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Lipodissolve is not approved by the FDA. The treatment is designed to target fat cells, but its safety and efficacy has been questioned, especially by the FDA. LEARN MORE ›

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Don't do it - it's a rip-off - Scottsdale, AZ

I am an unsatisfied fig patient and got my lower abs and double chin treatments with no results. I was told that I was a non respondent and was promised my money back since it did not make any difference at all.  After all the pain that I have gone through I really want and expect a... READ MORE

Waiting for Lipo Dissolve Results

I have had 3 treatments on my lower abs, and two treatments on my upper abs and love handles. No results yet. I've answered the questions below, but it is probably too soon to give a fair response. I'd like to know about others who have undergone Lipo Dissolve. I'm anxious to here others... READ MORE

When Will the Government Step In and Stop This Scam

I used to work for a lipo dissolve center and never saw the results that were promised on anyone. The people who were in the ads and claimed results were actually people who worked there or were investors in the company. The pain, swelling, skin discoloration, broken veins, I could go on and... READ MORE

Lipodissolve--BUYER BEWARE

After turning 50 this past year, I decided to do something about the disapportionate (sp?) thighs and hips Ive had since I gave birth to 2 daughters. The special ad I read about lipodissolve seemed to be the answer. I wish I'd done better research. I had 2 days downtime with both injectons-it... READ MORE

It's Not a Miracle It's Only an Enhancer!!

I had lipodissolve done about 1 week ago for the first time and my swelling has gone down some, but its not finished and i can already see that my figure has changed for the better. i also drink 6 8 ounces of water daily and exercise 3 times a week. it's not a miracle fat solution it's only an... READ MORE

Didn't See Any Change at All and Very Painful Procedure!

I went through 2 sessions of the Lipodissolve and I don't think it did one bit of good.  It was extremely painful afterwards.  They tell you to massage the area because the medicine forms hard pockets, and I cried the whole time I did it. I think the basic premise of the procedure is... READ MORE

I Will Now Have to Have Reconstructive Surgery!!!

I developed a tennis ball size "module" that was almost purple in color and extremely hot to the touch. Told it was normal and to massage it and drink more water! Within 3 days it was the size of a grapefruit with blisters."blisters were from heat" Told that I needed an... READ MORE

Kicked in the Stomach - OUH

I had lipdisolve on my stomach - the actual pricking of the needle over 100 times did not hurt - it was the burning sensation that followes about 3 minutes after the shot - it burned so bad - like a really bad cramping sensation - (like the worst diareha pains in your life) this pain continued... READ MORE

Lipo Dissolve is a Big Scam!!

If you have big pockets of fat anywhere on your body that you are considering lipo dissolve for reducing...DO NOT DO IT! Before you even make an appointment to speak to a representative for any Lipo Dissolve company, please do a lot of research via the internet. After you have completed your... READ MORE

Not Good Results

I went to {see provider field above} and spent $3600 on lipo injection they said my stomach would loose inches but I lost none I amd only 143 pounds and 26 years old thats not a lot I cannot belive that this place lied and took my money dont do something you regreat reserch and find out about... READ MORE

Paid more than $3500 for 6 treatments - Not Worth It - Edmond, OK

I started in Apr 08. Paid more than $3500 for 6 treatments - 3  for abs and 3 for my thighs. AFter 5 months, I lost a total of 1 inch from stomach and 1/2 inch  from each thigh. That comes out to $1700 per inch.  Six weeks after my last thigh treatment, I still have some... READ MORE

Lipodissolve is the Best Thing Ever! No Matter What Anyone Says

A few years ago, I was weighing in at over 200 pounds. So I decided to make a change. I began eating healthy and working out a few times a week. Before long, I lost a great deal of weight, improved my strength and endurance, and began to have a nice build to my body. But even though I was... READ MORE

Saddle Bags/cellulite - Lipodissolve

I had my first lipodissolve treatment to my saddle bage area three days ago. The injections did not hurt, but I had swelling and was very sore for two days afterwards. Today I am no longer sore, but I still have several silver-dollar sized bruises - doesn't surprise me because I bruise easily... READ MORE


At first they said it would only be 3 treatments and it would take 6 weeks to complete it - after my first, I didn't get my second treatment until 1 1/2 month later because I had nodules that needed to be massaged supposedly and drink more water - they never said that initially, All I got was... READ MORE

Elite Lipo Dissolve

I did it because I work out and diet but I cannot lose these areas of fat called love handles. I had 3 treatments done to this area. I had minimal discomfort for about 3days after my treatments. I have lost about 4inches with the 3 treatments and it looks much better contoured than before. I... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your $$$

The injections were painful and it got worse in the afternoon after my treatment. I was told to expect it might be a little itchy... an understatement to say the least, my thighs felt like they were burning. I kept bags of ice on them as long as I could stand it and then removed only to have it... READ MORE

So Much for Their Satisfaction Gurantee

THE BACKGROUND Well it all began 3+ or so years ago when I went through a very bad breakup of a 9 year relationship involving infidelity which pretty much stripped me of my pride and left my self-esteem in shreds and dependant on anti-depressants to cope... all at the age of 27. Off and on I... READ MORE

Not Worth the Pain or the Money

BACKGROUND:  You can read about my background under the SmartLipo review. CONSULTATION:  In January 2008 I began considering LipoDissolve as a means to get rid of the tummy pooch that was developing.  I also had small banana rolls under my rear.  I researched this... READ MORE

I was lured in by the hopes of loosing my pooch and love handles - Waste of Money - Houston, TX

I have a hard time understanding why people are still having this done after FIG closed its doors and there are so many negative post here.  It doesn't work!!  I don't know one person that it has worked for.  I was lured in by the hopes of loosing my pooch and love handles back... READ MORE

Hated Experience and Results - Charlotta, NC

I have had 3 treatments at {edited - provider information is located abve the review for registered users} but no success. I’m not a heavy person (5’5” 130 lbs.) but wanted to get rid of my saddlebags. First treatment was VERY painful and the nurse used individual needles and... READ MORE

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