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Lipodissolve is not approved by the FDA. The treatment is designed to target fat cells, but its safety and efficacy has been questioned, especially by the FDA. LEARN MORE ›

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Lipodissolve Terrific! Worked As Promised! Recommed for Belly

Went to a doctor for lipodissolve to remove belly fat that seemed to spring up overnight due, I believe, to peri-menapause. I did not expect to get Paris Hilton's stomach, just my old one new muffin top could barely be stuffed into my current wardrobe. I checked the doctor's record... READ MORE

Lipo Lumps 6 Months Later

Mydoctoe explained that I may have some lumps on my stomach for up to six months. He was very clear about this. However, he also said that they would go away and the odds of them staying were slim. My follow ups were very positive he and I were happy with overall shaping of the area.I did the... READ MORE

Didn't Work for Me...really Hoped It Would Have!

I am an african american girl 27 yrs old...I am 5'7 about 170lbs so I am not heavy, but I have alot of fat in the tricep area. I had the procedure in June 2007. I thought this procedure would be great to get rid of the fat in my arms without having to spend alot of money on liposuction. I... READ MORE

Lipodisolve - Long Term Side Effects

I had Lipodisolve in my inner and outer thighs to lose a just a little fat. The doctor said I was not a good candidate for liposuction but lipodisolve would work.The treatments were extremely painful and I experienced projectile vomiting after each treatment. I did not lose any inches and I am... READ MORE

Lipodissolve Effects

I had a slight pooch in my abdomen and i was told that lipodissolve would help reduce it. After experiencing terrible pain without anything to help, I now have hard knots in my stomach with flabby skin. My skin is also discolored and painful around the treated area.I had lipodissolve a month... READ MORE

LipoDissolve to Jumpstart Weight Loss. I Still Regret It a Year Later.

I did Lipodissolve to "jump start" my weight loss and to diminish cellulite on my thighs. I was promised that it would tighten my skin, thereby decreasing cellulite and would help me obtain my goal weight.The injections are horribly painful-I was allergic to the injections and they... READ MORE

Lipodissolve is a Doesn't Work!!!

Not worth the painful injections. It didn't work and it causes lumps at injection site. I wasted my money and time.IT'S A SCAM!!! Hated it!!! READ MORE

Lipodissolve on Jawline

I had lipo dissolve on my jaw line 6 weeks ago. it was pain free but i was very shocked at how much i was swollen after it. be prepared you will be very swollen for about a cost me 200 euro and i had no discount and it hurts me when i open my mouth to eat. READ MORE

Lipo-Dissolve-It's So Not Worth It!

Well, I went for my first lipo-dissolve treatment yesterday. After reading all the reviews, I was a little nervous about the pain factor. Needless to say, I am sitting up at work typing this review. I got injected with a few needles in my stomach and flanks. I barely felt the needles. On my... READ MORE

Swelling and Weight Fluctuation Post-op on Love Handles

Just finished my last treatment and am really swollen.... my weight has gone up just 3 days after this last session. I had love handles that I couldn't get rid of.Is this new weight gain from the swelling....will it go away???????? READ MORE

Lipodissolve on Tummy Left Me with Lumps

I did the Lipodissolve and it did not work. it was 2 years ago and I still have the lumps. Also my tummy is all lumpy from them now. They are very painful and it is not worth it. READ MORE

Huge Improvement, but More Painful Than I Expected

I have never liked my thighs. Even when I was a skinny little 20-something, they were disproportionately large. My pants (when I could find a pair that didn't gap terribly at the waist) were always 2 sizes bigger than my blouses and jackets.I did lipodissolve on my inner thighs 4 weeks ago. ... READ MORE

I Got Dented All over my Abs and Legs

...but like a dummy kept getting more injections thinking they will help melt the fat evenly ! but i got dented everywhere fat melted. I have spend lotta $ on endermology+vela smooth to smooth area and now i am left w belly and pitted legs and need leg lift and a tummy tuckdo ur research right... READ MORE

Lipodissolve Injections Work but Pcdc Alone Left Me Very Bruised

Used a mesotherapy kit that i bought online and i had great results. But then i bought pcdc alone, phosphatydilcholine and it left me very bruised and i could still feel lumps and bumps underneath my skin. i still have big dark patches of skin that after 3 months look very dark. READ MORE

I Hated Lipodissolve - It Hurt and Did Not Work.

It hurt a lot. and a year later i'm all lumpy. i hate it and don't know how to get rid of the lumps except for surgery now. lipodissolve is worthless and a complete waste of time and money. and it really really hurts! if anyone has any ideas about how to get rid of the lumps - a big ridge of... READ MORE

These Procedures Were Very Painful

The injections were so painful that I had to take off from work. They made my stomch swell which was also very painful. After getting the injections my health declined. I began to have health problems I never had brfore. No, it not worth the pain. Alot of pain with no gain, only plenty of... READ MORE

My Lipodissolve Review

I've just started treatment but so far everything has gone great.  Prior to lipo dissolve I had lost over 100 pounds and have kept if off through daily excercise and diet.  However, I have problem areas of fat on my stomach and saddlebags that no amount of diet or excericse will get... READ MORE

The Jury is Still out

I had my first treatment last Thursday at the Lipo Disolve center in Las Vegas. I'm not really sure that my stomach is any flatter , but it has just been one treatment.  I was swollen & noticeably sore until late Friday afternoon. Not awful painful as I was still able to... READ MORE

I've had my second set of injections - Not Sure Yet - Houston, TX

I've had my second set of injections, they call it lunch time lipo..LOL..Yeah if you can still fit in your clothes.. I haven't see any results yet, I am waiting to see them..I am not overweight I just needed help with my abs and inner thighs. You know the stuff thats the hardest to work off..I... READ MORE

Love my results, works best on thin or average size people

I am not obese but I do have big legs, I am a size 4 or 6. I was "blessed" with my mothers saddlebags and large thighs. I exercise and run regularly, about 2-3 times a week. Even doing this, I have excess fat on my hips and a small belly pouch from having 3 kids. I went to a doctor in... READ MORE

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