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Lifestyle Lift was a branded version of a mini lift, which aimed to tighten skin and address facial wrinkles and fat. Unlike a traditional facelift, it was performed under local anesthesia and usually took less than an hour, earning itself the nickname "The Lunchtime Lift." In March 2015, the company shuttered the majority of its operations. LEARN MORE ›

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Not Aging So Well... Time for a Tune Up - Santa, Ana, CA BEST THING I EVER DID!!! THANK YOU DR. LEE

It is the night before my procedure and I am somewhat nervous. I had my consultation with my Doctor and I am confident in his ability and his experience. He was very clear with everything and took time to explain everything in great detail. I hope to sleep well tonight and be rested for tomorrow... READ MORE

Be Aware of the Down Side No One Tells You About - Altamonte Springs, FL

Maybe it was my particular Dr. - maybe it's the procedure itself - all I know is I was in tremendous pain for 10 days. I was fortunate to have a double wide lounge chair in the living room because that is where I had to sleep for the first 10 days. I could not stand the pain when I put my face... READ MORE

I Am Worth It - Little Falls, NJ

I needed a lift. Physically and psychologically. I no longer looked the way I felt. I eat right, work out but my face looked old and tired. I felt my confidence waning and so I took a leap of faith and had my eyes and my neck "done". I went home right after the procedure and could not have had a... READ MORE

An Investment in Yourself! - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I feel this was such a huge and wonderful investment in myself. I am a hard working single mother who still felt energetic and full of life but did not look like I did. Now I am happy, confident and ready for the next challenge! My whole outlook changed, a woman who feels confident with her... READ MORE

The New Me - Seattle, WA

The first week after was not that fun..but it was well worth it! It is 6 months later now, and I can not be happier! I was getting a turkey neck and old lady jowls, I didn't want to look in the mirror any more. I had just retired, am 65, and wanted my pretty neck and jaw line back. So I went to... READ MORE

I Couldn't Be Happier - Dallas, TX

I had a full blown facelift 20 years ago, but the neck and jowls were at telltale sign that I needed a lift. I also had the Fraxel Laser treatment. It was painless, swollen and red for 5 days, used ice pack and followed the doctor's instructions to the letter. On the 11th day I flew to... READ MORE

Feeling and Looking 10 Years Younger - San Ramon, CA

I had my Lifestyle Lift in Dec. 2011. I went in looking 60 yrs old and now look 40 something. With the stress of living with an alcoholic husband and then watching him die as a result, the past 10 yrs of stress was really showing on my face. It had gotten to the point where I hated looking in... READ MORE

Feeling Better About my Appearance - Nashville, TN

Pros: the outcome. Cons: the cost. Know when someone asks, "are you feeling OK" and up to that point you were, but then you think, well, maybe I'm not. That is how I felt looking in the mirror in the morning..."I'm tired". Although this is not an energy restorative program, I feel more energized! READ MORE

My Lifestyle Lift Journey - Atlanta, GA

I had the Lifestyle Lift, fractional leaser skin resurfacing, upper eyes, and fat transfer. I had been looking to get my eyelids reduced for over 3 years. Went to several plastic  surgeons and they were not what I was looking for. When I got to Lifestyle Lift in Atlanta, it just felt... READ MORE

My Renewal - Phoenix, AZ

Prior to my Lifestyle Lift, I felt one way inside and looked another way outside. Now, I look and feel young both inside and out. I feel better about myself and, have gotten so many positive reactions from friends and family. I had a stranger guess my age at 10 years younger than I am ... People... READ MORE

Results Exceeded My Expectations / Back To Work One Week Later! - Saint Louis, MO

My experience was fantastic. I had gastric bypass surgery 6+ years ago and felt that I had more pronounced jowls than I should have had at my age. I had been interested in the procedure several years ago and decided to take the plunge. I'm thrilled with the results and feel they have exceeded... READ MORE

An Investment in my Self Esteem...- Burlington, MA

That is exactly what the Lifestyle Lift is. It is an investment in yourself, in your future. I had this procedure done because I didn't want to be self conscious any longer. I recommend it to anyone. The best part is I no longer worry about 'camera angles' and I feel that how I look now is a... READ MORE

Gave me back 20 years on my looks - Worth Every Penny - Houston, TX

Dr. Palmer is an artist. He gave me back 20 years on my looks and in my attitude. It truely is a "Lifestyle Lift". Not only did it drastically change my appearance, but my attitude. I'm much more confident now and loving life. My husband couldn't be happier to show off his "Trophy Wife". It has... READ MORE

Lifestyle Lift; Evidently I Am One of the Lucky Ones.

I had my Lifestyle Lift along with upper & lower eyes and the additional neck tightening procedure done February 9, 2009. So I am writing this about six weeks after everything was done. Immediately following the procedure I experience swelling and bruising, which is fairly normal. The pain I... READ MORE

Neck Lift Gone Bad - Atlanta, GA

On June 1st 2012 I traveled to Atlanta Georgia to have a "minor" neck lift done. I was lead to believe it would be "no problem". Things started out pretty simple. I was injected and NOT put to sleep. Then the Dr. made the minor incision under my chin and then I felt this pushing and tugging,no... READ MORE

Amazing Experience with Amazing Natural Results - San Antonio, TX

I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff of Lifestyle Lift of San Antonio! From the moment I picked up the phone to schedule my free consultation, I was treated with the utmost respect and caring from the staff. A friend of mine had the procedure done in Houston and she was... READ MORE

Absolutely Delighted with Results! - Huntersville, NC

I was embarrassed about my "turkey neck" and sags. I saw the ads and looked very closely at others who had had the procedure. My husband and I decided that it probably be worth the cost. We are so glad we did, we love it. Monday morning I woke with with my neck swollen and sore. I... READ MORE

Happy Results - Santa Ana, CA

On April 12 of this year I had my surgery and have been pleased ever since that I took this step. From Teri, my consultant, Dr. Lee and the great techs..........I have been happy to spread the word. I have my 50th high school reunion next year and am looking forward to going now more than ever.... READ MORE

Not Happy with the Scarring - Schaumburg, 08

At first very happy with the results. Now that I am almost 1 year into the recovery, the scars are getting thicker around my ears. My face does look better although the areas around my mouth are starting to show the marionette lines again, which was originally the reason for the lift. Having... READ MORE

Lifestyle Lift Face and Neck Firming - Little Falls, NJ

I received my Lifestyle Lift face and neck firming procedure in Little Falls, NJ by Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise. I had spoken with a few local plastic surgeons before him, but there was something about Dr. Wise that made me keep coming back to him. I would have preferred having the procedure done... READ MORE

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