the same place injected maybe 5 times now and my small lump is still there. This was very painful with much swelling. Immediately after it is done I come very close to passing... READ MORE

We Will See

I just started treatment March 18 at 216 lbs and im 5,8 I had 6 areas done with 2 shots each. I watched my friend go first and I think that made it worse for me. The needles where big but to my surprise did not hurt. First he did a shot to some what numb the area, which to me did nothing, he did... READ MORE

Start Small First, and See if It Works for You..

Bottom line here is, do your homework. Go to a reputable place, with plenty of real MDs on staff, and ask plenty of questions. Expect it to be painful (it might not, but was for me, subsequent treatments worse than the first). Basically plan to be down for 2 days. I went to MedSculpt in Tysons,... READ MORE

I wish i did this instead of liposuction - Love It - Melbourne, AU

OK, Its very VERY expensive, to re-do what liposuction had ruined i will have to spend easily up to 8,000. i have already spent 4,400AUD on this procedure for my legs and i gotta tell you im still not satisfied, because you need to use this with endermologie to get the most out of it and it does... READ MORE

Not Worth It, Didnt Even Work!

I got all 3 treatments done and the dr's kept promising me that I'll see the results after the 2nd and the 3rd treatments, well after laying on the couch for several days because I was in so much pain I couldn't move, I still had no results. I was so swollen and bruised for at least a week, and... READ MORE

I had my first treatment of Lipodissolve - So Far So Good - Harrisburg, PA

I had my first treatment of Lipodissolve on Saturday March 8..treatment is for the inner thigh area and the banana (back of thigh). I had both legs done and am very happy thus far with the procedure. The injections felt like bee stings.. the inital prick is like a pinch from a mad READ MORE

Thyroid Problems

I just read where one hypothyroid patient started gaining weight. I just had one treatment and was not impressed, still a touch swollen, 2 weeks out. What is up with the thyroid deal? I lost 62 lbs around 2001 (due to thyroid surgery) and have kept it off for most of the time. I hope I haven't... READ MORE


I went for my First treatment on January 4th for my love handles (1200 cc's). It is a little after a week and I have already seen results. I am also still a little Bloated. Make sure to go to a Dr. who is certified. I am very satisfied with my Dr. 1st night was a lot of pain. She told me to take... READ MORE

Hated It!!! It hurt, and was the most painful thing in my life!! - Cleveland, OH

Horrible!!! It hurt, and was the most painful thing in my life!! Once I got in it all I wanted to get out of it!!! I cried God help me! ( In my thoughts). I tell everybody who wants to do it, not to!!! You will definatley regret it! Thank you and good bye! READ MORE

Lipodissolve Sucked!!

I had lipodissolve in April of 07 at a OB/Gyn's office, one session each of upper and lower abdomin not at the same time. When I returned home from my session on my upper abs I looked 8 months pregnant. It was very painful, I went back three weeks later for the lower abs (way too soon) I was... READ MORE

Did Not Do Anything for Me at All - Kansas City

I went in to have this all done May of 2006, I had six vials a visit and lost absolutely nothing at all in my abdomen area. I am quite heavy, and they told me that it may not work on me like everyone else, but they took my money anyway and treated me for 1 1/2 years every 4 weeks. I was on a... READ MORE

Do Not Do!

Had the procedure done - only ONCE- more than a year ago and now have lumpy, discolored areas on both thighs. Additionally, I have gained significant weight in the area despite diet and exercise. Some physicians are still practicing the procedure - PLEASE read this form and be very, very leery... READ MORE

Good Results, Develop Gradually

The comments on here where over 60% claim to not be satified with their treatments. This sound really odd to me and I wonder whether these are genuine feedback? Just can't be. I live in OC and people are keen to do cosmetic treatments here. Many I know have done Lipodissolve treatments, and all... READ MORE

Had Procedure Done 3 Hours Ago....not As Bad As I Expected!

I did my research, including looking at this message board, so I was expecting things to be a lot worse than they actually were. My impression was that the problems described here seemed to be with someplace called Fig and their staff; so I took a chance and tried it at another place called... READ MORE

I had 12 treatments - Not Worth It - Overland Park, KS

I had 12 treatments. It did not do a thing for me, but cost a lot of money. I was supposed to get a refund but fig went bankrupt before they got to it, I guess. I was told the refund would be submitted to the corporate office and I would for sure get my money back. Did not happen. The nurses... READ MORE

FIG is a Joke - Duluth, GA

I am very upset that FIG closed down and left people without jobs and further treatments after having paid up front for them. I hope everything works out for everyone caught in their mess. I know the next time I do anything I will definitely check out the company a lot more than I did on this one. READ MORE

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