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Lipodissolve is not approved by the US FDA and involves a series of injections that are given in a localized area of the body to melt fat from problem areas. LEARN MORE ›

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It's really work for small area .I did my face very happy dr.albert his an expert .thank you.I find its pain full during the process but the result was amazing for me .make sure you go to right dr. And be Rady for some pain and some browse .but I find its worth it and I ll definitely will do... READ MORE

I had Lipolysis injections today to my love handles, inner and outer thighs and back flab. The needles definitely hurt but we're tolerable. After my love handles and outer thighs burned like a cross between sunburn and bruising. I took painkillers and the pain is manageable. I'm hopeful for good... READ MORE

Not only did this procedure not work, I have loss of sensitivity at the injection sites. Before the sessions ended I asked for a refund and was told NO, and wasn't allowed to finish treatments which were paid in full. Then the office closed! No refund, no complete or alternative treatment and no... READ MORE

Wasn't happy with a double chin after putting on some weight. I was injected in my chine and jowls and told it would sting and I would feel a hot sensation for a while. I didn't find it uncomfortable. There was barely any discomfort at all. At first my chin area was swollen which lasted... READ MORE

I went to visit the 365MC Weight Loss Center in Gangnum, Korea. After my consultation (which was done with an English speaking interpreter), I decided to get the lipodissolve. I received 14 injections, 17 in each thigh. Painful! But, hopefully work it. I have mild bruising and tenderness... READ MORE

I've suffered an allergic reaction to lipodissolve which I had done 6 days ago in my abdomen. The first two days were fine, except for unbelievable soreness (which I expected). On day two I became so itchy and developed welts all over my stomach. I took an anti-histamine and it disappeared for a... READ MORE

Lipodissolve SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCES the lipomas I have on my arms, thighs and torso. I am male in his 30's, and have (up until recent years) had no choice but to remove lipomas surgically leaving scars. Lipomas is an infliction of which I will live with for the rest of my life, as have both my... READ MORE

Ok. I am in the health care field. I ordered the lipodissolve injection kit and gave it to myself. Well I can tell you that YES it does work. It worked better in some areas than others. I am not fat but, hey I thought I could use an inch or so around my waist. Well it did not really work on my... READ MORE

The date is approximate, but I tried this out a few years ago. Due to genetics, I had fat deposits under my eyes that became more pronounced in my late 20s. I didn't want to go the surgery route, so I discovered Lipodissolve online and found Flash Laser in Encino. They charged me $350 to... READ MORE

I had the lipodissolve 6 days ago in Sydney. Cost $300. I went in to get frazel treatment and was talked into the injections for a small double chin. Dr said it was painless but there would be swelling, which she assured me would subside very quickly (24 hrs). Well that has not been my... READ MORE

Had the injection on my left cheek bc of the extra fat grafting I had. Now my cheek has some kind of build up, looks bloated, puffy. But it's not swollen. I def don't look like I used to. So a top surgeon in LA thought it is that didn't dissolve so we decided to have liposuction on the cheeks.... READ MORE

I wish I had found this site before going ahead with lipodissolve. I had this procedure done a week ago in toorak, victoria. The bruises have subsided, however the pain hasn't. I still hope to see results (im 5'2 50kg) i'm far from over weight just have an area of fat on the flanks... READ MORE

I am 5'2, 108 lbs and work out five times per week. Despite my athletic figure, I have ugly pockets of doughy fat in my inner and outer thighs that are completley resistant to exercise and make me feel so uncomfortable I do not have the confidence to wear a bathing suit. My inner thighs touch... READ MORE

Ok, Tylenol does work u have to take it on time every time. Dr. Was cool I did the back of my thighs, hips and belly n boy I wish I had did one area at a time.... It burned n still burns now, the swelling is so bad n my hips are sticking out like crazzyyy.... I hope it goes down soon as I am... READ MORE

I am a fit normal weight female with a little hard to shift stomach fat. The first procedure was pretty barbaric. The nurse was just brutal, and there had been no mention of how painful this is prior. When I asked for numbing cream, despite the high cost of these treatments, and the... READ MORE

I am someone who watches what they eat, exercises regularly, yet all my life I've had these protrusions on the sides of my thighs I call "hocks", also the saddlebags. For the life of me all the exercise in the world would not get rid of them so I took the chance with Lipodissolve... READ MORE

I have recently gotten the procedure done and I'm constantly researchig its effectiveness. I had it don't February 2,2012 and so far, on my upper and lower abdomen, I'm slightly bigger than I was before. Before i weighed 115 and now I weigh 120. I'm not sure if this is still... READ MORE

I had it done to my inner knees a year ago. I think the surgeon did the same and administered more than the normal amount. My knees swelled up pretty bad for 3 days and stinging pains as the swelling went down. Now I'm left with permanent bruising, I'm so upset and regretting getting it... READ MORE

Im about to have my 3rd treatment of lipo dissolve and i must say im very impressed or else i wouldnt be coming back a third time ;-) I must state firstly that i do have a thyroid problem which can make the treatment not work as effectivly. My first treatment i notice my arms were firmer... READ MORE

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