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Lipodissolve Under Chin After Two Treatments of the Cool Mini

So I know there is a lot of bad reviews about lipodissolve. its not really a big thing now in the U.S. but down in south america its a very popular treatment and people do see results. like most of these procedures, what works for you might not work for somebody else. it varies from person to... READ MORE

RealSelf Internal - testing review for lipodissolve

Will lipodissolve work for me? Trying to figure out if this treatment is worth it. Does anyone have experience with it? I am not sure about it. It would be very helpful to get some feedback. Please help. READ MORE

Oh my God, the SWELLING!!!!! - Gold Coast, AU

I know, I know...the inconsistent and often negative reviews...they didn't put me off. I was SO sick of my stubborn multi-chins and jowls that began sagging and pulling down my already long and narrow face at age 27. I am now 35 and enough is enough! I am simply not able to wear a compression... READ MORE

Arm Lipo Experinece at 365mc, Seoul, Korea

So I went to 365 based on a recommendation I got. I must say that before I was a little bit skeptical at first because it seemed so hyped up. I went there with a cautious mind, hesitant during the consultation. To my surprise, everyone seemed really nice. They had someone who spoke English to... READ MORE

Lipodissolve Experience - Melbourne, AU

I've always been fit, slim and toned but I felt like my face didn't reflect the effort I put into exercise. I have chubby cheeks, and it's seems like nothing I do can change it. I heard about lipodissolve and decided to give it ago on the 06/04/2013 at a clinic in Toorak, melbourne by Dr.... READ MORE

42 Years Old, Chin/Neck Lipodissolve - Houston, TX

I do not like my side view especially the area under my chin. I went to a doctor to see if I could get neck fat liposuctioned and he told me that I should look into lipodissolve. HE did not like to liposuction under the neck because he said there was an important nerve in that area that if it... READ MORE

Long Time Coming...

So I just had my nose done 3.5 weeks ago. I was really wanting to get lipo at the same time but I didn't have the money for it. I'm currently looking into lipo dissolve or liposuction. I don't feel that I have that much fat to loose. I have worked very hard to loose much of the fat that I had... READ MORE

Ouch! Too Much Pain to Proceed to Thighs - Melbourne, Australia

I had my Injections done in a Melbourne Clinic in Victoria Australia. They do 10 needles with each Injection & approx 10 or 20 Injections to the area. Ouch I went in very brave intending on doing my Tummy, Hips & Thighs but after the Tummy & Hips I could not go on to the thighs... READ MORE

Lipodissolve, Melbourne

I'm getting my procedure done with Dr David Powell Tomorrow, I'm a little anxious/nervous about the procedure. I'm not overweight, and I do both weight training and cardio training arund 4-5 times a week. My diet is fairly clean, consisting of mainly protein, good carbs and vegies.... READ MORE

NOT Worth the Money or Pain. Very Minor Results. I Found Something else That REALLY WORKED.

I did lipodissolve (aka mesotherapy) starting in March, 2008. I did 3 areas (front of thighs, back of thighs, and upper hip area), 4 rounds each area, so my treatment course lasted until the end of May. I did one area per week, rotating until all areas were complete. It was SO PAINFUL! I was... READ MORE

Lipodissolve for Double Chin - Exton, PA

I had lipdissolve to get rid of my double chin. My doctor told me that lipodissolve would be a good choice for me because I'm relatively young (early 40's) and the procedure was cheaper and less invasive than lip suction surgery. My doctor typically does 3 treatments, depending on what... READ MORE

Lipodissolve Disaster - Just a Few Pounds to Lose

With just had a few pounds to lose and a little belly,there just was no way I was going to suffer thru surgery and a scar to get that flat belly. Lipodissolve seemed like a dream come true! Even though the injections were painfull and I remained bruised and swollen for weeks after each series... READ MORE

Waiting to See Results from LipoDissolve in Stomach

I have had my lower abs injected every two weeks, about to have my fourth and finalround. I wanted to loose the baby pudge, muffin top, or whatever you want to call it.Itchy for 20 minutes but thanks to hydrocortizone cream, it goes away. Lots of swelling and bruising, a few nodules but nothing... READ MORE

The pain was horrific - Don't Do It! - Louisville, KY

I don't know where to start! The pain was horrific. I had 3 treatments. My first one I was given the injections with NO cold air for numbing or anything. YES the shots hurt. The medicine burns as well and immediately I started swelling. I was so sore, bruised and swollen I missed 2 days of work... READ MORE

Just Started my Treatments- OK So Far

Well, I wish I had read this board before yesterday. I thought I'd done my homework- UGH! YEsterday I went to {edited - provider info is located at the top of the review}. The location is in the Mall, but very sterile, professional, etc. They also had this 50% off sale so WOW, lucky for... READ MORE

Lipodissolve Worth It with the RIGHT Doctor

I went to Dr. {named above} on recommendation of a friend. He is a very well known plastic surgeon in my area. I initially went to him to get a tummy tuck. Upon arriving, I was suprised when he told me I didn't need it but if I wanted to get rid of the little fatty areas on my belly...that... READ MORE

I Need Surgery As a Result of Lipodissolve

I thought I would try the lipodisolve. After all, it was offered at the Doctor's office. Well, immediately after my second treatment, I suffered a hematoma (actually there were 2). They blistered and broke open. Consequently, I got a severe infection that involved my entire abdomen. I was... READ MORE

Lipodissolve Was Well Worth It for Me

First of all, everyone who chooses to have Lipodissolve done needs to select a board certified physician who is also certified to do Lipodissolve. Everyone should inquire to find out where the injection solution is coming from (make sure it's from the US if you are having it done here). Some... READ MORE

Lipodissolve Success - Lower Abs

Based on what I've read on this site and the information I've researched on other websites, I think everyone has different lipodissolve success. There seems to be a large range of pain, side effects, and results. I am happy with my results - I selected FIG but regret not exploring more... READ MORE

I can see a difference - So Far So Good - Fort Myers, FL

I had my 3rd treatment for my lower abs 2 weeks ago. I can see a difference. Not huge, but a difference. I could actually after the 2nd one. The treatments seem to be getting easier too. the first one was a bitch. Hurt and swollen like 6 months pregnant! i was mortified! they said some... READ MORE

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