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Lipodissolve is not approved by the FDA. The treatment is designed to target fat cells, but its safety and efficacy has been questioned, especially by the FDA. LEARN MORE ›

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At first they said it would only be 3 treatments and it would take 6 weeks to complete it - after my first, I didn't get my second treatment until 1 1/2 month later because I had nodules that needed to be massaged supposedly and drink more water - they never said that initially, All I got was... READ MORE

Elite Lipo Dissolve

I did it because I work out and diet but I cannot lose these areas of fat called love handles. I had 3 treatments done to this area. I had minimal discomfort for about 3days after my treatments. I have lost about 4inches with the 3 treatments and it looks much better contoured than before. I... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your $$$

The injections were painful and it got worse in the afternoon after my treatment. I was told to expect it might be a little itchy... an understatement to say the least, my thighs felt like they were burning. I kept bags of ice on them as long as I could stand it and then removed only to have it... READ MORE

So Much for Their Satisfaction Gurantee

THE BACKGROUND Well it all began 3+ or so years ago when I went through a very bad breakup of a 9 year relationship involving infidelity which pretty much stripped me of my pride and left my self-esteem in shreds and dependant on anti-depressants to cope... all at the age of 27. Off and on I... READ MORE

Not Worth the Pain or the Money

BACKGROUND:  You can read about my background under the SmartLipo review. CONSULTATION:  In January 2008 I began considering LipoDissolve as a means to get rid of the tummy pooch that was developing.  I also had small banana rolls under my rear.  I researched this... READ MORE

I was lured in by the hopes of loosing my pooch and love handles - Waste of Money - Houston, TX

I have a hard time understanding why people are still having this done after FIG closed its doors and there are so many negative post here.  It doesn't work!!  I don't know one person that it has worked for.  I was lured in by the hopes of loosing my pooch and love handles back... READ MORE

Hated Experience and Results - Charlotta, NC

I have had 3 treatments at {edited - provider information is located abve the review for registered users} but no success. I’m not a heavy person (5’5” 130 lbs.) but wanted to get rid of my saddlebags. First treatment was VERY painful and the nurse used individual needles and... READ MORE

Lipdissolve is a Scam

I am a 55 year old woman, I wear a size 16. I listened to all the promises and hype about the lipodissolve treatments, and wanting to feel better about myself, I scheduled an appointment to learn more about the procedure, I was impressed with the presentation and was promised that this would... READ MORE

Liking the Results!

Ok so I have heard so much about this new procedure and how it originated in Europe somewhere. I was always for fascinated about this magic shot that dissolves the fat from your body. Throghout the past 5 years I heard that it was here in the US and was hearing that celebrities were having it... READ MORE

First Treatment So Far

So im 22, about 5'8 and around 135 lbs. I went with LD b/c all my life I had a prob with my lower stomach and esp. love handles. The rest of my body was thin/ athletic looking so I would always feel the need to disguise my middle section. I just got my first treament for my lower stomach and... READ MORE

LipoDissolve LipoSculpt - DON'T DO IT

Don't do it! This is not worth the money. You will not see a difference. I had it done twice since the 1st time did not work. Guess what - the 2nd time did not work either. The Dr. tried to convince me that it worked. Those the pictures told the true story, that it did not. He even tried to... READ MORE

Don't Get This Procedure

I got 12 weeks of lipodisolve in my stomach. The shots were the most pain I have ever felt and the pain lasted for days. After each treatment I spent all day on my couch in so much pain. I gained a dress size my stomach is bigger than before but now with lumps. I kept telling the place I... READ MORE

HATED the Experience

This was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was taken in by the ads on the radio and in magazines and was given the hard sell at the office offering the treatments. I agreed to three treatments each on my upper and lower abdomen. I spaced out the treatments so I would have one upper... READ MORE

Lipodissolve-Save Your Money!!!!

I was getting Lipodissolve on my stomach and waist area. The doctor alternated between those two areas, one treatment per month. The procedure was painful and at the end of two treatments in those two areas, nothing has changed. Instead, I was more swollen than ever. The bruising was bad and... READ MORE

I Still Have Discoloration After 6 Months

I had lipodissolve on my tummy,love handles, inner & outter thighs. It was extremely painful. I do have positive results in all areas. My last treatment was in October, I still have tons of nodulars on my outter thighs and lots of skin discoloration...does anyone know if this will go away.... READ MORE

I've Got Permanent Side Effects from Lipodissolve-don't Do It.

I had my last tx. in March 2007 on my outer thighs.  I only had 3 of them because the bruising/redness and lumps were too bad and wouldn't go away so I stopped.  I did not have this done at Fig. I had my love handles done and that was ok I guess.  Of course, I am one of those who... READ MORE

1st Round

I work out about 3days/ wk, and eat fairly healthy. I watch my carbs, starches, sugars and things of that nature. I have found it virtually impossible to loose this "belt" of fat hanging around, which led me to Lipodissolve. I had my first round on Feb 04, 2008. The injections were not... READ MORE

Not What I Was Promised

Two treatments of lipodissolve to my cheeks and jowels. I'm a well known musician and I was promised the swelling would be completely gone in three days. After two weeks my face still looks like a football and the Dr. only wants to do more treatments. I said absolutely not, I can't even go on... READ MORE

Lipodissolve No Results

I have had two Lipodissolve treatments with no results. I have actually gotten larger. I am very discouraged and depressed. My last treatment was so bad that I cannot even think about going back for my next one. I was not told when I was given the numbing cream that it had to last all 3... READ MORE

NOT Worth It -- PERMANENT Damage

Absolutely do NOT do this. I had 3 sessions - two on my outer thigh area. I am very athletic - have run a marathon and many half marathons and have always considered myself very fit - but could NEVER get ride of my dimpled look on my thighs. Instead of doing Liposuction - I opted for this. I... READ MORE

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