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Lipodissolve is not approved by the US FDA and involves a series of injections that are given in a localized area of the body to melt fat from problem areas. LEARN MORE ›

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I've gotten this procedure done once, a month ago, surprisingly all went well, thanks to using a numbing cream, walked out numb & pain free. Had the abdominal area done, took less than an hour. Had bruising and swelling that lasted 2 weeks...all slowly subsiding within that time. Pros:... READ MORE

I had a small double chin. The doctor put several needles around the area. The needlees did not hurt that bad but 30 minutes later I was in severe pain. My neck swelled up like a baseball. I got a sore throat. I have been coughing up dark mucus. It is possible I am having an allergic reaction,... READ MORE

In an effort to remove a stubborn pot belly and handles I gave LD a go. I am active sport wise and have little other fat of concern. I'm mid 40's. After the text book bruising, swelling and soreness, all returned to normal. I was advised that improvements would continue over 3-6... READ MORE

I'm sorry that it seems everyone here had problems...I did go to the same company in STL and had the procedure in 2006...I didn't really have to lose any weight but my belly wouldn't go away...I went through 3 rounds of shots and it worked just like they said it would... it did swell... READ MORE

So far I do see results but this was only my first session. Yes it is painful but the person who is administering mine is using lidocaine to see if it helps with the pain and I felt that it did. She is experimenting with it on a few patients to see if this decreases the pain and swelling but... READ MORE

I don't know where you are that you are spending 4000-6000 dollars, but I'm doing lipodissolve for 300 for my "love handles." I plan to go back and get my inner thighs done too. One thing too, is that if you are larger, you won't see the results as quickly, or with less... READ MORE

The injections were not painful, but what happened after the injections is what was unbearable. The swelling and burning sensation was awful. I feel it damaged my skin because of so much swelling (stretched out the skin). It was a terrible experience and my upper arms, lower abs, and inner... READ MORE

Procedure NOTHING like described on their website. Dont go on your own. I was herded in and out in 15 minutes max. Didnt listen to my questions, felt dizzy after having 20 needles in my neck with no numbing cream and was basically shown the door. Make sure you take someone with you... READ MORE

My stomach is bigger now than it was before I started, despite loosing some weight. After a shower my veins are very noticable where I was injected. It was horribly painful and I was so swollen someone at work asked me if I was pregnant:( READ MORE

I had my 1st treatment by an RN @ my spa 11/02/10 on my abdomen around my naval. I was given 20 shots & although I reacted by feeling nauseous and broke out in a sweat (normal for me under the circumstances) after some cold water and a COld compress I was out the door and drove an hour home.... READ MORE

I had lipodissolve done 2 years ago. My results were slight. The nodules definately dissolve away over time. My belly bulge diminished a bit. It wasn't too painful. The injections aren't bad at all, it is a very sml gauge needle. But my results are loose skin that the only thing i can do... READ MORE

Well, where do I start? I will apologize for the length of this comment BUT I promise you my information is true, detailed and honest. I have been to two sessions of lipodissolve. I can't tell you how much research I did on this procedure...The one thing I have reservations on is the... READ MORE

What you may not know if the lipodissolve on the back of the thighs can cause a vascular issue called neovascularization. It is the appearance of very tiny purplish veins that may flush or mat after exercise etc. I got them this after one treatment and have had it for about one year. It is... READ MORE

Hello, I am 46 yrs, have been in the sun most of my life, I work out 6 days per wk, 5'3" and weigh 120, my arms, legs and face skin is starting to sag, my legs are the worst(inner thighs and knees. I have spent $10,000 on Lipodissolve and American Laser but am not getting great results.... READ MORE

Hello All, Friday 11/13/09 I had my first treatment of lipodissolve. I knew a little what expect because of all the research that I did on the net. I was given the shots by a RN. I used the numbing cream before hand and took 1 pain killer. The needles were not bad at all, but after the... READ MORE

This will be breif as it is a touchy subject for me. PLEASE do NOT get this done. I hade it done over a year ago it was the worst experience I have ever had. It was painful, sore and then became lumpy mmmmm real nice. My husband had to massage these lumps every noght for a year until they faded.... READ MORE

I did this procedure 2 yrs. ago on my abs. I was a healthy 30 yr. old (5'5" 135 lbs).I heard the fat cells burst and get excreted through the body's waste system. Then macrophage cells go to help the contents from the fat cells to move out of the body. This is called inflammation and when... READ MORE

I am 4'11" and 105 lbs. From prior wt. loss, still had belly fat. The doctor I was working for decided to train in this procedure. He was trained by a reputable doctor. So, I decided after reading all info, I would be the first pt.I have never been so sore. 3 hrs. later, my abd. was... READ MORE

Went to a doctor for lipodissolve to remove belly fat that seemed to spring up overnight due, I believe, to peri-menapause. I did not expect to get Paris Hilton's stomach, just my old one new muffin top could barely be stuffed into my current wardrobe. I checked the doctor's record... READ MORE

Mydoctoe explained that I may have some lumps on my stomach for up to six months. He was very clear about this. However, he also said that they would go away and the odds of them staying were slim. My follow ups were very positive he and I were happy with overall shaping of the area.I did the... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Lipodissolve ranges from $500-$700 with an average cost of $1,925. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 206 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more